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Mother Cannot Contain Her Excitement When Son Presents Her With A New Car9m01s

Mother Cannot Contain Her Excitement When Son Presents Her With A New Car

Getting a car is a rite of passage in our lives. Some of us have to work for our first vehicle, saving up money from a job or two before we can get behind a wheel of our own. Others are lucky enough to have family who will surprise us and this video is about exactly that. Warning: There is some screaming for joy in this video. You might turn your sound down a bit. In this heartwarming video, we witness the emotional moment when a mother realizes that she has just received a brand new car from her son and she can't hold back the tears. Watch as the overly-excited woman jumps for joy, screaming her lungs out for the wonderful gift! Get those tissues ready, this one is a tear-jerker! Usually we see videos of parents buying brand new cars for their children’s graduation. Graduation is an important time in a young person’s life, whether it is high school or college, it is a notable milestone. Many families feel that when their child graduates they should be rewarded. It’s kind of a congratulations for making it through 12, or more, years of education. A part of us thinks maybe someone should reward the parents for helping their kid get through all those years of education. However, sometimes it is the other way around! Children decide to surprise their parents with a brand new car as a memento of appreciation for all of their commitment. Take for example this loving mother who cannot fight back her tears after receiving the surprise of a lifetime. Watch as the loving lady screams her lungs out and cannot believe her eyes when her son presents her with the keys! What an emotional moment! Tears everywhere! This sweet video has reminded us of the video of the 50-year-long dream one retired father had. Namely, this man’s dream was to own the car he drove as a teenager, and thanks to his amazing son, his dream became a reality! After 73-year-old Larry Drennan After sold his 1959 cherry red Chevrolet Corvette in his early twenties, he has been dreaming of getting behind the wheel of his dream car once more for the last half-a-century. Luckily for Larry, his son Tyler remained ‘incredibly grateful’ for the ‘amazing upbringing’ his dad provided him, so he got busy to help make his dad’s dream a reality. Calling into his dad’s home in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA, Tyler hurries his father into the garage under the guise he has something in his truck for him. Taken aback by the camera focused on him, the retired salesman still remains none the wiser when Tyler hands him a set of car keys, saying ‘This is for you.’ Looking out to the driveway to see a 1999 cherry red convertible Corvette, Larry laughs at Tyler, believing it to be a prank, saying, ‘I’m going to get one of those one day,’ failing to yet realise that the day he dreams of is today! After Tyler announces he’s bought it for him, Larry can barely believe his eyes, asking his son, ‘Are you insane?’, before jumping behind the wheel and smiling as he revs the engine. Tyler, who planned the surprise and bought the car all by himself, said: “My dad has been there with me through all the good and the bad, so I took it upon myself to make his dream come true. If anyone deserves this, it’s my father.” One simply cannot have enough of these priceless surprises. Take for example the story of as a girl who was presented with a $1,000 check to start saving for her own car . How thoughtful is that? When Alexis Wallace turned 17 her family had a very special surprise in store. Filmed in the garage of Alexis’s grandparents’ home in Ooltewah, Tennessee, Alexis’s mother Corita explained to Storyful: “After hiding the car for an entire month, we finally decided to hide it the last day at her grandparents’ house to surprise her. Her father said we needed to go and sent her to the refrigerator in the garage to get him a Gatorade upon exiting; which is where I was standing. So that’s where she was headed when she saw me standing there recording her. Have you ever received a surprise like this? What were your reactions to it? Share your story in the comments below!

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