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Fundzinger Makes a Backpack Famous Worldwide3m18s

Fundzinger Makes a Backpack Famous Worldwide

We used the pitch and our contacts to break the backpack into the mainstream press. Mashable, one of the largest news blogs in the world, created a custom video for the backpack and followed it up with a great write-up. Soon the backpack was on AOL and the Huffington Post. We reached out to our contacts at Bloomberg News, a nationally syndicated business channel, and got the backpack ON AIR live for over 2 minutes. That's right ... we got the founder of the backpack doing a satellite interview with two reporters who are used to talking about the economy... SURREAL! The Drawstring Backpack blew right past their funding goal, raising $146,824 in just 35 days. All of the press built up so much momentum that they ended their funding on a high.

Fundzinger Helps Raise $100,000 In 12 Hours3m04s

Fundzinger Helps Raise $100,000 In 12 Hours

It all started with a bang! We reached out to our contacts at Engadget and Techcrunch and landed them write-ups that appeared on the day the project launched. We kept reaching out and the press kept rolling in. We generated all of the press for the bublcam ... over 500 different features including write-ups in top tier outlets like Gigamom, Fast Company, the Huffington Post and Mashable. The Numbers In the first 12 hours the Bublcam reached their funding goal of $100,000. With the support of the press, the Bublcam went on to raise $346,122 in 35 days.