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Domino soldiers!3m34s

Domino soldiers!

On this beautiful footage from Thailand to see how the Thai soldiers and consistent experience indescribable! The whole appearance looks like it is made of dominoes! Indescribable! Look!

Published: January 22, 20148,984 views
His wife caught twerking34s

His wife caught twerking

Bikers are people who would connect the twerking , but here - at least one of them could not resist the trendy dance. It might not be so bad if it was not in baton twirling caught his own wife ...

Published: January 6, 2014443 views
Doe (deer) fart!10s

Doe (deer) fart!

Have you ever heard the deer fart? You now have the opportunity to listen to! #doe #deer #fart #animal

Published: August 4, 201428 views
Cunning dog steals food2m57s

Cunning dog steals food

Beagles Lucy found a way how to get the medallions of chicken from the oven, and it did not prevent either that the oven is hot. Look!

Published: January 16, 201421 views
Burglurglrgulrgl baby babble59s

Burglurglrgulrgl baby babble

Comedy Guaranteed: talkative baby fetched 'frivolous' father It would seem that the two of them so you could all day. How was fun dad, so obviously small. Even mom could not resist, and play recorded by mobile phone

The kid overshadowed street entertainers!4m18s

The kid overshadowed street entertainers!

Spandy Andy's famous street entertainer who their wacky dance entertains audiences in cities around the world. However, when this occurs in Edinburgh, Scotland, Andy was in the background ...

Published: January 6, 20145 views
One very grateful squirrel10s

One very grateful squirrel

If you've ever wondered how you could be thanked for the squirrel nuts that you gave her, now you know. Squirrel called Ramon and what exactly did they say in the video that will make you laugh till you cry!

Published: January 16, 20145 views
Obstacles on the road what can be seen only in Russia23s

Obstacles on the road what can be seen only in Russia

Since all of Russia in the cars have cameras installed, they are able to capture and various strange phenomena in traffic, which in turn happy to share with the rest of the world. This time there is no argument among drivers, nes (p) retnih pedestrians or collisions, and no one hurt ... except one tree that has its lifetime ended just fall on the road and made ​​a smallish chaos.

Cutlery music1m12s

Cutlery music

This man made music with Cutlery and it sound awesome! #music #cutlery #spoon #fork #knife #cooking #food #sound #song

Published: August 4, 20142 views