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Precious newborn bunny sleeping in the palm of a hand46s

Precious newborn bunny sleeping in the palm of a hand

With her adorable baby taking a nap in the palm of a hand, Nono looks over her newborn bunny and gives her a cleaning! Now that's a precious moment. Adorable baby bunny takes long desired nap in owner's palm, and our hearts are literally melting at the sight of it! This cute little baby bun was obviously tired, and it can finally take the much deserved nap. Just look at that precious face! It's literally melting with joy as daddy showers it with kisses. We're all hoping it'll have a much better sleep after this nurturing treatment!

Chinchilla Takes Her Baby Shopping!2m53s

Chinchilla Takes Her Baby Shopping!

Shopping for a baby chinchilla? How about getting a trained chinchilla to take care of that for you? Be careful though, baby chinchillas don't like staying in the shopping cart for too long!

Cute Sleepy Baby Bunny2m44s

Cute Sleepy Baby Bunny

One cute baby bunny, then two cute baby Holland Lop bunnies make themselves comfortable in the warmth of my hands and fall asleep. The bunnies then snuggle together on the soft furry carpet.