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Obedient Dog Is Running Errands Together With Owner39s

Obedient Dog Is Running Errands Together With Owner

A helping hand is always welcome, or should we say a helping paw in this case? Watch this cute clever dog going on a casual shopping trip to the supermarket with his owner, and even helping him carry home some of the groceries. This dog-owner decided to film his obedient dog in the act of helping him run the errands. This dog is sure helping around the household and is an equal member of the family. The dog doesn’t hesitate when asked to pick up a bag and carry it all the way home. The dog is filmed walking with the bag in his mouth for a long distance, starting from supermarket’s parking lot all the way to his home. This dog-owner taught his dog to run errands for him and the obedient four-legged friend sure lends a helping hand when it comes to carrying bags from the supermarket. When these two exit the supermarket, they each get a share of work. The dog is slowly picking up a light bag and then loyally follows throughout the supermarket’s parking lot, through the industrial area, and all the way back home. Once at home, the doggy is in for a very big surprise and a well-earned treat. We can assume that he was carrying his own dog food the entire time!

Published: November 4, 2017Updated: November 6, 20171,113 views
Cat Tries To Steal Food From Raccoon Best Friend27s

Cat Tries To Steal Food From Raccoon Best Friend

Raccoons are usually well known for sneaking up and stealing food every time they have the occasion. But what happens when they become the victim? Just watch what happens when this cat tries to steal some of the peanuts his buddy is enjoying. The result is adorable! The masked bandit is minding his own business, munching on some food his rescuers left for him on the floor. But his best friend, the domestic orange tabby cat thinks that the raccoon is getting too many privileges, so she just sits there and waits for her perfect moment to pounce on the professional! But you can’t trick the trickster, so the raccoon’s long and trained whiskers catch up on the feline’s unfriendly vibes, but instead of getting all ghetto on his copper friend, the raccoon gives the cat a gentle nibble on the top of her head, as a warning to steer clear from his food! At first the cat behaves like the trash panda’s accusations against her are false, but when she notices that her brother will not back down, she does the unthinkable - she coerces him into play! How dare she! That raccoon might look silly enough to be fooled, but be careful not to get fooled yourself, as they can be cunning little thieves and nothing will get past by them!

Published: October 12, 2017Updated: October 24, 20179,382 viewsVirality: 14%
Puppy and bunny playtime will melt your heart46s

Puppy and bunny playtime will melt your heart

Watch this puppy going nuts and running in circles of happiness after seeing a bunny rabbit for the first time in his life. This is how you make new friends. How adorable is that?

Published: September 5, 2017Updated: September 6, 201736,580 viewsVirality: 5%
Adorable Bunnies Groomed By Cat45s

Adorable Bunnies Groomed By Cat

Pets are amazing creatures that cannot help but to brighten up our lives. However, they can be a lot of hard work to raise but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the love and amazing memories that they bring into our lives. It seems that one such memory was created here with this adorable group of pets! Cats and bunnies are not usually friends in the wild, but here we have a totally different situation. Just watch this cat's best friends, the bunnies, waiting in a queue for him to groom them. Sometimes a relaxing massage is all you need after a long day! It seems that this group of bunnies have the life we all want, a day full of relaxation! This is really one adorable video. Who knew that cats and bunnies could be such great friends like this? What we do know is that this makes for one entertaining and adorable video. No wonder pet videos dominated the internet! Do your pets do anything like this? We would love to hear from you so please do not hesitate to leave your opinion down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile! This is one video that no one should miss!

Published: August 10, 2017Updated: August 11, 201727,773 views
Funny guy randomly starts dancing in a tram station 32s

Funny guy randomly starts dancing in a tram station

Have you ever felt this uncontrollable urge to dance, even if you are in a public place? This guy sure did! Spotted in a tram station around Budapest, this guy shows us that you can dance, even if you don't have music around. Let's make him famous!

Published: July 26, 2017Updated: July 27, 201727 views
Puppy discovers tennis ball, finds new favorite toy27s

Puppy discovers tennis ball, finds new favorite toy

Puppies are like kids - they like to eat, sleep and play, and whenever they do it they are incredibly adorable. Take for example this cute little Labrador puppy, playing with a ball along his brothers and mamma. Cuteness overloaded!

Published: July 8, 2017Updated: July 10, 201737,855 views
Lab puppy meets baby chicks for the first time15s

Lab puppy meets baby chicks for the first time

A baby’s first encounters are always adorable to watch. Infantile curiosity kicks in and everything is interesting. The baby can be scared of the encounter or left completely baffled and wanting for more. It seem this little Chocolate Labrador puppy is happy to meet his new friend - little baby chickens. The puppy looks eager to play with them, so it’s a good thing they are safe in their pen! What will happen on Easter? If you want your animals to be able to interact with each other peacefully, it is good to let them meet from a very young age. When the animals grow up, they will be able to play and protect each other without a hitch.

Published: June 14, 2017Updated: June 15, 201732,170 views
Massive flock of birds create incredible natural phenomena1m27s

Massive flock of birds create incredible natural phenomena

Mother Nature puts on an amazing show as an extremely large flock of birds fill the sky and fly around a port in Italy. The mere sight of this will leave you in awe. The entire scene really looks like being taken from a movie! As birds fly away, they form amazing shapes in the air, and it's a true wonder that they're all doing this so simultaneously! The shapes created by are simply stunning to witness. How they don't collide with each other is simply mind-blowing!

Published: May 8, 2017Updated: May 9, 201720,287 views
Dog Makes A Very Unusual Friend!55s

Dog Makes A Very Unusual Friend!

We bet you've never seen such an adorable friendship in the making, as this here in this hilarious video! This playful pooch has found himself a new best friend, and believe it or not, it's a bunny! Wandering around the yard, doggy finds something strangely moving around, when he realizes it's alive! And it's a bun! So he starts chasing it all over the place, and looks like he's begging this little guy to play with him! Bun needs no persuasion at all, as he accepts the challenge and starts running around immediately! Isn't this just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Who knew that a big dog and such a little bunny could be such good play-mates together! It just goes to show you that unexpected friendships could come from anywhere! This is a precious video that should not be missed by anyone! These two look like they are having so much fun with one another. Maybe the dog will even share some of it's dog toys with the bunny to have even more fun! Please share this adorable video with your family and friends as they will surely not want to miss this! So sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing video!

Published: March 23, 20171,946,135 views
Weirdo dog walks up stairs backwards19s

Weirdo dog walks up stairs backwards

For whatever reason, this funny dog decides that the best way to get up the stairs is to walk backwards! Can anyone explain this behavior?

Published: March 10, 2017Updated: March 16, 201722,961 viewsVirality: 10%
Old dog bonds with new husky puppy56s

Old dog bonds with new husky puppy

Watch this cute little puppy trying to make a new friend. When he finally gets this elderly dog's attention, what follows is pure cuteness. Just check it out for yourself!

Published: January 13, 2017Updated: January 16, 201727,593 viewsVirality: 18%
Cargo ship sings Star Wars theme song49s

Cargo ship sings Star Wars theme song

The MSC, one of the largest cargo ships in the world, is seen here entering into the Hamburg harbor in Germany. If that's not impressive enough though, listen to the song it plays as it rolls in. What an entrance!

Published: August 18, 2015Updated: December 7, 2016409,293 viewsVirality: 1%
Stunt plane takes off from Erzsébet Bridge in Budapest24s

Stunt plane takes off from Erzsébet Bridge in Budapest

Watch Péter Besenyei, a Hungarian aerobatics pilot and world champion air racer, fly a plane right off the Erzsébet bridge in Budapest. This footage was shoot during the Great Race II organized in Budapest. How cool is that?

Published: October 30, 2016Updated: October 31, 201612,975 viewsVirality: 25%
Eerie footage of approaching storm clouds51s

Eerie footage of approaching storm clouds

What's the first thing that comes into your head when you see these apocalyptic images? Check out these heavy storm clouds take over the city. That's definitely the calm before the storm.

Published: August 26, 201661,356 viewsVirality: 19%
Cute puppies first interaction with the pool15s

Cute puppies first interaction with the pool

Do you remember your first time in a pool as a kid? Were you also scared? Watch the reaction of this cute labrador puppy, falling accidentally into the pool. Isn't it just adorable?

Published: August 22, 2016Updated: August 23, 20161,081 views
Cute labrador puppies playing in nature39s

Cute labrador puppies playing in nature

Watch this super cute labrador puppies, as they enjoy their playing time outside the nature. Isn't it, that we should do that more often as well? Cuteness overloaded!

Published: July 26, 2016Updated: August 9, 20165,488 viewsVirality: 2%