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Dog blows bubbles for cheese 1m34s

Dog blows bubbles for cheese

This cute dog love his cheese. He loves cheese so much he actually creates drool bubbles if you just show him cheese. Even the word cheese makes him excited.

Cute kitten plays pool2m16s

Cute kitten plays pool

Casey the kitten wants to be a pool shark when he grows up. Looks like he's off to a great start! Credit to 'punkinkitty'.

Published: September 19, 201432 plays$0.06 earned
Horse Playing with a Hose1m43s

Horse Playing with a Hose

Colby the horse seems to have some sort of issue with the running hose in his bucket. Watch as he repeatably removes it with his mouth! Credit to 'punkinkitty'.

Published: October 31, 201442 plays$0.02 earned
Ragdoll kitten is grumpy1m45s

Ragdoll kitten is grumpy

Punkin has quite the little attitude today and is enjoying taking it out on her owner/best friend/mom. Credit to ' The Cutest Cat Ever "Punkin" '.

Ragdoll Kitten Will Try Making Friends With Just About Anyone56s

Ragdoll Kitten Will Try Making Friends With Just About Anyone

Every time there is a fish tank in sight, we are always tempted to approach it and observe all the beautiful fish. If we are not causing any harm or disturbing any of the fish, it is okay to watch all the fish swim around! Punkin is a little too excited as she watches the fish tank. Punkin starts to hit the fish tank, and it looks like she is trying to get her hands on those fish. She just wants to play with them! Surprisingly the majority of fish don't seem to mind, but some are rattled and swim away as fast as they can! If only they weren't separated from each other, but it is okay, Punkin can watch the fish whenever she wants, as long as she doesn't bang on the glass too hard! Punkin cannot keep her eyes off the fish tank , she really likes to watch them swim around. How can you blame her? It is always fun to watch fish swim around, especially is you are a curious kitten! Fish are cold blooded and they are not able to control their body temperature. They are vertebrates, and they have a backbone but they don't have lungs. They have a good sense of taste, sight and touch and they can also feel pain. Hopefully Punkin isn't hitting the fish tank too hard! Search for Cutest Cat Ever "Punkin" to see more cute cat action. Check out this video of Punkin trying to make some new friends! What does your cat always get excited about? Let us know in the comment section down below!