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10 Greatest Star Wars Fan Theories9m37s

10 Greatest Star Wars Fan Theories

There's nothing Star Wars fans love more than a theory, and with the Last Jedi just around the corner, what better time to round up the greatest ones? Here's 10 Star Wars Fan Theories.

Are Aliens Hiding On The Moon?7m49s

Are Aliens Hiding On The Moon?

Transcripts from Apollo 11 suggest that Neil Armstrong saw something out of this world, up on the Moon. Recent photographs of the Moon's surface show objects that look decidedly unnatural... Is this evidence that aliens live on the Moon?

10 Most Dangerous Borders10m56s

10 Most Dangerous Borders

Some countries are easier to get into than others, and some are outright dangerous. Today Alltime10s takes you through the 10 Most Dangerous Borders in the world.