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Silly Giant Dog Thinks The Table Is Enough To Hide Him41s

Silly Giant Dog Thinks The Table Is Enough To Hide Him

We all have that one difficult memory from our childhood that is in some way connected to medicine. Either it was some tough cough syrup, or some foul smelling ointment that our parents had to put on that itchy spot on our backs, or some other, probably homemade remedy that stung and itched but we weren’t supposed to touch it. What did we do? We hid under beds and blankets and into closets, in the hopes that our parents will forget about it. Oh, how naive we were. We grew out of that phase and embraced the fact that the medicine that works will never smell or taste good anyway. But it is difficult to tell a grown-up dog that the thing we give them or apply to them is not terrible at all. In our eyes, our dogs will forever be just big, furry babies and, naturally, they will try and hide wherever they think they are safe from that nasty thing you want to give them. Sometimes it works, others...well, just watch Brim the mastiff heard his owner say something about his foot medication and decided to hide so that she couldn't possibly find him! Since he is quite big, under the couch is not going the fit him and he can’t open the closet doors. The only solution left is for him to scoot under the dining room table . There is just one problem though - he is so big, his owner could see him from across the street! Still, she keeps her good humor and teases brim about not being able to see him. Because, deep down, Brim is just a big baby!