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My Dog climb the gate 42s

My Dog climb the gate

My dog ​​often go out without my allow so I punish him stay outside but he tried to climb the gate to enter. I am totally amazed at its capabilities

Published: May 18, 20171 views
Way to let my pet do the exercie32s

Way to let my pet do the exercie

I put the food above their head and if they want to eat, they must do that way. It's just a funny thing, I just do that in several times.

Published: June 14, 20161 views
Sneaky Dog Tiptoes His Way Inside The House33s

Sneaky Dog Tiptoes His Way Inside The House

This dog knows that he is not allowed inside the house, therefore he takes precautionary measures to sneak his way in. Watch him attempt to silently sneak by his owners undetected. But will he get away with it? You'll just have to watch this video to find out! Dogs are obedient by nature, but they don't always behave. For example, this curious fella always finds a way to sneak inside the house without his owners knowledge, and how he does it is simply amazing! These owners were curious to find out how their dog manages to sneak into the house, so they decided to set up a camera and watch his every move. The pooch carefully enters through the door, as silent as he can be, slowly tiptoeing his way inside the living room! It is amazing how this sneaky fellow learned how to move and act in order to go unnoticed and camouflage his way in! Footage shows the adorable way how he manages to sneak inside, much to owner’s amusement. Watch how he stops and looks around, just to check if someone is looking? Adorable! Talk about clever dogs! It is adorable how well this dog has mastered the tiptoeing technique. He reminds us of the Scooby-Doo character from the American animated cartoon series featured four teenagers and their talking brown Great Dane pooch by the name of Scooby-Doo, who solve mysteries involving supposedly supernatural creatures. Unfortunately, just when this rascal was half way there, the owner breaks the silence and reprimands the pooch for sneaking inside the house, even though he is not allowed. The guilty pooch, turns his body around and sulks his way out the door, with shrugged shoulders and frowny face. Adorable!

Published: May 25, 20161,050,245 views
Cat play the mouse toy1m00s

Cat play the mouse toy

This mouse toy is bought for my younger brother, but when my cat play this toy, I realize that she do not know this is the fake mouse. So my cat show many funny actions.

Published: June 2, 20165 views
Poodle vs Husky54s

Poodle vs Husky

poodle see husky trapped by ropes, so poodly try to make husky angry by running around in front husky. It so funny !

Published: May 25, 201613 views
Puppy on motorbike paddles through the air37s

Puppy on motorbike paddles through the air

This adorable little puppy has the best reaction ever while travelling on a motorbike. When his owner holds him into the air, he begins to doggy paddle as if he's swimming!

Published: May 13, 2016275,317 views