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Elegant cat masters game of fetch46s

Elegant cat masters game of fetch

Whaaa? Yeah, that's right, a cat playing fetch! The fact that this kitty behaves like a dog is just the most interesting thing ever. Take a look at how she enjoys running after the ball as if she is a dog, but totally pulls a cat-like move when she retrieves it. This cat is just too elegant!

Published: September 25, 20171,880 views
Cat makes owner's workday so much better1m00s

Cat makes owner's workday so much better

Cats are little predators and even though it pains us to say this, but only a true cat person can be able to truly enjoy life with a cat. Their constant need to relieve themselves of their energy build-up by chasing invisible enemies around the house can be too much for many of you out there, we get it! But when they settle down, cats can be very lovable and affectionate towards their human. This cat obviously loves her human, so much so that she makes sure the girl doesn't exert herself too much during work. She props herself right onto her owner's lap while she works. This has got to be the best stress reliever ever!