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Whatcha lookin' at human?! 13s

Whatcha lookin' at human?!

Oskar is a big fan of Amy Winehouse. "You know I'm not good" is one of her favorite tracks and she really hates it when her human interrupts her while listening to Amy, hence the reaction.

Fluffy Cat Shows Off Flawless Makeup Routine11s

Fluffy Cat Shows Off Flawless Makeup Routine

Ah, cats. Those mysterious and fluffy creatures never cease to amaze us. It's no wonder they took control over the Internet with their cute and funny videos. The next step is probably total world domination, but we'd have to wait to see how that would play out for them. With the internet being flooded with their videos, we are never short of cat content - you can see it all - kitties slapping dogs, kitties adorably grooming themselves, kitties barging into IT offices , and in this instance - a kitty that has an undying love for makeup and brushes. Oscar is a very loving cat, and among other things, she is an aspiring makeup artist! Yes, there are countless makeup tutorials out there, beauty vloggers at every corner, but she is something else! Watch as she brushes her face against these soft brushes - maybe she's trying out the perfect contouring routine. Although we have to admit that she doesn't need any makeup to be beautiful (because she already is), our guess is that she's getting ready for a date! Oscar is trying to fix her face due to the surprise blind date his owner has planned for her tonight. Take a look at the effort she puts in to look his best! Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well!