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Pup Has A Problem Taking Her Branch Through The Door21s

Pup Has A Problem Taking Her Branch Through The Door

Huskies are a smart breed, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They are smart enough to learn all the commands and tricks you teach them, they know when they have an audience that watches them and THEY KNOW that as soon as the audience leaves, they can do whatever they want, because they can be themselves when they are around you and you LOVE THEM for it. It isn’t because there is something fundamentally wrong with them. Animal behaviorists call the “independent thinkers”, because they refuse to blindly obey commands. Instead they decide whether something is worth doing or not. Given that statement, we see no harm in what this Husky was trying to achieve. See, she wanted to take her big tree branch outside and she knew that if she holds it in the middle, it is easiest for her to carry it. There is just one problem - it won’t fit through the door. The Husky doesn’t care. If it wont fit by pushing, then pulling is the way to go. The dog drops the branch and goes on the other side of the door to give pulling a try. It might have worked, but the damn branch is so big, it extends on the other side of the door and every time the dog tries to pull the branch, the branch closes the door instead! It is like a scenarios of the Three Stooges, only there is one stooge and it is a dog. Don’t know whether to laugh or call a dog programmer. It might be broken.

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