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 Silly Puppy Chooses Crumpled Paper As Favorite Amidst Mountain Of Toys45s

Silly Puppy Chooses Crumpled Paper As Favorite Amidst Mountain Of Toys

We all know that dogs like the simple pleasures in life. All they need to be happy is a bowl of kibble, the walks down the street, those frequent trips to the dog park and of course, their favorite toys! Just like kids, dogs have their own favorite toys and they all differ. Some like a ball, other a good leather shoe. But if someone were to ask this pooch what his favorite toy was, you would be amazed at his response! There are so many types of toys on the market designed and intended for dogs precisely, but it ultimately boils down to one thing - it is the tactile stimulation that makes the most meaningful difference. If the dog likes the way the toy feels when it uses it, it will continue to ask for it. So when mom asked Maverick the German Shepherd what his favorite toy was out of a massive pile, he chose a crumpled piece of brown paper! There are all sorts of stuff in that pile. Rubber toys, fluffy toys, squishy toys, colorful and not so colorful ones (not that dogs can distinguish color). Mom asks Maverick to take his pick and the dog eagerly obliges, going over to the dog bed to take his sniff. We think he might pick out a dog bone or something, but instead Maverick fishes out the paper ball and casually walks back to the rug in the middle of the room to make a huge mess! You might consider the choice of his favorite toy as not even a toy, but just a piece of trash. It seems that all of those expensive, specially designed toys are not worth a damn if they do not rustle like a piece of paper. Sorry mom, but this is the one! At least he was honest. For those few who did not know, let us tell you a little secret about dog videos. The Internet was first conquered by cats: a lazy cat, an angry cat, a cross-eyed cat, a brave cat (Remember the hero cat who saved the little boy from a dog attack? Of course, we all do!) these were on the all-star list of Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Photos, videos, memes, gifs, whatever you could possibly imagine to share online was instantly gaining immense popularity! Entire audiences of admirers and subscribers started to gather and expanded. And how did our dogs leg behind in this pet-craze? They actually did not! Dogs confidently began to catch up with the mustachioed mousers. And not only catch up, they even started overshadowing their popularity. And why you might ask. It is because of amazing dog videos like this one on the top of the page. Watch! Go, go dogs! What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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