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Friendly husky meets pair of horses1m18s

Friendly husky meets pair of horses

What an unlikely friendship! This husky named Steel goes into a stable and meets two beautiful horses! As Steel moves closer to the first horse, it comes closer to him but seems to be a little afraid as it jerks its head back. Steel finally gets to meet some friends that are bigger than him! As Steel meets the second horse named Pumpkin, they have an instant connection. These horses want to be Steels friend! Horses make the best of friends! The more time you spend with horses, the better the relationship becomes. They are very wise animals. Pumpkin wants to spend some time with Steel and play with him. Steel might have been a little scared at first because his new friends are a lot bigger than him. Steel even decided to try some grass but it wasn't the best idea. He wants to stick with his own doggy treats! He had a great day hanging out with his new horse friends.

Husky had priceless reaction to rubber chicken toy1m41s

Husky had priceless reaction to rubber chicken toy

Our dogs sometimes do things that we don't fully understand. This husky gives a hilarious reaction to this rubber chicken toy. When presented with this loud and obnoxious toy, the husky howls back. How hilarious is that? After a few squeaks from the husky's owner, the husky wants a turn and does what dogs do best; play with toys by chewing on them. Imagine hearing the constant squeak of that toy for hours on end. At least the husky is enjoying it! What would you do if your dog was squeaking this all day? Let us know in the comments! And be sure the visit to get your daily dose of adorable doggos. Check out this husky's priceless reaction to a rubber chicken toy.

Husky has crazy sneezing attack31s

Husky has crazy sneezing attack

Perhaps this husky got into some crushed pepper, or maybe it's allergy season, but whatever the reason he simply can't stop sneezing! Don't miss the eye twitch, too!