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Playful Golden Retriever Puppy Won’t Eat Her Vegetable Treat1m12s

Playful Golden Retriever Puppy Won’t Eat Her Vegetable Treat

An adorable video has emerged showing the hilarious moment when a young Golden Retriever pooch has a change of hearts about eating her vegetables. Puppies are very curious and playful, and almost every object can be interesting and mysterious to them. For example, a very boring broccoli piece can initiate handful of games. Maybe it's the smell, or maybe it's the taste. This little pupper probably expects some kind of reaction from the vegetable, but he obviously doesn't mind it being completely still. Meeka, the 11-week-old Golden Retriever can't play until she eats her veggies! Unfortunately, Meeka doesn't like broccoli , so no play time for her! Footage shows the cheeky pup investigating the broccoli in detail, deciding whether it is safe to put the weird greens in her mouth. They are good for you Meeka, even though they are not that tasty! However, this sneaky dog apparently has a change of hearts when it comes to eating her greens, and prefers to snack on a tastier treat! What a nonsense situation! Watch as this playful little pooch teases with the piece of broccoli on the ground, playing with it like it is a toy. Although, we all know that dogs aren’t suckers for broccoli, this pooch took playing with food to the whole different level! It is hilarious how this dog tries to get himself away from the unfavorable situation, and tries to ditch broccoli by playing with the tiny veggie piece just for fun! This Golden Retriever pooch is any herbivorous, and that’s for sure! Hilarious! This adorable video depicts the funny moment when a cheeky pooch gets too carried away when playing with a veggie snack , without a clue that food is not for playing! Cuteness overload!

German Shepherd Eggchallenge 25s

German Shepherd Eggchallenge

@brinks_the_gsd We did the #eggchallenge a while back but wanted to do it again with a new video 🥚 🐾 #germanshepherds can have soft mouths too ❤️

Puppy gets dragged across the floor playing 24s

Puppy gets dragged across the floor playing

3 month Old English Sheepdog puppy playing with Boston Terrier. They are having fun and playing tug with each other. The Boston Terrier wins now, but wait until big sis gets older and I think the tide may change!!!