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The Camp of Joy 19s

The Camp of Joy

A group of lego friends have fun camping at Church Lake Nova Scotia. Eight year old Severn's vision of fun times camping on a lego Island at his home in Nova Scotia. Three friends sit around a fire enjoying life and the beautiful scenery, then the fire goes out and it's time for bed. As the sun sets and the crickets chirp, the three buddies lie down for a night's sleep.

Unidentified Flying Stikbot 6s

Unidentified Flying Stikbot

While out flying in my plane the other day, I encountered my first UFO. I didn't see it, but the action camera on the wing picked it up....

Right vs. Wrong way to run a waterfall in a canoe1m00s

Right vs. Wrong way to run a waterfall in a canoe

Here's how to run a waterfall in a canoe, the right way and the wrong way. This kayaker at Bears Falls does it once successfully, but let his guard drop the second time and picked the wrong "line". The results are evident!

Published: February 6, 2018284 views
Rocket Launch "Cape Canaveral" North 3m12s

Rocket Launch "Cape Canaveral" North

Winter is an unusual time of year for rockets, but the weather finally broke to calm winds and reasonable ceilings, so we decided it was time to take out the rockets for some fun. The right low angle shots gave us some hyper-realistic angles on the take offs and we gained some serious height.

Published: February 4, 201811 views
Monster Jam 4m12s

Monster Jam

My 10 year old son goes absolutely crazy over the Monster Truck show at the Skydome stadium, he's the biggest fan in the place. "He's gonna do it, He's gonna do it...."

Published: July 13, 2017121 views
Boy and dog 22s

Boy and dog

On a lazy summer afternoon, there's nothing much better than chilling out with a friend. A foot makes a great chin rest, too.

Published: July 10, 201731 views
Modern Day Pirates 1m20s

Modern Day Pirates

An annual face off on the Halifax harbourfront involves cute pirates and water, no gunpowder needed for this pirate battle. Kids, water guns and tall ships are all that's needed for a fun day on the water.

Crazed Arctic Zombies 1m00s

Crazed Arctic Zombies

It is winter, it is cold and desolate, but two zombies (played by adorable children) fight to the death on the arctic wastes. Who will reign victorious? This was inspired by a snow fort... and the story grew from there.

Worlds biggest rubber ducky13s

Worlds biggest rubber ducky

On a paddle of Lake Ontario, our family sees the usual boats and waterfront sites, but then we come across the world's largest rubber ducky...

Family documents inspiring baby sparrow rescue1m39s

Family documents inspiring baby sparrow rescue

A juvenile sparrow showed up hungry and aggressively begging for food. These loving people fed him and helped him for a couple of days before he went on his way. Awesome! The family housed the little bird in a box overnight, to keep him away from predators and fed him some hamburger. The timid bird looked quite at ease with the human, seeing how it sits on the palm of the man's hand and chirps. The birdie felt better the next day so they let him go, but he came back for some more food for two days after. He would just casually sit on the box he was housed in and waited for the humans to hand feed him some bread. The young fledgling kept coming to his human rescuers' house, probably feeling quite at home, but here are a few things you should know, if you ever do come across a fallen bird. First, make sure that it is actually an orphan. If you find the bird under a tree and it has no feathers, then it is a nestling and it probably fell from the tree you found it under; check for a nest. If it does have feathers on it, then it is a juvenile fledgling and you should leave it there, unless you fear predators, in which case just perch it on a branch to be safe. Taking care of a wild bird is a tedious task, one better taken care of by a professional. So in case you do find a fallen or injured bird, make sure to bring it to your local wildlife shelter.

Published: June 26, 201712,144 views