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Hair Dryer Nearly Puts Bunny To Sleep After Bath29s

Hair Dryer Nearly Puts Bunny To Sleep After Bath

This cuddly bunny is about as relaxed as it can get! This amusing video was captured as a rabbit was given a quick blow-dry by its owner. The bunny named Holly is all stretched out and flat on her back as she enjoys the warmth of the hair dryer after its bath. This rabbit almost looks like she is having a relaxing spa day. Even the loud sound of the hair dryer doesn't seem to faze her. This rabbit appears to be a very calm animal and it's absolutely adorable. What most people don't realize is that the rabbits behavior is an instinctive coping mechanism that it uses to deal with a predatory attack. When you place a rabbit on its back, it will often go into an almost a trance-like state. This state is referred to as tonic immobility. In more simple terms, when a rabbit is in a stressful situation it will often "play dead" By appearing limp and motionless, the rabbit can sometimes fool the predator into believing that it's already dead. This could give the bunny a good chance to escape. The physical process is amazing because the rabbit will even lower its breathing rate to appear as still as possible. The blood pressure will also drop during this time. How amazing that nature has given the rabbit this unique ability to save itself when in peril. Some pet owners have used this natural reaction to make it easier to clip their bunny's nails. You must be careful when placing a rabbit in this position, as the animal could injure it's back when it attempts to turn itself over. Rabbits make terrific pets and they should never be purchased as a novelty pet at Easter. People need to understand that owning a rabbit is quite a commitment as rabbits can live 7 to 10 years. You will be responsible for their care and health just like any other pet. They should be examined by a vet on occasion and when they encounter any ailments. Rabbits can coexist with other pets in the family. It's important that you supervise their playtime when they are out of their cages or rabbit hutches. They are generally a very calm animal and quite friendly and affectionate. They are even used as therapy animals in some hospitals and nursing homes. To keep your rabbit healthy it's important to maintain a good diet and you should also allow for some daily exercise if at all possible. Some pet owners have even trained their rabbits to walk on a harness just like a dog. Maybe you would be able to walk your bunny through the local park? That would certainly be an amazing sight. When it comes to dental care, rabbits have teeth that are open-rooted which means they grow constantly during their lives. You should always try to provide a high fiber diet for your bunny. It often helps to give them branches and fibrous twigs to gnaw on. Certainly this particular bunny is well looked after and quite pampered, just as it should be. Do you also own a cute pet rabbit? Feel free to leave your comments below and please share this video with your friends.



Winston is a little “special”. He doesn’t like when Skottke comes in while he is still out in the yard so he will stand by the porch and refuse to come in. Literally REFUSE. Bribery, food, nothing will get him to come in ... except my sending Skottke back out there after him. He knows that he HAS to come in when I send her back out there to get him.

Dog Attempts To Sneak Up On German Shepherd In Plain Sight 35s

Dog Attempts To Sneak Up On German Shepherd In Plain Sight

Confusion can sometimes take part in our every day life. Its not always the case that we are aware, and many things can play a part in that. Sometimes it might be the factor of not getting enough sleep, sometimes its just not our day and sometimes, only sometimes, it can be our playful spirit and our imagination. Most definitely here, we strongly believe it is the last one! In this video we have two lovely puppies, out of who, one is a German Shepard and the other what looks to be a Labrador. However, it seems that the Lab has been caught by surprise by the Shepard several times and now he is out for revenge. Although we just cant see how that is going to play out due to the fact that this Lab is just too obvious for its own good. Winston clearly has not mastered the art of sneaking yet. He attempts to sneak up on his best friend Skottke with no actual attempt to surprise. This Lab is so bad at taking his friend by surprise that it actually hurt. However, there is still a lesson in all of this. You can definitely learn how not to sneak up on someone. And for that alone, this video is worth to watch, of course aside of all the cuteness. The Shepard Skottke patiently waits, watching him sneak to her!

Dog Must Say Goodnight To Bunny Before Going To Bed1m42s

Dog Must Say Goodnight To Bunny Before Going To Bed

An adorable video has emerged of a unique bedtime routine one emotional canine has to perform before going to sleep. Watching this caring pooch treat the family bunny pet as her baby is adorable! Meet Skottke Vom Zeder Haus, the German Shepherd who has developed a special bond with the family pet bunny. Namely, after going out to potty, Skottke has to say goodnight to her baby, a rabbit named Holly! Female dogs can develop motherly instinct even if they don’t have puppies on their own. This loving German Shepherd thinks that the rabbit is her own baby and she is obsessed about it. In this video, the owner is filming her adorable dog who is so anxious for what’s coming next. This precious German Shepherd has developed a nice routine on telling the bunny goodnight. It is curious how this dooch got the idea that she has a baby in the shape of a bunny. Only by spelling the letters of the word ‘baby’ gets this dog up and running towards the room where the baby rests. The dog is sitting and looking at the camera, but secretly picking in the direction where she desperately wants to go, to visit her b-a-b-y! Somehow this cute dog developed a motherly instinct that the rabbit is her baby, and every time her owner asks “Where is your baby?” the dog runs down the room where the rabbit lives, and watches over it! Rabbit’s cage is on the top of the placard, and the German Shepherd is looking up at it. The owner then asks the dog to say “Goodnight” to her baby, and she raises her front two legs the placard to get a better look at her baby. How adorable! Do you have a nightly routine before going to bed? We all have some habits that we do before bed, whether we are doing it intentionally or not and the more we do them, the more dependent we become of those routines. This dog must say ‘Good night’ to his friend bunny Holly, and this video is most definitely cuteness overload! Dogs are great, especially German shepherds! Before they turn into your full-developed accomplice, German Shepherds are a portion of the cutest little dogs with their floppy ears, enormous, gleaming eyes, and their dark, tan or white shading. German Shepherds have huge amounts of vitality, and they are extremely dynamic. They are amazing and friendly and sooo funny! Just check out this German Shepard humorously playing with the leaf blower and it made us laugh out loud! This guy here is some has somewhat of prejudice toward blowers machines. If you don't feel like getting all political about it, we can say that this guy doesn't like them. This does go to say that aside of his hate for blowers he might just be playing along to all this. All so his owner can take a video and they can both become famous.

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Clumsy Dog With Poor Fetch Skills Struggles To Catch A Tennis Ball1m09s

Clumsy Dog With Poor Fetch Skills Struggles To Catch A Tennis Ball

A hilarious video has emerged featuring a clumsy German Shepherd continuously trying to catch a tennis ball in its mouth, but repeatedly failing to do so. Obviously, this frustrated pooch has poor reflexes and no skills and he won’t catch this ball no matter how much he tries. Watch as Skottke the German Shepherd hopelessly tries but to no avail. The tennis ball slips away every time he tries to snatch it. Skottke took many trial attempts at catching the ball, each one of the ending in complete failure. Poor guy, he is desperately trying but he has no luck. Is the tennis ball too big to fit in his mouth, or are his calculations mistakenly wrong? This hilarious footage presents over a dozen failed attempts at snatching the tennis ball, each of which is doomed to failure. Kera Bridges from Henderson, Kentucky, compiled this amusing compilation of her not-so-graceful German shepherd dog, Skottke, failing many times to catch a tennis ball . Owner put all of Skottke’s attempts into this fail compilation and rewarded us with one and only success fetch story at the very end of the video when Skottke finally manages to catch the tennis ball with his mouth. Playing fetch is a great way to have fun with your dog. Some dogs play fetch naturally and intrinsically understand the concept of retrieving. Other dogs will chase after the toy but then won’t bring it back, while others simply look at you with a confused expression, wondering why you repeatedly throw the toy away! Judging by the dozen failed attempts to catch the tennis ball, we assume that Skottke isn’t that good at fetching either. Maybe, if owner used treats instead of this tennis ball Skottke would reconsider the offer!

German Shepherd points out her best friend14s

German Shepherd points out her best friend

Skottke the German Shepherd went outside and played in the mud, much to her owners dismay. When she came in, her owner realized that she had been outside playing with her "best friend" Winston who is clearly pointed out on command! Partners in crime!

Lazy lab demands to be placed on the bed in the most hilarious way 2m01s

Lazy lab demands to be placed on the bed in the most hilarious way

When Winston was a puppy and unable to jump on the bed, he would place his front paws up there and whine until his owners would lend assistance. Now that Winston is grown, he still places his upper body on the bed, while standing on the floor, and continues to whine and beg until his owners finally cave in and give him an extra boost.

Overly Excited Dogs Lose Their Mind To The News They Are Visiting Starbucks51s

Overly Excited Dogs Lose Their Mind To The News They Are Visiting Starbucks

A video has emerged of overly excited puppy being told that he is going to Starbucks. It's no secret that Skottke the German Shepherd is addicted to the pup cups at Starbucks as she goes crazy at the very mention of going to get one! Adorable! “Who wants to get a pup-cup? You want to go to Starbucks?” The owner doesn’t even need to finish this sentence because the smart dog already knows where the conversation is headed. He immediately starts jumping and hopping around the room, spinning in circles with excitement! What a sweet little thing! This dog must be obsessed by the goodies of Starbucks judging by his overly exciting reaction. Moments later, another pooch hears the good news and joins in. Footage shows the two dogs wagging their tails and jumping for joy, waiting for their owner to take them to wonderland. Watch as these sweet canines cannot contain their excitement and act like little children being told that they are about to visit Disneyland. These dogs going to Starbucks is the equivalent of kids being taken to the famous themed park. Could this video get more amazing?! Did you ever take your pet to Starbucks? Be careful because their treats are addictive for dogs and once they try the goodies they are willing to live out of it. These excited dogs are the living proof that pup cups are the perfect treat to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth !

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