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The Beatles- A Story Made With Every Song Title!13m21s

The Beatles- A Story Made With Every Song Title!

HAS EVERY BEATLES SONG ON EVERY ALBUM with the title of the song in the song as a word in a story that I wrote! The Evolution of the Beatles! (part of a "classic rock song story" series) Please check out my channel and watch the other "Band Songs" Aerosmith- Van Halen- THE ROLLING STONES COMING SOON! My channel- The beginning of the script: When I walked out of my front door, I Saw Her Standing There. I was in Misery that day, Her name was Anna (Go to Him) My Chains were slipping As the Boys came over to my place. They Ask Me Why the long face which I held that day. Please Please Me, I told them. They told me to Love Me Do But no no no, they didn’t include a P.S. I Love You on that note . Baby It's You, I said to her. She asked me something, whispered into my ear, Do You Want to Know a Secret? A Taste of Honey among your lips will cure your sore throat. And if my lips don’t do the trick, There's a Place downtown called a Hospital. Twist and Shout and they’ll lock you up. It Won't Be Long, I’ll bring you home in your straightjacket. All I've Got to Do is give you All My Loving. After that, Please Don't Bother Me. The Little Child down the street will be all alone, Till There Was You when you moved in. Please Mister Postman, my address has changed. Roll Over Beethoven, I’m more talented than you. Hold Me Tight like my date to homecoming all those years ago. She (You) Really Got a Hold on Me, resting her head on my shoulder. I Wanna Be Your Man, I told her. You don’t want me, because she said that there was a Devil in Her Heart. I kissed her once, but Not a Second Time. I collected my Money (That's What I Want) and asked her, I Want to Hold Your Hand. This Teenage Boy tried to cut in, But From Me to You, I said to him, She Loves You but I’m her date for the evening and customs show that You Can't Do That. I'll Get You messed up, I promise. If I Fell, my aging grandmother asked as I was (I'm) Happy Just to Dance with You. And I told her I Love Her. Tell Me Why the world is the way it is. Well, you can rent a girl, but you Can't Buy Me Love Any Time at All, night or day. Because I'll Cry Instead. I took notes on the Things We Said Today, So that When I Get Home, I wouldn’t have to say that I'll Be Back And Slow Down on my intake. Open the Matchbox And Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" ("I Want to Hold Your Hand" sung in German) I got No Reply to my texts. I thought, I'm a Loser. I put all my Baby's in Black for a day filled with Rock and Roll Music, (I'll) Follow the Sun, back to my place And watch Mr. Moonlight In this Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey One day this week, after all, there’s two Saturday’s for me, so that’s Eight Days a Week. I whispered Words of Love To my Honey and I told her, Don't Think that Every Little Thing is because of me Because I Don't Want to Spoil the Party that we’re at. It’s as simple as that. What You're Doing, Baby, is none of my concern. Now listen, i can’t help Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby But what I can tell you is that if She's a Woman, Then I Feel Fine with her hands in my pockets. If I don’t like it, I say to her, You Like Me Too Much. She may call me a Bad Boy But ,Yes It Is. I met Dizzy Miss Lizzy at the asylum When I was there. “Tell Me What You See”, I asked her. Help! She screeched Because The Night Before, She (You've) Got to Hide and throw Your Love Away I Need You to listen carefully. Another Girl came into my life, she was full blown Psychic. You're Going to Lose That Girl, she told me. I paid to have a Ticket to Ride And she told me to just Act Naturally. She told me, It's Only Love, and I've Just Seen a Face like you many times before. Yesterday, I got up to see the sunrise and to Drive My Car Through the Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) You Won't See Me for another week While I take a break and shred all evidence, I’ll be a Nowhere Man. Just Think for Yourself, The Word will guide you. Michelle, I said to her, What Goes On in my previous life, Like the Girl I used to be with, I'm Looking Through You now. In My Life, I’ve Wait (ed) for you. If I Needed Someone at any point in my life, It’s Now. Run for Your Life If you can, because you get all my baggage. I'm Only Sleeping because I’ve just had a busy life. Dr. Robert prescribed me Medication Yesterday. Instructions were made by him to Act Naturally. Stay in bed, And Your Bird Can Sing for you, your head will be slop. And as always, Keep It Casual! ~Jaimee



7 years of taking selfies, I was 15 years old, now I'm 22. I included a 1-year selfie a day project, stills from past videos, and some of my personal favorite photos of... well, me. I plan to continue doing these videos every year, adding on selfies from the previous year on new years day! Expect another one on New Years Day 2020 or 2021, Which would be 9 or 10 years of selfies! This video proves that selfies aren't just a sickness that the younger generation was thrown into, but an art! Add me on facebook! Just message me that you're from YouTube! ... Keep It Casual!



The famous singer-songwriter John Mellencamp is considered my 6th cousin 1x removed from my grandmother's grandfathers side, the "Wood"s Watch to see how. I just wanted to say hi to you, John, and that I'm honored to be your cousin. So hi! My facebook: http: Keep It Casual!

Coming Out as Transgender...5m31s

Coming Out as Transgender...

I learned that I was transgender on July 3, 2015. Today, I tell you of my story. I can now make more youtube videos without feeling guilty about hiding something from the people I treasure most. My name is Jaimee Andrea Baumgardner, and I am as real as every woman out there. Try not to hate. I love my trans siblings. Keep It Casual!

Hippie Haircut 13m27s

Hippie Haircut

In which I cut off about 9 inches of hair after growing it out for a year and a half. This was the last haircut I got (as of 10/4/2017)

Is Long Hair Worth It?3m54s

Is Long Hair Worth It?

Is long hair worth all the countless time you spend conditioning, shampooing, blowdrying and brushing it multiple times a day? Is it worth the awkward stage? yes! The only way to long hair is to grow it, you will have a good time on the way to long hair, however, your hair may look like crap the whole time you are in the "bad part of the awkward stage", which lasted all of my sophomore year (last school year). You tell me, was your long hair worth it? ____________________ Comedy Vlog Channel Second Channel

2 YEARS of growing my hair out!4m10s

2 YEARS of growing my hair out!

I know youtube messed up the subtitles and pictures a bit, it looks bad now, it looked great before i uploaded this! I took the liberty of using youtube editer to fix what i could, hope it looks alright! I have now been growing my hair out for 2 years, as of August 15th, 2012. It has been a long, wierd, extreme trip and it has been hard to cope, hard to explain, hard to deal with all the namesayers that don't want me growing it out, but we made it! I have a foot of hair and my hair touches my nipples in front, is past my backblade backbone if you know what i'm talking about, and my bangs almost reach the end of my chin. If you want to check out my hair channel, here it is and this channel currently gets lots more views than my main channel (this one) even though it is my second channel and i spend barely any time on it, it has more views. I really wish i could trade view counts with my two youtubes, people are just really interested in hair and i think i am the only one on youtube that gives hair advice to men growing their hair out and appeals to a younger audience. I have to thank a lot of people, first on my list is my friend justin, whom wich i got the idea to start making hair videos from. he is a great guy and he deserves every thanks i can get him, he is a fun loving guy and always gets a kick out of everything and has many people wich he has inspired to keep growing their hair out or start to and help them with the struggles in growing their hair out. Without many of you, it may of been harder for myself to grow my own hair out. Justin's channel is at The second person i would like to give a shoutout is to my friend james joseph at . He is growing his hair out and we are like brothers even though we have never met before. We both LOVE van halen and LOVE sammy hagar even more, if you've never hear of him before, then look him up! you are really missing out! He is growing his hair out to a little past mid back and we share our goals and updates with each other and he is a great guy! He doesn't have many videos becuase he does not have a comera of his own and he uses his friend's cameras to record videos, but thank you james! He even made a video with shoutouts in the beginning and he gave me one! thanks buddy! The next guy i would like to thank is my friend ricardo. I can't say that much about him becuase we don't talk that much. He lives in mexico, so i don't get to talk to him much, but by golly, his hair is awesome! He has real curly/permish hair that is real long already and he has been growing out for more than 4 years now, i must say, job well done! Here's his link! There are so many more people i wish i could give you thanks, but really that is a LOT of people i would have to give shoutouts to, however there is one more person i would like to thank. Blade10201, he has commented on every single one of my videos i have put up since he subscribed to me in early december 2011, he gives me such nice comments about my hair and reply's to anyone that doesn't agree with him. Thank you for all these comments, you make me feel special man! Anyways, it's been 2 fun-packed years and i have really enjoyed the journey! I have 3 1/2 years to go till i reach my goal and i plan to grow it to the end of my buttcheecks and when i get there i plan to cut the back section of my hair to be even with the front and when that has grown back to where it's supposed to be at, i will cut all my hair to where my bangs are. I want to get an all-around cut over time. Please visit my hair channel for even more details about my hair!

Top 55 Things Parents Say!3m02s

Top 55 Things Parents Say!

my facebook page link for this video: PLEASE SHARE!!! Hey Guys! I thought i would make a video that states all the most common phrases that parents say. Whether you are a parent, were a parent, or are a child to a parent, these are very relatable. Don't forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!!! Here's the hard copy of my 'things parents say" 1.) Do we live in a barn? 2.) Clean up after yourself! 3.) I raised you to be better than this! 4.) When was the last time you ___?! 5.) I don't care what the other kids do! 6.) How was school? 7.) Don't use that word! 8.) What are you doing this weekend? 9.) Is your homework done? 10.) You sound like a herd of elephants! 11.) Follow Directions! 12.) I remember when... 13.) We're gonna need to cut down! 14.) We're gonna spend time as a family this weekend! 15.) We are more fortunate than a lot of people! 16.) (what's for dinner?) monkey brains! 17.) you stink! turn on the exaust fan! 18.) i know its your money, but you can't buy it! 19.) who are you texting? 20.) why can't you be like ______?! 21.) (hey, how come there's a parents day, grandparents day, mothers day, fathers day, but no kids day?) "Every day is kids day" 22.) Don't post that on facebook! 23.) If you don't clean your room, then i will, and you don't want that! 24.) If you keep making that face, it'll stay that way! 25.) If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it also? 26.) I told you so! 27.) Don't make me turn this car around and go back home! 28.) If you live under my roof, then you go by my rules! 29.) I found your 5th Grade Math Workbook! 30.) what are you gonna wear? your birthday suit? 31.) You were so cute as a baby, what happened?!? 32.) You've gotten so big! 33.) I remember the day you were born... 34.) What do you think i am? made of money? 35.) When i was your age... 36.) Am i cool? 37.) Turn That Music Down! 38.) Fluffy went to live with the nice farm family upstate... 39.) Do something more productive! 40.) When i get old, can i come live with you? 41.) Been there, done that! 42.) I did that when i was younger, and i don't want you to do the same 43.) Grant, what's this? 44.) I wasn't born yesterday! 45.) Look both ways before crossing! (Mom, i'm 24!... secretly) 46.) You'll always be my baby! 47.) You gotta live with your siblings longer than i will have to 48.) Your mouth runs faster than your feet! 49.) You have brought shame to our family! 50.) Make Yourself useful! 51.) Do as i say, not as i do! 52.) Remember, No Parties While we're gone! 53.) Don't make me tell you again!!! 54.) Don't throw your food in the trash! 55.) Watching TV will melt your brains! My Blog My Site My Twitter Check out my 2nd Channel! My Hair Channel My Music

Watch my hair grow for a year!1m26s

Watch my hair grow for a year!

08/02/2013 - 08/02/2014 One year of hair growth! I plan to upload these every year and my hair is still growing! It'll be even better by next year! Check out my other hair videos! Keep It Casual!

5 years on YouTube!4m37s

5 years on YouTube!

Happy Birthday to my YouTube channel! I've been making videos for a quarter of my life and it feels just amazing! Everyone that has become friends with me, knows who they are. I couldn't do it without all the support!



This is a video with pretty much no purpose, i don't think i've ever actually done a video like this. This by-far has been the HARDEST video to edit besides the fact that EVERY. SINGLE. word i have to edit. Anyways, i hope that you enjoyed this video, I found it to be funny and i hope you find it to be funny as well. COMMENT! LIKE! SHARE! And if you LOVED it, be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!! Hippie Keep It Casual! I have 3 youtube accounts! check 'em out! - tips for men (primarily) growing their hair out - second channel - my horrible guitar skills (may improve) Check out my various online profiles! - facebook fan page - twitter page For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages:



Hey Guys! So for christmas a few days ago, i got the new ipod touch 5, and it has siri on it. Me and siri had been talking (literatly) and decided to do a video together! These arthe top 50 things to say to siri and she gives you really funny/odd responses when you say a question, statement, or quota. Please comment with your favorite one in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!!! and if you LOVED it, be sure to SHARE the video!!! Here is the original list i had (changed as i was recording, some were obliterated or even changed) 1.) What do you look like? 2.) Why am I here? 3.) Talk dirty to me 4.) Tell me a story 5.) I can do this all day long 6.) What are you wearing? 7.) Will you marry me? 8.) You're sexy 9.) You're a loser 10.) Sing a song 11.) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood 12.) Where are you from? 13.) How old are you? 14.) I need to hide a body 15.) Open the pod bay doors 16.) Tell me a joke 17.) Knock knock 18.) What is the meaning of life? 19.) How hot is it outside? 20.) You're funny! 21.) What is your favorite color? 22.) Stop copying me. 23.) I'm tired 24.) Testing, testing 25.) What are you doing? 26.) Did you fart? 27.) Is there a God? 28.) What's your family like? 29.) You should go on a diet 30.) LOL 31.) Ha Ha Ha! 32.) You are boring 33.) Happy Birthday! 34.) I can't see you 35.) Who is Siri? 36.) Are you human? 37.) You're smart 38.) Can I borrow some money? 39.) Do you agree with me? 40.) Good morning 41.) Why? 42.) Who's on first? 43.) How's it going? 44.) Tell me about yourself 45.) Are you male or female? 46.) Blah blah blah 47.) Take me to your leader 48.) Why not? 49.) Yo Momma 50.) What's your favorite type of music? Hippie Keep It Casual!



The impact of one person may not seem like much, but it is! While there are billions of people on this planet, you are a part of the outcome of what will happen to this earth. You are wanted, you are needed, you have a purpose, even if you save yourself, It's a life worth living. I'm not lying I promise. If you feel like you are going to hurt or kill yourself, send me a message on Facebook at but more importantly, call a supportive friend, try the suicide hotline or try to stay calm! The website I mention: Fun fact: More cigarettes have been smoked than there are people on this planet THIS YEAR! (Try to) Keep It Casual!

JUMP. CUT. ABUSE. 2. 1m40s


In January of 2013, I made a video just like this and I decided to redo it with more of a twist, but is it better than the original? You tell me! Add me on facebook and message me! Keep It Casual!



I signed up on and days later I almost lost my identity from this very sketchy woman in Texas. She sent me a $3,000 check and before it cleared, I canceled it. Don't do it, kids. It's not good. Add me on FaceBook! Keep It Casual!

JUMP. CUT. ABUSE. 3. 5m26s


I turned 21 in September, and I hadn't had a chance to post about it so here's my chance! This is my third "jump cut abuse" video in 4 years. Other topics include the 2016 Death Spree, Donald Trump and lots and lots of jump cuts, seriously, a TON. Keep It Casual! Add me on my personal facebook!

Opening a letter I wrote 4 YEARS AGO to myself! 8m08s

Opening a letter I wrote 4 YEARS AGO to myself!

I wrote a letter to myself 2 days after graduating from high school on May 28th, 2013 and decided to open it when I graduated from college! I would of graduated today (May 15, 2017) as my friends are graduating. I also wrote myself a letter to open and do another video on my 30th birthday in September 2025. Get ready for a trip down the feels land expressway. Keep It Casual! Add me on facebook! Message me you're from YouTube! http://www.facebook/grantcasualinreallife

75 Things to Google! 7m54s

75 Things to Google!

My weird little brain thought up 75 questions that I have almost on a regular basis that to be honest don't feel like googling. Some may sound stupid, some way be over the top, or sketchy, but I apologize, you haven't heard the remaining 30 that I cut out of the manuscript! Here's my Facebook: Here's the list of the questions. Fire away with questions you have, answers to the questions, or question my sanity all the way, because I lost that when I hit 18. (edit: the first 50: all the ones YouTube allows now due to long descriptions) Keep It Casual! 1.) What time are the least amount of people awake? 2.) Did the Rolling Stones inspire the magazine the Rolling Stone or did the Rolling Stone inspire the name of the Rolling Stones? 3.) Can you die from music torture (when you’re in solitary) 4.) How come the united states takes the “U” out of everything? 5.) If a man with no legs dies, where do they attach the tag to? 6.) How do people who inbreed address family members? 7.) When we go to other planets, will we be the aliens? Or will we be immigrants? 8.) When the world ends, will Cockroaches survive and create a cockroach planet? 9.) When death comes, which religion will go to heaven? 10.) When millennials’ kids become the age of millennials’ now, will they be able to ‘react’ to the post that their parents posted when they announced that they will be having a child on facebook? 11.) Will future generation hipsters have uggs, selfie sticks, and meme accounts? 12.) Does the government know more about us than us? 13.) How much money is spent on mental illnesses as compared to the funeral costs who can’t test if they have one? 14.) What if Samuel L. Jackson started narrating your life, but only other people could hear him? 15.) Why can I be talking and forget what the most simple of things are called? 16.) If concentration camps started up in America, would Germans deny it 70 years from now? 17.) What if “WOW” is just a combination of “why” and “how”? 18.) If Michael Jackson was born black and died white, does that make him white,black, or both? And what would say on applications? 19.) If it’s easier to film in the colors that appear, wouldn’t it make it harder to film in black and white rather than eventually go to color? 20.) Why do baby boomers hate millennials and why do millennials hate baby boomers? 21.) Converses were the first shoes used for basketball, now they aren’t even recommended for walking. Why? 22.) How do cameramen and actors not laugh during filming? 23.) How come english is the hardest language to learn? I mean, have you tried speaking spanish in the past tense? 24.) If the world stopped rotating, how much longer would the flash take to run across the world? 25.) How many pixels are in my field of vision? 26.)How many famous people do I know the younger version of? 27.) What year is it really? I mean, people in 200 B.C. didn’t call it 200 B.C. 28.) If the purge were real, what would people actually do? 29.) Is it really inappropriate to play rock music at a rock lover’s funeral? If so, does it have to be soft rock? 30.) Why did male tv stars all have the same voice from the 40s to the 60s? And the same for women in the 70s and 80s? 31.) At what age is considered old? And how much longer until you don’t have to care how old you are? 32.) What good is it, saying “good morning” on the news if everything following it will make it seem like a bad morning? 33.) How long would it take us to readapt to life if every electronic device malfunctioned? 34.) What will we name the next 4 generations as? 35.) If blues and jazz music never happened, would we have rock and pop today? 36.) What would happen if we legalize humans marrying animals as some have mocked same sex people marrying? 37.) What if time is only an alternate reality to the ones who have time traveled? 38.) What if the reason men bald is because they wear hats all the time? 39.) If the good dogs went to heaven, and the bad dogs go to hell, then do animal killers go to hell also? 40.) If you bought drugs when they were legal, would you still go to jail? 41.) Why aren’t Immigrant Americans named like the way the Native Americans are? 42.) When will 50 be the new 25? 43.) Why can’t Sammy Hagar drive at 55? 44.) What if superheroes really do exist, but they’ve ignored every distress call? 45.) If the earth rotated just 10 mph faster, what would happen? 46.) How many people have I actually seen throughout my life, and how many have I already seen more than once? 47.) Will relationships that started on social media and dating sites one day be considered “old fashioned”? 48.) Will there ever be another president or figure on our currency? 49.) If libraries are free, why does internet cost? I mean, it’s a building or an app. 50.) The retirement age is getting higher and higher, but senior citizen discounts keep getting lower and lower, why?



Comment below your favorites and ones I should have included! Add me on facebook! Just message me first! Here is the complete list! No-No Names! Don’t mean to offend people who have these names, just my personal opinion in a list COMMON NAMES THAT SHOULDN’T BE NAMES: John/Johnny, Jon etc. Mike/Michael Jesus, Josiah, Moses, Noah, or really any biblical name Harry (Hairy) Mary Bud (like buddy or drink/drugs) Woody (toy story/wood) Junior (very uncreative) Norm (normal) Queenie (black person name overused) Fran/Franny/Fanny (iconic 80s name) OFFENSIVE: Dick/Rich Gaylord/Gay (Meet the Parents) Molly (drug and old lady name) Willy (penis) Crystal Meth (a drug, why keep that name?) Chlamydia (std) Speed (like in a car or drug) Sloth (the animal) Urine (Yureen) (worst name ever Olga AFTER COMMON ITEMS INCLUDING FOOD: Patty (like hamburger) Blue (color) Rex (dinosaur) Scout (like boy/girl scouts) Brick (seriously?) Teddy Bear (seriously?) Cowboy Flight (like a airplane) Tequila (after a drink) Kennedy (like the president) Harley (Quinn or Davidson) Princess (like royalty) Anakin (from Star Wars) Key (to get into your house) Tea (Tay-a) (really? After a drink?) Crotchet (like knitting) India (country) Apple (computer company/food) Bambi (deer in disney flick) NO ORIGINALITY NAMES: Skeeter Boomer (animal name) Shithead (shi-theed) Fatima (and was fat) Stryder (idk) Female (tamale) August (name of commenter) Natas (Satan backwards) Airwrecka (trying to be unique but it was a fail) Notorious (like notorious BIG?) I bet all those who have names like this eventually create a better nickname without using their birth name

#TimeTravelersTag (NEW TAG SERIES) 7m24s

#TimeTravelersTag (NEW TAG SERIES)

The Time Traveler's Tag! A New Tag Series on YouTube! Get every friend you know and make a response to this tag video! YouTubers large and small! Add me on facebook! Just send me a message to confirm! The 15 Questions to answer: 1.) What is your favorite time travel movie or series? 2.) What year were you born and what year do you wish you were born? 3.) Would you track down the younger version of yourself? 4.) How far back is “too far”? 5.) What is your time machine? 6.) What is one major event you wish you could witness? 7.) Is there a certain concert you would attend? 8.) If you met a time traveler in (current year) 2017, what would be the first thing you ask them? 9.) Would you track down the younger version of your soul mate who is much older than you in the present? 10.) Would you like to see your future death date or what happens to you in the future? 11.) Who would you like to see that has died in the future? 12.) Would you use knowledge from the future to better yourself in the past? 13.) Would you prevent someone from committing suicide or from a tragic accident? Even knowing what unforeseen implications it may have on your future? 14.) Would you change history even if it means that it would prevent something else happening? 15.) Would you tell others about your time machine? And as always, Keep It Casual!



While I was bored in the nut house I wrote a ton of poems and short stories which I will share with you today. They get really deep and you may show internal and external emotions, beware. Keep It Casual!