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Epic Drone Footage Of Twin Islands In Greece While Both Sink And Emerge2m03s

Epic Drone Footage Of Twin Islands In Greece While Both Sink And Emerge

Drone pilot took their equipment to Greece and captured this stunning footage of the Greek islands. The camera captures the beauty of the ocean, in all its power and majesty. Luckily, the drone captured some footage of a the islands sinking and emerging, which bring additional beauty to the video. This pilot knew exactly where to go and capture the magnificent sights of these two beautiful islands. Guess what, they have managed to capture an amazing experience of these two islands sinking under water and then emerging as the video goes on. This video is definitely one of the most beautiful experiences nature has to offer. This drone footage captures a pair of islands that have the ability to sink and re-surface, depending on the water movement in the Straits of Chalkida. Simply put, in the morning they are there, in the afternoon they disappear! It is a place of exceptional beauty, a turquoise paradise, which is just 1 hour from Athens just outside the city of Eretria. If you are on the fence on what your next travel destination should be, this video is a must see, as it will definitely make the choice a whole bunch easier. One of the most spectacular views and a destination to put on your wish list as far as traveling goes. You will definitely be surprised of how beautiful nature can really be. Don't be shy and go ahead and take a look. You will not regret it! Enjoy the flight!

Published: May 17, 201811 views
Drone footage magnificently captures picturesque town in Greece3m25s

Drone footage magnificently captures picturesque town in Greece

Enjoy an enchanting flight over Tolo, Greece, with its endless beaches. Tolo (formerly Toulon, Minoa) is a village in the prefecture of Argolis, built along a long beach on the coast of the Argolic Gulf. Its long beach, combined with the three islands that surround it and create a safe haven for boats, has made it one of the most popular summer destinations.

Published: February 25, 201810 views
Drone view of "Crème caramel" lake and "ink lagoon" near Athens, Greece 3m32s

Drone view of "Crème caramel" lake and "ink lagoon" near Athens, Greece

Enjoy an enchanting flight over a place that nature has "painted" generously with many colors and alternations. We fly over the beach of Kondilli (Agios Nikolaos) and the Vivari lagoon, 2 hours from the center of Athens and 30 minutes from Nafplion. The scene is unbelievable: Vivari lagoon has "touches", as though some painter poured ink poured into the sea. In Copthorne, there are some magnificent lakes that have all the shades of brown / orange. The "portrait" is completed by the picturesque chapel of Agios Nikolaos, accessible only by boat. The Bed is the perfect beach for everyone. If you are a parent, its cleanliness is guaranteed since the beach is awarded a Blue Flag. Paradise is just 2 hours from Athens ...

Published: February 17, 2018
Ghost village of Greece as seen by drone2m33s

Ghost village of Greece as seen by drone

Undeveloped stone houses, old temples, remnants of another era that testify that once, this village was full of life. The old village of Plagia is located on the north-west side of Xiromeros, opposite Lefkada Island. Its inhabitants abandoned it after the 1966 earthquake and landslides, and relocated to the new Plagia village. The houses that you will see in the video below were similarly architectural with the houses in the villages of Lefkada. It is worth noting that such houses aren't met in the area, which makes us think that this particular village could be a model traditional settlement, very close to the sea. The area is characterized by its beautiful nature. Buds, figs and many almonds are scattered between the ruins.

Drone footage captures incredible 3m24s

Drone footage captures incredible "blue lake" of Greece

Enjoy a flight over a place that looks like it was hand-painted by an artist. On the fringes of Greece, where one gazes at Turkey in a short distance, is this terrestrial, untouched paradise of Kassonisi of Samos. Access is possible either by boat or by a difficult path, but the effort is definitely worth it!

Published: January 16, 201846 views
Drone captures secret sailor's paradise cove in Greece2m29s

Drone captures secret sailor's paradise cove in Greece

Enjoy an enchanting flight over the unknown paradise of Aitoloakarnania, Vathyavali in Greece. The waters are blue-green and reminiscent of an exotic beach. It is a safe anchorage and for this it is a paradise for many sailors who find shelter with their luxurious boats from bad weather.

Published: January 6, 201864 views
Drone captures exotic hidden beach at Greek border2m17s

Drone captures exotic hidden beach at Greek border

Enjoy an enchanting flight over an exotic corner on the edge of Greece, at Livadaki Beach Samos. The beach is located in an enclosed bay, which on both its right and left sides is enclosed by rocks, creating a long sea lane. How cool is that?

Published: December 10, 2017
Magnificent Drone Footage Of 'Golden Beach' In Kyllini, Greece3m24s

Magnificent Drone Footage Of 'Golden Beach' In Kyllini, Greece

It's no wonder that Greece is the number one destination for tourists of all ages and financial backgrounds. This country can boast with six thousand (yes, you read that right) islands, of which only more than 200 are inhabited. Its coastline is also full of tourist destinations, enchanting the visitors with the turquoise sea and white sandy beaches. Tourism is also very important (if not pivotal) part of the country's economy. Kyllini is a small port town in the western part of Greece, situated on the Ionian Sea coast. This place is also very popular with tourists, and if you wonder why, then just watch the video and everything will be clear as day. The most famous "Golden Beach" looks amazing (from birds eye view but also from the ground), and the waters look very welcoming for swimming and other water activities. This is the perfect way to warm yourself up in the cold winter days, and if you can't go there, then at least you can enjoy this majestic drone footage. It captures the beauty of this Greek tourist destination perfectly! Maybe if you go there you can spot a famous actor or athlete enjoying the good weather on the beach, as Greece is known to attract many members of the elite around the world. Time to add this place to your bucket list! Check out this majestic beach in this awesome drone footage! Astounding!

Published: November 8, 201754 views
Drone reveals the secret lover's cove in Cavo D'Oro, Greece3m12s

Drone reveals the secret lover's cove in Cavo D'Oro, Greece

This is definitely a secret magical destination that gives summer fragrance in every aspect. Enjoy a flight over the "lover's cove", a remote cove protected from the weather and the rough sea of Cavo D'Oro, which has three beaches, each with its own color!

Published: November 1, 201757 views
Drone Captures Gate To The Holy Mount Athos In Greece2m30s

Drone Captures Gate To The Holy Mount Athos In Greece

On the top of the Mount Athos peninsula and at a distance of 120km away from the airport of Thessaloniki lies Ouranoupolis, the Gate of Mount Athos. Ouranoupolis is a divine landscape, combining mountainous and sea beauties, promising unforgettable holidays, especially for the travelers seeking the relaxation, away from the stress of the town. The village seems to be a serene portrait which welcomes the pilgrims and prepares them for their spiritual journey to Mount Athos. Besides that Ouranoupolis means in Greek, the city of the heaven, the city who drives you up to heaven... Its visitors are welcomed by the Tower of Andronikos, the “alert protector” of the city for centuries, built in 1344 by the monastery Vatopediou as a protection from the pirates. In front of the tower lies the port, the gate of Mount Athos, where either the ferry boats travel to the monasteries or cruise around the peninsula at a distance of 500m from the beach. In Ouranoupolis the visitors apart from the hospitality and the friendly spirit of the residents, have the unique chance to savor fresh fish caught in the Mount Athos Golf in traditional fish taverns, to relax in pleasant cafes or bars drinking cocktails on the beach watching the sunset. During the day the activities give unique opportunities for swimming or fishing at exotic beaches across Ouranoupolis, on the small isles, which can be visited either by small fishing boats or small speedboats. There are ferry boats which daily set off from the harbor for the Mount Athos cruise. Diving, sea sports, cars and motorbikes for rent are being at the disposal of the visitors. Ouranoupolis is surrounded by a wonderful forest which is being offered for walks and exploration, viewing to the village and Mount Athos. Inevitably Ouranoupolis is the last stop for all pilgrims who wish to visit Mount Athos since they have to collect early in the morning the Diamonitirio, a written authorization and the ticket for the ferry boat.

Published: November 1, 201735 views
Majestic Greek island near Athens filmed from drone2m32s

Majestic Greek island near Athens filmed from drone

Enjoy a flight over the Aegaleia near Athens, Greece, which is an uninhabited island located near Nea Styra Evia. The route of the ferry boat Agia Marina - Nea Styra passes close by this magical island, but the passengers can not see its beauty unless they have their own boat. On the west side there is a nearby islet, called "Agios Andreas" and at this point there are shallow turquoise waters between the two islands.

Published: October 30, 201718 views
Remote Greek village captured by drone3m04s

Remote Greek village captured by drone

The Antia villagers speak a unique language of whistles, in which each tone of whistling corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. By putting whistles of different tones in order, they form words. This way, they can talk and understand each other simply by whistling. Children learn the language at the age of 5 or 6. The interesting custom – which also appears in the nearby villages of Simikouki and Evangelismos – dates back to the times of ancient Greece. Some speculate that the residents of Antia got the language skills from the Persian soldiers who were guarding Greek prisoners in the Karystos area. After their defeat in the Battle of Salamis, the Persian army left the guards of Karystos behind, and they fled to the highlands around Antia to hide. There they mixed in with the local population and were assimilated by them. Another theory wants the Antia villagers to be of Doric origin, because they don’t speak the arvanitika dialect like the surrounding populations. A lesser known theory wants the fathers of the language of whistles to be residents Ainos in Thrace, who moved to the area in 1469 as prisoners of the Venetians. The “sfyria” language was discovered by mass media in March 1969, when a group of rescuers was searching for the remains of a missing pilot whose plane had crashed in the ‘Ochi’ mountain area. Although the remaining villagers are still whistling on Antia, its population has shrunk and the area is inhabited by elderly that are slowly dying. The villagers say that they would like to see their whistling language tradition continuing, but their kids mostly have left the village and very few know how to whistle.

Published: October 30, 201748 views
The Canal of Glamour in Greece captured by drone3m25s

The Canal of Glamour in Greece captured by drone

Enjoy a flight over the the New Potidea Canal in Halkidiki Greece, where the pine trees reach the turquoise waters and boats are mooring under the houses. It is the canal that separates the first leg of Halkidiki in two. It is unknown exactly when it was opened, but certainly it existed before the 1st century AD. The work was completed, probably by Cassander 300-400 years earlier and gets its current form recently, between 1935 and 1937.

Published: October 10, 201730 views
Historic Byzantine tower captured in Greek drone footage3m05s

Historic Byzantine tower captured in Greek drone footage

Enjoy a flight over the Byzantine tower of Nea Fokea in Chalkidiki, Greece. Emmanuel Papas, a great merchant and banker who became one of the most important army leaders of the Greek War of Independence, was living in this tower and making plans for the fight against the Ottoman Empire.

Published: October 9, 201734 views
Ancient sunken city in Greece captured by drone2m53s

Ancient sunken city in Greece captured by drone

Enjoy a flight over the immersive Sunken City - the "Atlantis" of Argolida, situated close to the coast of ancient Epidaurus in Greece. Walls, foundations of buildings, amphorae of huge dimensions and paved sections are sunken just meters below sea level, and only few meters from the shore. How cool is that?

Published: September 13, 201765 views