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Five Excited Puppies Closely Examine Camera Lens37s

Five Excited Puppies Closely Examine Camera Lens

A curious footage has emerged showing adorable puppies running towards the camera and closely investigating the lens. Watch as the swarm of adorable puppies rush to see themselves on camera in this precious clip. Cuteness overload! Footage shows five happy dogs running down the hallway, flapping their long ears, excited to be on camera. Apparently, these adorable balls of fur were told that they are going to be famous, so they rushed towards the lens in order to steal the spotlight! So funny and cute! Animals do interesting things when no one is watching. This litter of puppies went on a mission to find out more about what's on the camera. Moments later, after spending some quality time trying to investigate the hidden camera , they find something more interesting to do, leaving only the most persistent pup to be the star of the show! He certainly knows how to make most of its charm and steal the limelight of the photo shoot! It didn’t take too long for these pups to investigate the camera lens, and since it didn’t smell nice and wasn’t fun to play with, it no longer peaked puppies’ interest so they ditch it! Speaking of dogs and cameras, you just have to see how this goofy dog smiles for the camera . Looking at his owner with his eyes wide, the dog flashes a smiles, and all the while looks like he is thinking ‘let’s get this over with’. Credit to @longlongranch