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Big guy makes a big splash41s

Big guy makes a big splash

When this guy does a cannonball the splash is enormous! You can even hear how powerful it is. Slow motion reveals all beauty of this magnificent jump.

Published: August 10, 201584 plays$0.18 earned
French Bulldog puppy argues with dad1m29s

French Bulldog puppy argues with dad

Check out this heartwarming (and hilarious) footage of a French Bulldog puppy arguing with his father. Looks like he's not happy with his curfew!

Published: July 2, 201539,346 plays$88.26 earned
French Bulldog attempts to befriend cat1m03s

French Bulldog attempts to befriend cat

A French Bulldog is seen here desperately trying to make friends with the family cat, but he appears to be to clumsy to gain its good graces. Give it time buddy!

Published: June 15, 20154,789 plays$9.90 earned
Puppy 1m42s

Puppy "attacking" bigger dogs compilation

This fearless French Bulldog puppy is clearly unaware of his size, but that won't stop him from playtime. Check out this fantastic video compilation of him "attacking" bigger dogs. It seems like no one is taking him seriously! Credit to 'mbeslic'.

Published: June 5, 2015468 plays$0.62 earned