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Adorable Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats Are Dressed Up As Minions 31s

Adorable Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats Are Dressed Up As Minions

Ever Since 'Despicable Me' came out, we have fallen in love with minions. They are so cute and so entertaining to watch. Is there anything better than minions? Baby Goats dressed as Minions! It doesn't get much more adorable than this! The baby Nigerian Dwarf goats at Denmans Critters are at it again with another absolutely adorably dress-up day! Lucky for us, we get to see the precious goats dressed up as minions! You can't even tell they're goats, they could definitely use this minion costume for halloween, awesome! Baby Nigerian Dwarf goats are a breed of West African ancestry. They are popular as pets and family milkers because they are very small and don't have a lot of maintenance. They are very gentle and are easily trainable. They are also great visitor animals when it comes to visiting a hospital or a nursing home because they are small in size. They love children and like to spend time with them. These baby goats are adorable! Hopefully they enjoy their super cool costumes! Check out this video of precious baby goats dressed up as minions! Have you ever seen animals dressed up in costumes before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Newborn Baby Chick Just Wants To Be Held25s

Newborn Baby Chick Just Wants To Be Held

We know dogs love to be held, we know that cats (occasionally) like to be held, but a baby chicken? The image doesn’t compute in our minds, but after seeing this adorable clip, we think we want one. Or a few dozen. At only a few hours old, this incredibly sweet Serama chick cries out for some tender love and care. Notice what happens immediately after climbing into the loving hand of user 'britneydenman92'. Have you ever seen such a precious moment? The colorful <a href=" " target="_blank">chick</a> sits in front of the camera in the middle of the table and keeps chirping, until Britney’s hand descends to pick it up. As soon as the tiny chicken feels the warmth of her hand, it instantly calms down. That is so neat, isn’t it? Serama originate in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, apparently through the crossing of Japanese and Malaysian bantams. Other stories of the birds derived from a gift of some small chickens by the King of Thailand to a local sultan in ancient times. Small chickens have always been popular pets in this area and are often referred to as "ayam katik" (pygmy chickens) and "ayam cantik" (pretty chickens). The modern breed is attributed to the efforts of Wee Yean Een from Kelantan, who named the breed "Serama" after Rama, the title of the Kings of Thailand. The breed was first exhibited in 1990. The breed was hit hard by the Asian bird flu epidemic in 2004 when many birds were culled amid government concerns.

Adorable dwarf goat models various hairstyles35s

Adorable dwarf goat models various hairstyles

Peppa Lass (a nigerian dwarf goat) is fashionable, and up to date with the latest trends. She loves her picture taken and always poses for the camera. And like most sisters, she doesn't like to share the spotlight with her younger sibling, Liddy Bug, a Muntjac deer. Adorable!

Patient dog entertains baby goat41s

Patient dog entertains baby goat

Peppa Lass is a little Nigerian Dwarf goat who clearly has found a best friend in Duchess the dog. Watch as Peppa Lass energetically plays, bumps, and even jumps on top of Duchess. Now that is a precious moment! Credit to 'britneydenman92'.

Secret to a long and healthy life?46s

Secret to a long and healthy life?

If you ask what the secret is to a long and healthy life, some might say that it’s a good, alkaline diet. Others might tell you to avoid stress and make sure you exercise regularly. Some might even tell you that having a glass of red wine a day makes for a healthy body and spirit. This 93-year-old great-great-grandmother has another recipe for a long life. Her favorite song is 'Achy Breaky Heart' by Billy Ray Cyrus and even in her fragile years, Grandma can boogie like she’s in her twenties! Go grandma! Well, there you have it folks! If you want to live to see a ripe age of 93, just crank the stereo to some Billy Ray and dance away!

Precious baby goat dressed as a deer17s

Precious baby goat dressed as a deer

Now this is an adorable sight that will bring a smile to your face! Watch as Peppa Lass, a Nigerian Dwarf goat, shows off on her favorite deer costume for the camera! Check out 'Denmans Critters' for more.

Baby goat relaxes in pajamas22s

Baby goat relaxes in pajamas

Peppa Lass the baby goat seems to be in a very cozy situation. When you get breakfast in bed there's no need to get out of your pajamas! Credit to 'britneydenman92'.