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Little boy plays hide and seek with squirrel in Disney World 47s

Little boy plays hide and seek with squirrel in Disney World

Three year old Austin chases and plays hide and seek with intelligent squirrel running cirles around Palm tree at Disney Resort in Florida. The animals around here are pretty smart and know what they’re doing. Squirrel doesn’t want to get caught. Hilarious endless entertainment.

Husband reveals baby gender with bow and arrow 40s

Husband reveals baby gender with bow and arrow

Watch this one of a kind creative gender reveal video of father shooting balloon with his bow and arrow. His shot is impressive with just one try. After family having majority men, seeing that the baby is a girl is a sweet surprise!

Dad Gets Creative With At-home Workout22s

Dad Gets Creative With At-home Workout

When children arrive in the family, parents decide to opt out of some of the activities they used to do before the kiddies. Crafting, working out and other leisure activities are the ones to suffer, to make time for the young ones and the parents' adapting to the new responsibility. However, when the children get older, parents get some more and more free time, to get back to their former favorite pastimes. This father and his 2-year-old son enjoy a workout together in the basement gym. Sometimes you've got to get creative to stay in shape, but that is not the only reason this video is pure awesome. Our kids look up to us and they tend to mimic everything we do, be it good or bad. That is why some parents decide to show their kids their own favorite things, like favorite sports and teams, favorite pastimes, their craft or to teach them an instrument. Besides the precious time spent for bonding, it helps little kids find something they are good at and fall in love with it. It doesn't hurt if it is something their parents like too, though :) So show your kids the things that you know best and hope that they will grow to like them as well!

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