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Gizmo the cockatoo meets the dogs18s

Gizmo the cockatoo meets the dogs

Gizmo our cockatoo! Eacapes his cage when we are gone at work! Dave comes home to find him walking around and of course our dogs had to show us what was going on! They did well not hurting each other

Cute dogs munching on sticks 1m01s

Cute dogs munching on sticks

Lotus and maxwell are stick eating feiends! They are crazy doggies!! What a duo, just take a look at these two cuties! They were so upset when i had to stop them from eating the sticks!! Please like and comment.

Dad get away from the gator 19s

Dad get away from the gator

Canoeing in the river we traveled 9 miles! Alligators all over the place! Signed a waiver in order to go down the river! You can hear wyatt telling his dad to back up as they got real close on accident!

Adorable newborn puppy has a great DREAM50s

Adorable newborn puppy has a great DREAM

my 3 day old Yorkie puppies! this one was having a good dream! because she start's smiling and twitching and running! I'm sure it's just nerve movements as they are young but how cute it is.

Owner sings dog to sleep after bath time1m14s

Owner sings dog to sleep after bath time

It's our responsibility to take care of our dogs the best way possible, even if that sometimes means going the extra mile with the pampering. This cute Yorkie loves bath time, but what she loves even more is being sung while she dozes off wrapped in a blanket like a dog burrito. Watch this little Yorkie being preciously sung to sleep with "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" after her weekly bath time. As you can clearly see, she loves being rocked to bed!

Curious Cockatoo Is Blown Away By Steam In The Kitchen31s

Curious Cockatoo Is Blown Away By Steam In The Kitchen

Doesn't this steam look so fascinating? It definitely looks fascinating to this adorable cockatoo named GIZMO. This is its first time ever seeing steam. He seems very fascinated. He stretches his head out as much as he can, trying to get closer and closer to the steam. Gizmo really wants to take a bite out of this steam, he tries with all his might to eat the steam with his beak but it doesn't seem to be working out. Gizmo is also very flexible! He turns his head trying to get even closer to the steam, so hilarious. He is one interesting bird! Cockatoo's are very affectionate animals. They usually have very strong lifetime bonds with their owners. Sometimes cockatoo's will get very sad if you're not near them or showing them enough attention so give them as much love as you can! They eat fruits, nuts, seeds and insects. They are very intelligent creatures but they don't like to get bored, they love to have lots of excitement in their lives! Do you love cockatoos but just don't have enough time to take care of them? Check out this adorable cockatoo stuffed animal that is a great cuddle buddy! Have you seen other funny moments like this one before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Parrot refuses to leave food pantry1m24s

Parrot refuses to leave food pantry

Gizmo out cockatoo refusing to leave the food pantry! nothing worked it took 20 minutes to get him out and he was pissed off. Needless to say he got into birdie time out.

Parrot adorably chews on ice cube33s

Parrot adorably chews on ice cube

Looks like Gizmo the Cockatoo just can't get enough of this ice cube! Watch as the friendly parrot takes a moment to enjoy a few refreshing bites.

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Cockatoo throws a temper tantrum1m06s

Cockatoo throws a temper tantrum

It looks like Gizmo woke up on the wrong side of the bird cage! Watch as he repeatedly tosses a spoon off the desk, forcing his owner to keep picking it up. He even makes an attempt to throw a cell phone to the floor!

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