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Needy Dog Barks At Canine Sister For Attention19s

Needy Dog Barks At Canine Sister For Attention

Being denied attention from a friend can be really heartbreaking, especially when said friend is also hoarding your bed! How dare she turn her head from you, while also lying in the middle of your favorite nap place? She should get a piece of your mind and loudly! It seems that Nala found the bed first and she wanted to take some down time in it, but her adopted sister Dolly Sue wanted to play. So the brown pup circled around her sister in an attempt to gain her attention , but all her efforts went down the drain. To top off Nala’s blatantly ignoring her sister, she is also not moving from the dog bed and that just made Dolly angry. How dare she usurp the spot? Now Dolly wants to get in that bed as well, but seeing how both of them are grown up, there’s space for just one. Who will it be? Dolly circles her sister in the bed with a wagging tail, hoping Nala will notice that Dolly, too, wants in. So when the wagging tail, the wide puppy-dog eyes and the silent whimper didn’t help, she did what any dog would do in her situation. She barked at her clueless sister. The bark scared Nala out of her fluffy comfort spot, so she jumps and runs away, ears plastered to the back of her head. Their owner, recording the whole thing, laughs her heart out at her silly pups. “Dolly! That’s not nice” she scolds the attention-seeking pup, who bows her head in remorse. Now no one gets to lie in the bed.

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