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This Cat's Moonwalk Skills Gave Us The Envies10s

This Cat's Moonwalk Skills Gave Us The Envies

It was the dance move that stirred the world! It was March 25, 1983, when the King and Pop Michael Jackson performed his ‘moonwalk’ during a performance of ‘Billie Jean’, where he moved like he was walking forwards, when in fact he was going backwards! Everyone had their try at the moonwalk from that day on! Both kids and adults made their attempt and some were more successful than others. Even today, those who still hold the King of Pop in their hearts are known to bust out his signature move! It looks deceivingly ease to do, but it takes a lot of practice, practice, practice! And what creature has more practice doing the moonwalk than a cat? In this adorable video, we have Albert the Munchkin cat, doing the moonwalk on a narrow window ledge! The moonwalk is a tough move to bust on a flat, slippery dance floor, yet this cat manages to pull it off on that narrow ledge! You may call our brains blown! Ever wondered why cats love walking on thin surfaces? A cat would much rather walk along a thin picket fence or on top of a narrow wall, then on the ground. First of all, they do it because it is an excellent vantage point; they can see the entire yard from there. On the other hand, cats are incredibly flexible and perfectly balanced, so they can always do with impeccable ease something that looks absolutely preposterous to us humans.

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White Fluffy Kitten Is Licking Her Way Through A Spoonful Of Yogurt 36s

White Fluffy Kitten Is Licking Her Way Through A Spoonful Of Yogurt

A cute video has emerged showing a white fluffy kitten feeding of a spoon. You will never love anything as much as this cat loves yogurt! Cuteness overload! Footage shows a white fluffy kitten standing on its feet and licking yogurt out of a spoon. This video cannot get any cuter! The elegant feline is deliciously feeding on the sour treat and is enjoying every single moment of it! This video of a cat munching on a yogurt snack had us mouthwatering! There is a general saying that dairy products don’t generally agree with cats because they can’t digest sugar due to the fact that they lack the amylase enzyme. Adult cats are also lactose intolerant, so they can’t have milk normally. However, kittens can drink milk or eat cream because they normally rely on their mother’s milk to survive. As they get older, they don’t need milk anymore and stop producing that enzyme allowing for milk to digest. Generally, this begins to occur when they are 12 weeks of age. Actually, there’s no real health benefit to milk. Cats are meant to eat meat for nutritional purposes, so when a cat grows out of the kitten stage, they don’t need milk anymore. Yogurt is a little bit different though. Yogurt may be a dairy product, but it contains good bacteria that actually helps cats digest other dairy products! So, your cat is safe feeding on yogurt instead of milk! Credit to @goyanggy

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