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Very Large Blue Catfish at Cabelas in Fort Worth Texas. 10s

Very Large Blue Catfish at Cabelas in Fort Worth Texas.

The Cabelas in Fort Worth Texas off Highway 35W has a very large aquarium with many species of fish in it. Gar, Carp, Redfish, Blue Catfish and turtles are some of the many species. This video shows the largest Blue Catfish in the aquarium at around 50 pounds. They used to have some Flathead catfish that were 75 pounds or more but they no longer have them.

Red Harvester Ants extremely close up23s

Red Harvester Ants extremely close up

This is an extremely close view of Red Harvester Ants entering and exiting their nest. These ants were extremely common in Texas many years ago. As Fire Ants have spread across Texas they have slowly wiped out a lot of the Red Harvester Ants. The reason Texas horned lizards are endangered is because the Red Harvester Ants are one of their main diets.

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Cute little boy with Earthsnake. 30s

Cute little boy with Earthsnake.

My little boy and I were in the backyard looking for animals. This is the first weekend we have really had decent weather in months. We found this baby Earthsnake under a rock. He loves playing with animals we find. After a few minutes or playing with let the snake go on its way.

Underwater view of fish in Florida 17s

Underwater view of fish in Florida

This is an underwater video I took of hundreds of Pin fish. My family and I went on a boat ride to Shell Island. We parked the boat in a shallow cove. Hundreds of Pin fish surrounded the boat looking for an easy meal. This was taken on a GoPro Hero 3 Black Plus. No other species of fish were seen around this area.

Drone flight over field of Bluebonnets in Ennis Texas. 16s

Drone flight over field of Bluebonnets in Ennis Texas.

Ennis is one of the most popular places in Texas to view Bluebonnets. Every spring fields of Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brushes appears by the millions. This is a drone video I took flying over one of the field of Bluebonnets. Ennis is located just south of Dallas. The Bluebonnets usually appears late March and last a month or two. The area gets crowded quickly so sometimes it is hard to find a spot for photos.

Large Hailstorm in Dallas Texas37s

Large Hailstorm in Dallas Texas

This was a large hail storm that hit Dallas on March 26th of 2017. Texas gets a moderate amount of hail each year but this was more than normal and some of it was much larger than normal.

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Chemtrails or Contrails?29s

Chemtrails or Contrails?

I am a big believer that there is no such thing as chemtrails. I took this video last year. What do you think.

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Very Large Bullfrog up close11s

Very Large Bullfrog up close

This is a video I took of a very large Bullfrog I caught at Lake Lewisville in Texas. It measured about 16 inches from nose to toes.

Buzzard unties shoelaces35s

Buzzard unties shoelaces

My family and I were visiting a safari park in Texas. There was a tame buzzard in the park that had a fascination with my dad's shoelaces.

Horsehair Worms38s

Horsehair Worms

This is a video of a parasite called a Horsehair Worm. These parasites invade other insect and grow inside them. Once they are fully grown, they make the insect jump into water where the worms exit the body.

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Hognose snake playing dead.22s

Hognose snake playing dead.

This is a video of a Hognose Snake playing dead. These snakes when threatened first attempt to play dead. If this doesn't work they will spread the skin and muscles around the neck to appear cobra like. They will hiss and strike some times but almost never actually bite.

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