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Problem-Solving Cat Learns How To Open Doors29s

Problem-Solving Cat Learns How To Open Doors

Whenever cats are associated with problems, it is never in a positive context. If anything, cats are problem creators. They will stop at nothing to get what they want and that usually entails pushing, ripping and breaking things. Flower pot on the window sill? Push it aside, because it is it the way of bird watching. Vase on the corner table? Push it away, because it is your vantage point. Curtains on the windows? Rip them to shreds, because something is making them move. Someone very wise once said that cats find us, their owners, to be their their servants and we have to admit we actually think that to be true. We do, however, have to make one exception of the rule, and that is this curious cat. We have no idea if this cat has been watching the Jurassic Park movies or not, but we are flabbergasted to see that she actually knows she should pull on the door handle to make the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v30zb9-let-me-in-2.html " target="_blank">door fling open</a>! At first we think that the cat will just stand by the door and meow her little heart out until someone comes to service her. But then she looks up and stretches just enough to pull on the door handle. It seems it takes a bit more effort than that, so the feline jumps and hangs on the handle, letting the weight of her <a href=" https://rumble.com/v4dok5-hairless-cat-has-bizarre-reaction-to-owners-costume.html " target="_blank">hairless body</a> pop the door ajar. Lo and behold, she actually did it! The bolt lets go of the strike platen and the door hinges open, leaving the cat to give it a gentle budge and go on her merry way. Just brilliant!

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Cat vs Bath Bomb 47s

Cat vs Bath Bomb

Roxy loves baths but as soon as I put the bath bomb in she refused to let it touch her

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Scared of bug 15s

Scared of bug

While we're doing renos on the house nitro finds a piece of plastic and thinks it's a bug.

Kelowna flooding Disaster 45s

Kelowna flooding Disaster

Okanagan lake Is the highest it's ever been recorded. Now mixed with winds its destroying shoreline, properties, and flooding houses.

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Historical Lake Flooding 48s

Historical Lake Flooding

The Okanagan lake is full! It's over flowing into houses. Docks are being held down by large containers. And the weather isn't getting better.

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Heavy rains lead to highly destructive creek18s

Heavy rains lead to highly destructive creek

A local creek has been overflowing into businesses and destroying the creek banks. It's a good thing this isn't a full-sized river! This short video shows nature's true power, and there's nothing much we can do about it. Namely, this sight is the result of a heavy rainfall for a few days, which led to this local creek overflowing. Then, naturally, the force of the water started destroying the creek's banks. Luckily, this isn't a full-sized river, so no severe damages were made.

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