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Sleeping Beauty Shiba Inu Takes Sleep Very Seriously17s

Sleeping Beauty Shiba Inu Takes Sleep Very Seriously

Let’s face it, we might never find our dogs with bags under their eyes, but dogs, just like human, need their daily dose of beauty sleep.There’s ultimately no real standard time frame for how many hours dogs sleep on average because each dog is an individual. Puppies, adult dogs, older dogs and different breeds of dogs may have different levels of energy and they may have different needs when it comes to how many hours of sleep they get. This Shiba Inu dog must be very tired of being a dog and decided to be a human for a day! Watch how well the Shiba mastered the human sleeping-style. The dog has tucked under the cozy silk sheets and pulled a sleep mask on. The Shiba is lying on the back with the hands raised. He is obviously enjoying his nap time because he doesn’t move a muscle. The sleeping beauty puppy almost looks like a stuffed animal that has been placed on the bed, and not a living, breathing dog that enjoys his relaxing time so much that he doesn’t want to wake up. Pinch me if I am wrong, but this dog is living a dream! His tail and feet peak from the foot of the bed and is sleeping like a pro. Only by seeing this dog sleeping, makes me hit the snooze button on my daily agenda, roll up in bed, pull down the blinds and take some vitamin Z. The lazy Shiba Inu sure knows how to get his beauty rest and sleep!

Cool Shiba Inu's day at the beach  1m23s

Cool Shiba Inu's day at the beach

This awesome Shiba Inu has decided to enjoy a day at the beach with his owners. You have to let this pup be your guide on how you can spend your day at the beach. This doggy is just too cool for school!