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Nonchalant Cat Puts Its Adorably Long Tongue On Display15s

Nonchalant Cat Puts Its Adorably Long Tongue On Display

A hilarious footage has emerged of a sleepy cat sticking its tongue out for the camera in a way that is not rude, but adorable. Meet Melissa, the nonchalant cat that loves sticking her adorably long tongue out for the camera. What an unusual way of relaxing - tongue-out! Footage shows a fluffy gray cat loafing on the carpet wearing a patriotic bow tie with the American flag on it. The feline is resting in the living room, listening to reggae music, but there is something peculiar about its appearance. She faces the camera and has its tongue stuck out to greet the audience ! How inconvenient! The lazy cat is fully aware of its chic look and flaunts the American flag with pride, or maybe she is mocking the nation and trying to send a read-between-the-lines message. Who knows!? Cats have a tendency to do some strange and unusual things, which we don't always understand why, but we love them anyways. This is definitely one of those cases with this cat. When presented with Bob Marley music, this patriotic cat gets the urge to stick out its tongue and relax to the strange melodies. How peculiar! Cats have all sorts of cute and peculiar behaviors, but the strangest of all is them sticking their tongue out. Cat’s tongue is the perfect tool to aid in eating, grooming and maintaining general health. Unlike the human tongue which is relatively smooth, cat’s tongue is covered with little barbs called papillae. These are stiff spines that curve backwards to snare hair and bits of food. If you’ve ever been licked by your cat, you know the feeling of their rough, dry tongue. Cats are particular about grooming because in the wild, any trace of scents from their food is an invitation to other predators. When grooming, the papillae collect all the bits of food and loose hair. Once something such as a bit of food or hair is snagged on the barbs, it is difficult for a cat to release it from his mouth. However, veterinarians warn that the tongue-sticking behavior can be a periodontal disease. If your cat is drooling in addition to having its tongue out, you should have her checked out because these conditions could lead to painful inflammation in your cat's mouth.