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Airea51 trampoline park opens in Telford19s

Airea51 trampoline park opens in Telford

Telford's first trampoline park has opened its doors – and it's already proving a popular attraction.Bosses at Airea51 in Stafford Park said that the phone had been ringing off the hook.

Launch of tribute to Cameron2m50s

Launch of tribute to Cameron

Puff the Asthma Dragon, aka 61-year-old Dana Power, who runs in the colourful suit to support Cameron’s Fund at Asthma UK, has been celebrated in print. The Marvellous Marathon Dragon has been written by Gemma Brown, 31, who started the charity with her husband Ashley after their son Cameron died in 2008, following a severe asthma attack.

Plastic fantastic after water burst1m33s

Plastic fantastic after water burst

Garden furniture is among the items that will be created from the tens of thousands of empty plastic bottles being collected from Telford households hit when a water pipe burst.