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This Swimming Hole In Texas Is A Real Challenge For Thrill-Seekers54s

This Swimming Hole In Texas Is A Real Challenge For Thrill-Seekers

For those not interested in risking their safety or their lives, there is a place that provides an amazing natural spring-fed pool to swim around and marvel at. But for those who crave mysteries and adventures this is a real hot spot for adventurers, thrill seekers and people looking to escape the heat, where one can go and swim in the blue waters. It is called Jacob’s well and it is situated in Wimberley, Texas. The well is considered as one of the most dangerous places to dive on earth. The mouth of this breathtaking well is four meters wide in diameter with a depth of approximately ten meters. Down there, one may find a network of underwater caves within a depth of 40 meters. While some survived their miscalculated jumps and bad injuries, there were some who could not make their way to the surface since this deep and dark black hole is not all fun and games. At least nine people have lost their lives from either attempting some kind of daredevil stunt into the seemingly endless abyss or diving below the surface and exploring the well’s intricate cave system. Over the years, human skulls, bones and diving equipment have been recovered. Jacob’s Well will remain a mysterious wonder that continues to baffle scientists all over the world, and is still believed to be sacred ground. If you’re ever in Texas and are interested in visiting Jacob’s Well, there’s a great resource to assist you on your journey.

The Government Would Pay You Money To Live In This Ghost Town 48s

The Government Would Pay You Money To Live In This Ghost Town

From 1862 to 1916, hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold were discovered in the mines surrounding a town hidden in a remote valley. Garnet was first named Mitchell in 1895 and had ten houses. The main part of the town was built on the Garnet Lode. Later changing its name to Garnet, it was a rich gold mining area. It was secluded in the forest mountains of Montana. Before being deserted in 1950, it was a booming mining hub with a population of about 1,000. The town had all the necessary facilities for a normal urban living: hotels, barbershops, a doctor’s office and more than a dozen saloons (miners sure love to drink). Eventually, the gold ran out and on top of that a fire in 1912 destroyed half the town, which was never rebuilt. Today, people believe it is one of the most haunted mining towns in America. The Bureau of Land Management is offering volunteers the chance to live in the ghost town absolutely free of charge. Well, maybe not absolutely, because in exchange of this privilege they must carry out some duties such as leading tours. People say the most haunted place is Kelly’s Saloon. Visitors allege that you can hear music and voices echoing from the inside, even when the town is deserted. Having all of this in mind, would you be interested in spending thirty or more days living and working in a ghost town? Aside from lodging, volunteers get a food stipend. If we managed to really interest you with this video, you can call the Missoula Field Office at (406) 329-3914.

Best Indoor Plants To Have That Won't Die On You45s

Best Indoor Plants To Have That Won't Die On You

If you're a fan of having plants around the house, this is a must-see list! Check it out and let us know which one's your favorite. Placing plants around your house or living area can really liven the place up a bit. Give the place a really cozy feel and make it seem more comfortable. Most people love having plants around the house, maybe in the corner, sitting by the window, or in the bathroom. The trouble with owning plants is that they can be somewhat high maintenance. If you leave out of town, you have to find someone to water them or care for them, much like having a pet. Sometimes you are just too busy or always forget to maintain your plants around the house. Some people feel the trouble of keeping these plants alive is sometimes not worth the beauty they bring around the house. Well this video is great for everyone with that mentality! This video is all about plants to keep indoors that won’t die on you! The makers of this video, “First To Know”, even claim that if these plants die on you, then maybe you aren’t meant to be taking care of anything! This video is perfect for people who want to spruce up their home , without worrying about maintaining the plants. Some these plants you may never heard of, but they all seem like they would really add some character around the house. Some of the plants here are lucky bamboo and bonsai tree. These are some common plants as they are commonly known and they look very nice. For these just put some water in your vase or pot and let the plants do their thing! The Lucky Bamboo can even grow pretty and even coil like a spiral! Some of the stranger plants in this video include the Croton. This is a small plant that can differ in leaf colors as they can range from yellow-green to a reddish color. They are native to India and Malaysia and in fact be poisonous. They aren’t deadly, but you might want to keep your pets or children away. A poisonous plant might not be the best idea, but if you are careful with and like the look then maybe you’d like it! Another common plant is the Philodendron. This name probably doesn’t ring a bell to you but you have most likely seen it. It’s a leafy plant that sort of droops and you can usually find it near a bookshelf or hanging from the ceiling! It is very known for its leaves and it can also get pretty big. If you are an insect lover, the video also recommends the Spider Plant. Another commonly seen plant, its leaves are long and thing and hang down like an upside spider. These two are sure to spice up any living room! This is a great video for anyone trying to brighten up their living room, bed room, or dining area. Definitely have a watch if you aren’t too knowledgeable about plants and would love a quick little list about some plant options. These are all nice looking and they are easy to maintain, perfect for a plant novice!

Smart Dog Shows Little Kitty How To Fight30s

Smart Dog Shows Little Kitty How To Fight

Cats and dogs have a fabled reputation for not getting along so well. Do your dog and cat fight often? In many cases, what you see as “fighting like cat and dog” is usually just two animals just having a good old time playing together. Truth be told, there are also times when one of your pets is determined to knock the living life out of the other, so you better have to jump and stop them before somebody needs to go to the vet. This video is nothing like that. This cute puppy wants to teach his little furry friend how to stand up for himself! Dogs and cats are pretty amazing pets. They pick up on our moods and they adapt to our lifestyles. People train their animals to do tricks and to act smart, but sometimes animals turn away from their human family and seek instruction from another animal. Just as this friendly doggo named Courage teaches his cat friend Cloud how to stand tall against his enemies. The little kitty was forever jumping at the dog, trying to simulate a fierce feline blow, but the dog didn’t fight back. Instead, Courage, as the name suitably explains, avoided the attacks in many ways. It was his way of showing Cloud how to deliver an equal response to anyone who attacks him. It may look funny to us, but this seems like an important lesson for the little kitten . Watch as Courage the dog teaches Cloud the kitten how to hold on his own!

Hand Riddled With Tiny Holes Reveals A Mysterious Phobia 1m31s

Hand Riddled With Tiny Holes Reveals A Mysterious Phobia

This picture of a deformed hand has been flying all over the internet. Some sites even claim it's caused by a parasite. What is it really? The truth may surprise you! A disgusting image of an injured hand has been flooding around the Internet recently. And the headlines that go with it are even more disturbing. What parasite caused this? Do you have this parasite? Are you dying and you don’t even know? So naturally, we had to figure out the truth! A search on the image reveals that it’s from a YouTube video called Trypophobia hand tutorial from Queenkindsfs in which they show customers how to make bubbly skin for themselves, but because this sort of hole in the skin thing freaks people out, some people have photoshopped holes into other stuff! Like fluffy kitties, or hairy shoulders, but is this a parasite? No, it is not! However, Trypophobia is real! It is a fear of small holes! The fear usually stands for objects in nature like in a honeycomb or a beautiful lotus flower. But it is not the holes themselves that are the problem! Researchers Geoff Cole and Arnold Wilkins of the Center for Brain Science at the University of Essex concluded that our brains associate the holes with danger. It is still being studied what kind of danger this fear may apply to! Clearly this photoshopped images are adding to the hysteria! Do you think you might have this phobia , or you are fine staring at tiny holes ? Watch this video and find out for yourselves!

Discover What Would Happen If You Stopped Dreaming 1m14s

Discover What Would Happen If You Stopped Dreaming

We all wonder from time to time why we dream or what our dreams mean. Have you ever wondered what would happen if we just stopped dreaming altogether though? Dreaming is one aspect of being human that is universal. According to studies, most people over the age of 10 dream at least four to six times per night during a stage called REM sleep. While some dreams may contain hidden meanings in the form of symbolic situations or metaphors, it seems that they often express what is currently clouding your mind, whether worries, hopes or anticipations. While some researchers argue that dreaming allows our body to encode short term memory into long term ones, others believe that dreaming is a means for the mind to work through everything in order to achieve psychological and emotional balance. But what really happens when you drift off to sleep and dream? And what would happen if you stopped? There are plenty of theories. Some suggest that we would be unable to solve problems or learn anything new. Researchers have found that interrupting students during their dream sleep completely stops their learning abilities. This is because learning depends on memory and dreams help us form <a href=" " target="_blank">memories</a>. So on the world in which dreams do not exists it is possible that you wouldn’t be able to learn anything. Chances are that if you stop dreaming you will slightly suffer from some sort of mood disorder, such as depression. Even after <a href=" " target="_blank">nightmares</a> your brain is left stronger and healthier. That is because nightmares help you process intense emotions without real life consequences. So, dreams are good for you. This is definitely something to think about when you drift off to sleep tonight.

Biking through Vienna's wine country2m22s

Biking through Vienna's wine country

Vienna produces some amazing wines, and a great escape from the regular tourist traps is to visit the Wachau Valley -- one hour out of the city. Check out the bike wine tour these visitors take, resulting in some stunning scenery!

Daredevil Adventurer Risks Life To Film Lava Flow In Hawaii43s

Daredevil Adventurer Risks Life To Film Lava Flow In Hawaii

The author of this video, Kawika Singson, gets up close and personal with Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, at Pu'u 'O'o vent. It is located on the Big Island and is definitely a sight to see! The filmmaker definitely pushes the limits of mere thrill and excitement. Getting this close of lava is dangerous, even lethal. A flow of Hawaiian lava is terrible to work near. Instead of a rather unbroken skin, Hawaiian lava flows have irregular coatings of clinker, and a massive quantity of glowing heat leaks from between the clinker. Further, Hawaiian lava flows faster so you surely have to be quick on your feet if you want to take a footage from up close. Its flows are likely to form open channels rather than lava tubes. The channels can occasionally have fully radiant surfaces due to the speed of the flow so any skin that forms is instantly torn or sunk. The location of the video, the Puʻu ʻŌʻō, is a volcanic cone in the eastern rift zone of the Kīlauea volcano of the Hawaiian Islands. Puʻu ʻŌʻō has been erupting unceasingly since January 3, 1983, making it the longest eruption of the last two centuries. Starting from 2008, Puʻu ʻŌʻō cone was in its 25th year and 57th eruptive episode. This is the biggest capacity of lava in the past five centuries to erupt from the volcano's east rift zone. For over a decade the eruption ran from side vents on the south and west sides of the cone.

Here Are Seven Sure Signs That You Have Lived A Past Life 1m40s

Here Are Seven Sure Signs That You Have Lived A Past Life

Many people follow the life philosophy that we should always live each day to the fullest, since we only have “one life to live.” However, there are quite a few people who would disagree about having only one life. In fact, many people from all walks of life believe in the concept of “past lives” — or reincarnation. While some associate this concept with religion, many others simply believe that it is possible they also existed at another point in history. Do you feel like you have lived a thousand lifetimes? This video describes seven signs that you have lived past lives. 1. Dejavou. The feeling of “I have been here before” is actually one of the most common signs that you have lived a past life. 2. Do you have foreign or unexplained memories? Don’t be afraid. This is just an imprint of you carried over from another existence. 3. Vivid recurring dreams. This can be especially frightening when they take the form of nightmares, the echoes of past trauma. 4. People who have lived a past life or past lives can be physically haunted by phantom aches, pains or other marks or birth marks on their body that should not be there but are. 5. Those who experience reincarnation can also become particularly intuitive when meeting strangers. It’s easy to read people when you have seen them all. 6. Do you have an irrational fear of being poisoned? Are you scared of being in cars and on bridges for no reason at all? These things could be the way you died in the previous lives. 7. Finally, those who have experienced previous lives say they feel a deep need to spend time alone with themselves. This probably stems from self-awareness that develops across multiple lifetimes and spiritual evolutions.

15 celebrities who smoke pot59s

15 celebrities who smoke pot

When it comes to cannabis, attitudes appear to be shifting and more celebrities than ever are admitting to smoking the ganja. From Miley Cyrus to Johnny Depp, they all seem to be on board.

Meet the famous pets of Instagram!43s

Meet the famous pets of Instagram!

While some people follow celebrities and friends on Instagram, others choose to follow animals. Believe it or not there are actually famous animals out there. These pampered pets have over 500,000 followers and receive thousands of likes and comments on their photos.

Top 5 Creepy Experiments Performed on Children3m05s

Top 5 Creepy Experiments Performed on Children

Countless horrors have been conducted in the name of science, but these twisted experiments performed on children gave us chills. Learn about The Willowbrook Hepatitis Studies, Robbers Cave Experiment, The Monster Study, The Little Albert Experiment, and The First Transgender Experiment.