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The CIA's Declassified Psychic Spies5m37s

The CIA's Declassified Psychic Spies

I saw a fantastic documentary the other day and really wanted to share it with you. Robin presents an exclusive look at Third Eye Spies - available on all digital platforms on March 1st, 2019. Learn more about Third Eyes Spies! http://www.thirdeyespies.com http://wakinguniversefilms.com/

10 Best Jobs You Never Knew Existed8m46s

10 Best Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Everyone has a rough day (or a few) at their jobs, so lets make ourselves feel even worse by looking at this list of jobs that are better than our own and probably pay more! Here are 10 Best Jobs You Didn't Know Existed!

10 Astonishing Facts About X-Men2m28s

10 Astonishing Facts About X-Men

Which X-Man loves to relax by the pool in his hot pants? And which real-life hero was the inspiration for our favorite follically challenged professor? Prepare yourself for the mutants' return to the silver screen with these ten astonishing facts about X-Men.

10 Banned Kids TV Episodes9m48s

10 Banned Kids TV Episodes

When kids sit down to watch tv, you expect it to be well vetted and safe for everyone... But what happens when it all goes wrong? These are 10 Banned Kids TV Episodes!

Ten UFO Sightings Nobody Should Miss Watching 8m14s

Ten UFO Sightings Nobody Should Miss Watching

This video counts down the top ten UFO sightings and encounters from 2018. Most of us missed these, so this is beyond interesting! This year, the National UFO Recording Center reported a 55% decline in sightings since 2014. However, do not get too discouraged; a decline in sightings does not mean that they have stopped coming. The first example occurred in Baha, California. On January 11th, an unidentified woman was driving in the state of California when she spotted a mysterious object in the sky. She pulled over and filmed the UFO. Later on that day, the woman uploaded the video on YouTube. The image of the UFO appears and hovers for some time before moving away. Local expert Pedro Ramirez suggests that the video is evidence as to how aliens are monitoring human space and rocket activity. He also claimed that 2018 would be a critical year for UFO sightings. However, Scott Brando who runs a debunking website said that the object portrayed is actually more likely to be a helium balloon in the shape of a Star Wars Storm Trooper. That is actually commonly available to the public to be purchased, so this is a very believable and probable conclusion. Some may be disappointed with this assertion though. The entire world has gotten wrapped up in UFO sightings at some point in history. UFOs serve as a topic of interest for millions of people. This can sometimes cause a frenzy when a possible sighting or encounter has occurred. The next sighting was over the state of Arizona. Two pilots in two separate aircrafts saw an unidentified object flying past them at 30,000 feet. One of them checked with control to see if anything was on the radar. Control confirmed that something had passed over them, but they were not aware of what it was. The conclusion was made that it was unlikely to be a weather balloon according to the aircraft control. This encounter has still yet to be debunked or explained away. Number eight on the list is taken by the encounter that happened over the streets of India. If the UFO had been anywhere else in the city, it would have probably gone unnoticed. However, it flew right over the Prime Minister’s home. There is a strict “no fly policy” for the surrounding miles of the Minister’s home. Therefore, it was stated that it is highly unlikely and almost impossible for it to have been a civilian aircraft of any kind. This put security at the location on severe high alert. Authorities did a thorough sweep of the area; however, they discovered absolutely no evidence of anything. The most probable conclusion was that the UFO could have been a drone. The authorities cannot release more information on the problem due to security concerns. For decades, historians have flocked to the ancient lines in Peru in an attempt to understand and decipher the kilometer wide geoglyphs that are present. In June, something otherworldly was spotted. It remained motionless, which has brought speculation. Watch the video to see the rest of the sightings that have happened this year. Have you ever encountered a sighting like one in these video? If you have, comment below to share your story and get involved in the discussion. We would love to hear from you and know your story! Don’t forget to subscribe to Rumble for more list videos that will shock and entertain you.