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"Driving: pug displays classic signs of road rage

Enkei the Pug is no stranger to being in the car, in fact he actually shares his owners road rage when things go wrong. Enkei frantically looks around as if he is wondering what is going on, and barks at the car in front, it's almost as though he is telling them to move! His eyes are hilarious, he really means business.

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Cute dogs caught snuggling each other in car8s

Cute dogs caught snuggling each other in car

Enkei the pug and Sanka the french bulldog were just waiting in the car whilst their owner cleaned it on the outside, and when she stopped to have a peak in, the boys who usually like to snuggle up separate were caught out in a little rare moment of cuddling. Sanka has his arm wrapped round Enkei as he is sort of cuddling him in, how cute! There faces say different as they are caught on camera, it's like Sanka gets a little bit camera shy and hides his face! These two lovely boys look so majestic as they sit in the natural sunlight hugging staring into the camera.

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Howling Pug Gives A Hilarious Husky Impression8s

Howling Pug Gives A Hilarious Husky Impression

When you search the Internet for videos, what do you usually look for? Most people would say they are looking for something funny or something that will make them smile. There are also the people who are interested in other videos, maybe informational, sad, or scary, but most would say they want to be cheered up by videos online. People search for their different hobbies to find entertainment, but one subject that covers many people’s interest, is pets! Pets are universally recognized, while a hobby of yours might not. This is what makes them so popular, many people have pets. The animals may be different, but the feeling is still the same. Pets are so hilarious and cute! They are sweet and innocent and do the funniest things for their owner’s attention! If you have a pet, think about all the things they have done for you. They protect you, comfort you, get excited to see you, and have amazing reactions to things! Some of the best pets for reactions and emotions like this is none other than a dog! They are great pets and can offer some of the funniest and cutest moments you will ever see on the Internet. This video is just one example of a cute dog being funny. Dog owners all over the world know the relationship between their dog and the mailman or a person walking outside! As soon as a person approaches the door of the house, the barking ensues. Loud barks can last so long and they are done as an alert. The dog is only trying to warn you that someone is approaching the house, so the intentions are good even though it can be annoying. What makes this video so hilarious is this specific dog’s bark. This little pug , Enkei, is barking at a passing person or a mailman, as dogs usually do. This dog must have been watching some of his other dog friends bark, because he is trying very hard to howl. Maybe he saw some wolves in a movie and they inspired him, but this howling does not suit the small dog! The owners must really enjoy when their little dog lets out his howls. They are ready to record the hilarious moment as soon as someone is outside. The little dog is only trying to alert his family, but instead just lets out his hilarious little howls. The way he leans back with his head in the air... he is definitely howling at the moon! Instead of scary or threatening, he ends up just sounding like he is laughing! Enkei is still a very cute dog and this probably just provides the family with endless laughs! Enkei is a dog with a good heart and just wants to warn his owners that someone is approaching. Don’t worry Enkei, we’re sure the family appreciates your howls for more than one reason! This is definitely a perfect video to watch if you love dogs, and you just need a little laugh or smile. Enkei is sure to have you grin!

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Dogs show off new kissing trick7s

Dogs show off new kissing trick

Enkei the pug and Sanka the french bulldog are no strangers to treats for tricks. But their most recent trick is taking Instagram by storm, showing dogs that it's cool to give kisses to the humans for some treats in return. Watch as Enkei is up first and he needs no tempting, he gives a quick kiss on the lips for his treat. Sanka second up to the mark, and again, there is the kiss for the treat. Sanka isn't usually a dog that will give much kisses, but when there is food involved these two dogs will do almost anything!

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Pug can't stop kissing owner after night apart13s

Pug can't stop kissing owner after night apart

Enkei the pug is just so loving, it's in his nature to be like this! After all pugs are well known for their caring side. Enkei's owner had only been away for one night on business and when she returned, this is the excited welcome home that she received. Watch as Enkei pins his paws to stop any movement and gives a good kiss as a welcome home, or maybe she just needed a good face wash - you can decide!

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Sleeping pug instantly wakes up to smell of treat18s

Sleeping pug instantly wakes up to smell of treat

Dogs are renowned for their good sense of smell. Enkei the pug definitely shows off his skills in this adorably cute and funny video. Enkei can be seen sleeping on his owner's lap. As he quietly naps, his owner decides to test out his smelling skills and dangles a treat in front of his nose. His reaction is priceless!

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Dog’s Egg Challenge Goes Hilariously Wrong32s

Dog’s Egg Challenge Goes Hilariously Wrong

Enkei the pug tries his best to perform the egg challenge. However, he doesn’t quite grasp the concept of the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v4pe7b-what-the-egg-is-that-dog-scared-of-eggs.html " target="_blank">challenge</a> and it ends up breaks it all over the floor. What an epic fail! Enkei successfully manages to carry the egg in his mouth without breaking it, while trying to get away from his owner. He is too stubborn to let go of the egg and give it to his owner apart from her constantly repeating “Give it back, give it back to mommy”. Though it takes some coaxing to get him to give her mom back the egg, the shell seems to remain intact. And if you know anything at all about dogs, you know they love to play tug of war. And fetch. And, well… Any game that doesn’t involve sitting still. However, whenever Enkei sees his mommy’s hand extended to his mouth, he moves backwards in an attempt to run away, but at the same time we can hear a cracking sound. His <a href=" https://rumble.com/v4kx28-puppy-stubbornly-refuses-to-give-egg-back-after-the-challenge.html " target="_blank">stubbornness</a> to return the egg will only lead to the one thing we all expect to happen while watching the video. The egg ends up splitting in two on the floor and the dog is smelling the leftovers. Enkei is not the only dog doing this challenge but there is an odd viral craze of pet owners putting eggs into their dog's mouths to see if it will hold it gently or crush it to bits. The video is, without a doubt, adorable. The trend began when Haley Bowers, a 17-year-old from Michigan, tried placing an egg in her aunt’s golden retriever’s mouth. After seeing the video of the retriever’s super-cute success, people on Twitter everywhere have started sharing unfortunate - yet hilarious - attempts at getting their dogs to do the same thing.

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French Bulldogs hilarious reaction to cats on TV1m12s

French Bulldogs hilarious reaction to cats on TV

Sanka the French Bulldog is only 11 months old and loves nothing more than watching the television. Sanka is a regular fan of watching the TV with Nicola and Damon, and will watch it with content and dedication without moving. He is a rather unusual little dog with his habits. Enkei the Pug is coming up for 2 years old, and he has never really cared much for the television. More sounds and weird random things that he sees. But since Sanka arrived home, it's like Enkei likes to copy him, but he does not actually know what he is barking at, he just barks along with Sanka, sometimes he even howls. Sanka will watch the TV in peace and quiet without moving a muscle.... but as soon as he sees or hears an animal, that is it! All hell breaks loose! It's probably a good thing that the TV is on a stand and not any closer, or I think Sanka would end up flying through the TV to try and get those cats! Sanka holds nothing back as he stands on the edge of the bed barking at the cats on the TV. He is so loud and there is nothing we can do to stop it when it starts, we usually just give up and change the channel..... Sanka, stop winding up Enkei and learn to love those cats! There are many of them in the world of TV and if you want to continue watching, you will need to learn! Sankas ears are hilarious, every time he barks his ears fly back and forward, he has done this since he was a tiny puppy. It's just the cutest, but his barking part is also annoying! Would you be able to concentrate on TV with all this noise going on?

Snoring pug makes cutest noises ever34s

Snoring pug makes cutest noises ever

This adorable video will definitely have your heart melting! Enkei is one lazy pug and loves nothing more than cuddling in on the couch with Nicola and having a good old snore! Listen to his extremely loud and unusual snoring noises as he falls into a deep sleep. He is just adorable! Nothing can wake him! Enkei is coming up for 2 years old and captured the hearts of his owners right from the moment that they met him. He was just a pup when they first laid eyes on him, and they knew straight away he was the dog for them. Enkei was the only puppy to run straight over and leave his siblings behind with their Mother. He was a little character already at only 5 weeks old! His adorable face and affectionate nature won them over, as well as his chubby puppy tummy. Enkei was thrilled to find his forever home and he became one of the family from the very first day. Enkei played and ran around with all the energy of a typical puppy. And then, at the end of the day, he would snuggle up and drift off to sleep, making the most adorable noises imaginable. It was no wonder Damon and Nicola fell so in love with him. The snoring was one of the most endearing things about Enkei, after all, it is extremely loud for such a small dog. People have commented that he sounds like a small motorcycle when he snores. Even Nicola rubbing his face, head and ears will wake him up but only briefly and then the noise resumes almost immediately. If you listen to Enkei you are certain to fall in love with him too. And the soothing sound of his slumber might even lull you off to sleep as well.

Dog requires help to retrieve favorite toy59s

Dog requires help to retrieve favorite toy

Sanka the French Bulldog is 11 months old and still full of that hyper active puppy energy! Since Nicola and Damon brought him home at only 8 weeks old he has loved to play and is constantly at them, annoying them to play with him. Sanka loves to play fetch with soft toys, this is one of his all time favorite things to do. At first, he didn't quite get the aspect of fetch, and would chase the ball, but would never bring it back once he had retrieved it. Then when he did bring it back, he would not let go of the ball. Silly Sanka! Sanka has got into doing this new thing, where he has his ball after fetching it, then he purposely looses it so that he has to beg for attention to retrieve the ball. Nicola was watching the television trying to relax after a long day at work when all of a sudden Sanka starts barking out for attention, you can see that he is pointing towards the back of the couch trying to direct Nicola to what he wants. He then jumps up to the back of the couch, as if to show Nicola where he has lost it. Nicola goes over to investigate and realises that there are a number of toys hidden behind the couch. At first, there is a soft blue patterned ball which is usually Sankas favorite, this is brought out given to Sanka and he just looks at it as if to say, that's not what I want. Nicola goes back behind the couch for a further investigation, and there it is! The little yellow tennis ball, an old time favorite of Sankas. Once Nicola reveals this from behind the couch and gives it to Sanka he immediately comes down from the back of the couch and peace is restored. Nicola can continue watching her programmes!

French Bulldog patiently waits for owners to come home1m17s

French Bulldog patiently waits for owners to come home

Sanka the French Bulldog, hate to be alone. I think majority of dogs don't like being left in the house by themselves. Watch this adorable video which shows Sanka being left for all of 10 minutes on his own with Enkei the Pug. Sanka sits at the window as Damon drives away. He desperately watches as if to say, are you really leaving me behind? Sanka thinks he hears something mid video and jumps down to investigate, he realises no one has came home yet and picks up his deer antler whilst down. He pops his head back up the couch to double check this Damon has definitely not arrived home, I think he's wondering how he can get back up on to the couch with his tasty chew. Once he finally gets back up on the couch, hilarious footage shows Sanka waiting on Damon with his tongue hanging out whilst not letting go of the Deer Antler. It's hilarious the way his little tongue just hangs out, we have never ever seen him sit or do this before! So glad this hidden camera footage shows it! Near the end, you can see the Blue van drive into the street just as Sanka gives up hope and turns his back on it, he sees it pull into the drive and dives off the couch to go greet Damon! He can't believe his luck, he's finally home! He takes his deer antler to greet Damon at the door with him. What an adorable, funny dog Sanka is!

Excited dogs greet guests to house37s

Excited dogs greet guests to house

Enkei the pug is two years old and Sanka the French bulldog is only 11 months, still a puppy! Enkei and Sanka both absolutely love visitors coming round to see them in their new house, they like to greet them with a friendly bark. Nicola tends to tell them they are getting visitors and immediately they know something is going on and start to get excited, looking around and waiting for them to arrive. At the start of the video Enkei is just patiently staring at Nicola wondering what is going on and who will arrive and when. Then all of a sudden Enkei hears the door open and he immediately turns without any hesitation and runs towards the door. The suspense of who is about to come through the door is too much for him! His tail is hilarious the way it goes straight as opposed to curly when he hears something interesting! Both Sanka and Enkei run to the door to greet the visitors, little do they know it's their favourite gran and grandad who have came down to see them and they both jump for joy! Sanka cannot contain his excitement as he goes from couch to floor, back to couch and jumping up to try and get attention from both of them. You don't get a minute when you arrive at this house, and you will definitely always be greeted with a warm smile from the dogs and a friendly kiss on the face (if they can reach), whether you want one or not! Enkei always picks up a bone or something to carry, it's like he likes to present his visitors with a gift... it's rather sweet! Where as Sanka just likes to jump in with all four paws and launch himself however he can so they cannot avoid him.

Cranky Pug feels better after belching24s

Cranky Pug feels better after belching

Enkei the pug is coming up for 2 years old in July, and has never changed one bit since being a baby when he came home at 8 weeks old. After he is fed, he always goes into a food coma and loves nothing more than to nap it off. It really is a case of eat, sleep, play, repeat for this pampered pooch. Watch as Enkei is seen to be feeling a bit cranky and under the weather as he looks away from the camera with his eyes almost closing together, then just at the last minute, he turns to face the camera (and Nicola) and then belches. He really doesn't hold anything back! The smell of dog food, not so fresh Enkei! Poor Nicola, always having to put up with these puggy burps right in her personal space. He really does have bad breathe. Enkei doesn't know the meaning of personal space and is definitely an invader of it! He loves to be affectionate, and even if this means he shares his burps with all those around him. Immediately after he has burped, he appears to look a bit more content and happier, we are glad you feel better after creating more room with your burp Enkei! At the end of his belch, he realises it's time to go back to more important things, napping. He then continues to cuddle in to his friend Sanka the French Bulldog to let the napping commence.

Can this Pug resist the ball? 31s

Can this Pug resist the ball?

Enkei the Pug is fast approaching 2 years old and was only a couple of months old in this video. Here we are testing his patience and will power with one of his all time favourite puppy toys. These Kong balls were a perfect size for Enkeis tiny puppy mouth, he would run around and chase them for hours on end. We took Enkei to puppy training classes when he was really young, and we were taught to teach 'leave' and 'no' so that if you are ever out and about on walks and there was something that the dog would try eat that might not be good for them, leave or no command would save this hassle. The same goes for toys! They were meant to be able to resist toys when told. Watch as we offer the ball to Enkei, realise that his training has paid off and then we decide to test how far his will power can stretch by offering the ball closer and closer to his mouth. He manages to resist so for long, he even looks like he is going to take it, then backs off again. But in the end.... can he really resist fully??

Adorable dogs snuggle in favorite blanket 25s

Adorable dogs snuggle in favorite blanket

Enkei the pug is two years old and Sanka the french bulldog is only 11 months old. They are the sweetest and closest of dogs and have been since day one. Enkei and Sanka get on really great and spend every waking minute together, they play together, eat at the same time, go in the garden at the same time, anything one is doing, the other must do at the exact same time. They are almost like twins in a way. Enkei and Sanka love nothing more than playing and running about crazy, but after a long day, they love to snuggle up and stay cosy in their favorite soft blanket on their comfy couch! They take up quite a lot of room for two small dogs. It's adorable the way that Sanka has his arm and leg over Enkei as if he is actually cuddling him, it's just adorable! They are really loving little dogs and they certainly do love each other as you can see in this video. At night the boys cuddle in together in their owners bed, but through the evening they set up camp on the comfy couch and just lay there the whole time without moving, until it's bed time. They are lazy, pampered pooches!

Neighbours cat taunts dogs through fence 18s

Neighbours cat taunts dogs through fence

Enkei and Sanka just recently moved to their new house, and what they didn’t expect, was an annoying next door neighbours cat! This little cat has plenty of courage as it stands up towards the fence to look and check out the dogs…. The cat regularly is caught in our garden, but makes a quick escape when the boys go into the garden and instead it likes to tease them through the gate when they are outside. Sanka is especially angry about the cat situation, hopefully they never come face to face. Sanka likes to regularly bark at the cats, including this little one through the living room window and he purposely looks out for it. I don't think there would be much playing if the cat came over, I reckon the boys wouldn't be able to keep up with the cat. Best it stays over the neighbours garden! Enkei and Sanka don't have much cat experience, so I think their barking and nervousness comes from not actually knowing what the cat is, Sanka especially is not keen when he see's the cats and would much rather chase them to try and see what is what. Enkei on the other hand mainly only barks and causes a scene because Sanka is.

Confused pug spectates tug of war match 31s

Confused pug spectates tug of war match

Enkei the Pug is almost 2 years old is normally a fan of getting involved and playing games with other dogs and sharing his toys however, not on this occasion. Luna the Black and Tan Frenchie who is 7 months old and Nala who is a one and a half years old Pug was round to visit Enkei and Sanka at their house and they found themselves all wanting to play with the same toy. Which of course, caused some frustration. Watch Luna, Sanka and Nala as they race around the living room playing tug of war with the toy, pulling it back and forth. As Enkei walks around them whilst they play. Enkei looks slightly confused as to where he comes into it, and if he should or not or should he join? Enkei is hilarious the way he just spectates and almost acts as a referee in the tug of war match between the three other dogs. None of the dogs bother by Enkei watching them and circling them, I don't even think they notice or care. However, Enkei is certainly one lazy dog when it comes to playing with other dogs and toys!

Heart warming reunion of sibling pugs 1m27s

Heart warming reunion of sibling pugs

Watch as Enkei and Nala who were from the same litter of puppies are reunited after a long year of separation, at first they do not realise. But watch as the magic unfolds and Enkei and Nala recognise one another and begin to play exactly how they did when they were puppies! Enkei was born as a litter of 4 puppies. From the litter, we are lucky in that 3 of the puppies are went to home close together. At the start we all kept in touch regularly and met up quite often. There was Enkeis only brother, who was called Buddy - he is the biggest of the puppies! Then there was thw two sisters, these were Nala and Luna. Enkei always tended to love Nala a little more than all the others, and as a puppy when he was still with his Mother he always played with Nala a little more than the other pups. In the last year, we have lost touch with the other puppies, busy lives get in the way and a few weeks turn into a month, a month turns into a few months. Before we knew it their first birthdays had passed and it soon became well over a year since we had all seen each other. We got a message to reconnect with Nala's owner, and we were thrilled! We couldn't wait to reunite the dogs. When Nala first came to the house, Enkei was not so sure..... they sniffed each other and just acted how you would normally expect dogs too. However, after a couple of minutes, Enkei clicked and remembered his sister! And then the games began! Enkei did his usual paw slams, trying to play with Nala. They are very similar, they look so alike. The only differences is that Nala has a little bit of a darker face. I think this is so heart warming to watch as you realise Enkei now knows this is not just any dog, it's his sister!

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Ant colony impressively carry leaves across bridge 14s

Ant colony impressively carry leaves across bridge

Five Sisters Zoo in Scotland is home to many different animals, large and small. Upon visiting the zoo, we were amazed by all the different animals and the amazing standards of the zoo, all animals were healthy and all enclosures looked in extremely good condition. As well as the park grounds being extremely clean. One of the things that really amazed me at the zoo was the leaf ants. I have never seen ants up close and managed to have a proper look at them before. I took this clip as I was fascinated. Watch as the ants carry across the bridge leaves, that they are obviously using to create some sort of home on the other edge of the bridge. The ants heading to the left are empty handed, this is because they have already dropped of their leaf and are heading back to get more. The ants heading to the right have their leaf and are travelling to the end destination to drop it off. I thought it was so incredible to see all the ants working together and moving so quickly especially across the rope to retrieve the leafs. The rope actually goes through an indoor section of the zoo, so the rope is effectively above your head. In one part of the zoo it shows you were the rope joins and the pile of leafs etc is for them to get, and then when you follow the rope through, in another part of the zoo is where the ants live and put all their collected leaves. It was very fascinating to watch. What wonderful tiny creatures!

Adorable Pug puppy steals make-up bag 32s

Adorable Pug puppy steals make-up bag

Enkei the pug is coming up for two years old but in is only eight weeks old in this adorable throwback video, and here he is not enjoying not receiving any attention! When puppys are this young, all they want to do is play, nibble and sleep. Watch as Enkei tries to pull the beauty bag away from his owner so that she cannot continue doing what she is and has to give him attention over getting ready. This is one clever pug, and he certainly knows how to work his owners and get what he wants, attention! He is very strategic in his thinking even at such a young age, and he knows that in order to receive the much wanted attention during this time in the morning he has to steal what is being used, whether that be the brush, the wires or the beauty bag! As Nicola pulls the bag back towards her off Enkei, he doesn't give up and continues to pursue the make up bag, it makes getting ready in the morning almost impossible, as much as it is cheeky it is of course still so adorable! Even to this day, Enkei still likes to steal things whilst getting ready, just to get a chase or some attention, his newest thing is stealing the hair brush! He will occasionally run off and hide what he takes, cheeky Pug!