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What Are They Hiding Under Denver Airport? | The Conspiracy Files11m04s

What Are They Hiding Under Denver Airport? | The Conspiracy Files

Denver International Airport has been a hub for conspiracies since it’s opening more than 20 years ago. Over the years, it’s been accused of being home to the Illuminati, operating secret underground bunkers populated by aliens, and even that it’s controlled by Nazis. But why is there so much intrigue surrounding this airport? And is there really anything sinister going on? It’s time to open The Conspiracy Files…

The CIA's Declassified Psychic Spies5m37s

The CIA's Declassified Psychic Spies

I saw a fantastic documentary the other day and really wanted to share it with you. Robin presents an exclusive look at Third Eye Spies - available on all digital platforms on March 1st, 2019. Learn more about Third Eyes Spies! http://www.thirdeyespies.com http://wakinguniversefilms.com/

10 Best Jobs You Never Knew Existed8m46s

10 Best Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Everyone has a rough day (or a few) at their jobs, so lets make ourselves feel even worse by looking at this list of jobs that are better than our own and probably pay more! Here are 10 Best Jobs You Didn't Know Existed!