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This Baby's First Taste Of Lemon Was A Very Sour Experience15s

This Baby's First Taste Of Lemon Was A Very Sour Experience

Babies are cute and funny little creatures. They make people happy and their honest and expressive nature says it all. If you are feeling blue, watch this video and make sure that it will brighten your soul. This adorable <a href=" " target="_blank">baby</a> is trying his first ever lemon and could not help but visibly cringe at its taste. While he is sitting in his feeding chair, his mom and dad are behind the camera and cannot stop laughing. The sour face this baby is pulling is not just hilarious but it will make you rethink whether lemons are indeed the most acidic fruit among the citrus fruits. Of course, he is allowed to taste this fruit just for the fun of it. Obviously, his parents do not expect him to like the citrus fruit straight away, but what they do expect is a comedy show that will enlighten the day. Immediately after the <a href=" " target="_blank">citrus</a> touch the baby’s lips and has experienced the new taste sensation, he pulled such a revolting face as if he is tasting the most horrible fruit on the planet. But despite appearing to find the lemon a little too bitter, he finds the strength to smile. Maybe it is because we can hear his parents giggling as they watch this little baby’s reaction to the extremely citric fruit. Needless to say, it involves a lot of grimacing and arm waving. The most interesting part comes at the end when he looks at their parents and tries to force a smile suggesting that he will never trust his parents again!