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Huge Newfoundland goes crazy before bedtime1m04s

Huge Newfoundland goes crazy before bedtime

Samson the 160 pound Newfoundland has a chaotic habit of getting the “zoomies” right before bed. Watch the family take cover as he rips through the house only to end it in the most snuggle ready position! Awww Samson!

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Newfoundland chasing his tail moves furniture with ease33s

Newfoundland chasing his tail moves furniture with ease

Samson the 160 pound Newfoundland doesn't seem to be aware of his size or his surroundings. His owners often find chairs, lounges, rugs and even tables in different locations. Does he have a knack for interior design? We aren't sure but he seems to rearrange the furniture quite a bit. Samson seems to be in favor of a very open concept so he can freely chase his tail! Oh Samson!

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Huge Newfoundland gets excited for story time37s

Huge Newfoundland gets excited for story time

Eight year old Sierra wanted to tell a bedtime story to her 160 pound puppy named Samson. Samson was so excited about the story that he forgot to listen to it all! Sierra is starting to understand how 2 year olds don’t have attention spans long enough to follow a whole story. Good try Sierra, at least he seemed to love the beginning!

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Massive Newfoundland moves furniture with tug-of-war match1m05s

Massive Newfoundland moves furniture with tug-of-war match

This has to be the most intense game of tug-of-war ever! Forty-five pound Sierra confidently takes on one hundred and sixty pound Samson the Newfoundland in an epic battle for the brown blankie. Sierra's Mom is amazed when Sierra manages to hold on as Samson literally moves her and the entire chaise lounge she is using for leverage. It looks almost like a strong man competition, but more adorable. Sierra held her own for a long time out of sheer determination but Samson is still the king of tug of war. So funny!

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Massive Newfoundland completely blocks bathroom entrance23s

Massive Newfoundland completely blocks bathroom entrance

When you think about getting a giant breed dog like a Newfoundland shown here, being blocked from the restroom may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you ask the owners of large breed dogs, there are many unexpected and hilarious issues that happen. Here, little Sierra shows us a play by play on how a simple task turns into a nearly impossible one because of an adorable sleepy bear dog named Samson. So cute!

Loon and fish engage in epic battle for survival1m17s

Loon and fish engage in epic battle for survival

Loons are known to dive deep and fast and skillfully catch fish to eat. They can swim underwater for long periods of time unlike other similar water fowl. The video captured here shows a beautiful loon first beating down the catch and then after a fighting for a while, the fish seems to give up. This allows the loon to position this large fish so the loon can unbelievably swallow it whole. Watch as you can see the loon's neck completely expand as the wide fish goes down. After the battle is complete, there is a quick pause and then the loon seems to call out a victory "wooooo". What an amazing bird!

Time lapse captures variety of tumultuous weather38s

Time lapse captures variety of tumultuous weather

Have you ever heard the term, "If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes?" Here is an amazing time lapse video showing that statement can hold a great deal of truth. Three different storms roll through this beautiful scenery while calm and even some sun break through in the middle. The winds change direction and the incredible clouds rush by showing the awe of nature. This video was taken in Northern Minnesota, where there can be very volatile weather. What a great day to catch on a time lapse!

Beautiful Time Lapse Footage Of Northern Minnesota39s

Beautiful Time Lapse Footage Of Northern Minnesota

Are you having a stressful day? Take a moment and enjoy the rolling clouds of a beautiful serene day in Northern Minnesota. This time-lapse video was taken on a beautiful day during the summer. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last long here and the harsh winter comes quickly and stays for a long time. But, thanks to videos, we can enjoy this beautiful summer day whenever we want. Enjoy! Clouds seem to take on a life of their own in this time-lapse landscape drama from Minnesota. Where still life painters capture a single frame of the essence of a scene, in this dynamic interlude we see that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. The earth breathes, moves, is alive. Everything has its own frequency. The sky is a low vibration, where the wind slowly pushes white cotton candy across a thick layer of the atmosphere. The surface of the water rings like a bell in shorter wavelengths. Docked watercraft sway mesmerizingly to and fro, like the pendulum of a wall clock. Imperceptibly slower is the very blue sky, itself, which seems not at all to change, and yet we know it must eventually give way to an orange sunset. The lowest vibration is the trees, solidly and unchangingly still and green. But, what if this time-lapse captured the entire cycle of the year? Would we not also see the change in them? Orchestrated together, it is a world symphony. We are transfixed by the dreamy scene, and yet the dream too quickly ends here. Even the video author concedes that summer is a vapid dream in the north. The colors and shades are very subtle. Maybe some of us are drawn to different parts of the composition. I like the clouds, with their creamy textures and variation from white to dark gray. You may be drawn to the water, with its moving surface that reflects the sky . We see that the lake even seems to move more quickly than the sky reflected upon its surface. Sunlight spray paints the green trees on the horizon, which was green, then wan black, according to the whims of the moving clouds. The scene is therapeutic, inducing a hypnotic calm that temporarily shuts out the noise from a tumultuous world outside our urban windows. In this way, a good nature video is not only artistic but may even be medicinal. Try to imagine such a scene while wearing virtual goggles. Not every virtual world need be a violent dystopia . Give us more of this! We can only achieve such a composition with good equipment. A camera with video capability and high volume memory chip is needed, but it must have a setting that allows automatic snapshot at regular, predetermined intervals. The camera is, no doubt, mounted to a sturdy tripod. We hope the camera is either weatherproof or covered by some protector. The camera artist here certainly demonstrates the gift of the presentation itself. We hope this person pursues the craft with fastidious diligence. Perhaps the genre only attracts a small target audience, but even niche audiences have a right to enjoy what they prefer to enjoy. This is subtle, introspective drama, which contrasts so oppositely to the near slapstick of funny and cute animal videos. No need to explain our preferences, and there is no need to apologize. Not everybody will be enamored of a tranquil lake scene, but for those of us who are, watching is its own reward.

Newfoundland learns to bring item from child to mom23s

Newfoundland learns to bring item from child to mom

Samson the 160 pound Newfoundland dog has learned to bring items from his little best friend Sierra to her mom. This uses different skills than simple retrieving because he is not returning it to the same person. Samson is only two years old but gaining much understanding and also enjoys doing tasks like this because he is a working breed and thrives when he is given jobs. Before taking the item to Mom, Samson was dutifully watching Sierra in the pool and is always in that position when she swims. Although he has not been trained yet, this breed is known for their water rescue and hopefully someday Samson will be an expert water rescue dog. For now, his instincts seem to be enough for him to know to keep an eye on his best friend. That is, when he isn’t sidetracked by Mom asking him to bring her things!

Little girl reunites with huge puppy after summer vacation26s

Little girl reunites with huge puppy after summer vacation

After a long summer vacation away from her best friend, Sierra was reunited with her 160 pound Newfoundland dog Samson. You can tell they are both so happy to be together again and that they missed each other very much. Even though Samson is a gigantic dog, he is so gentle with Sierra, and she has no fear of him whatsoever. What a pair!

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Angry hummingbird headbutts other hummingbird at feeder9s

Angry hummingbird headbutts other hummingbird at feeder

It's a tough world for competing hummingbirds. They are often seen chasing each other like fighter jets through yards. While they chase each other a lot, it's rare to actually see them make contact. Watch these two come to blows after spending the morning chasing the other away from the feeder. Thankfully, they are both unharmed and continued to chase each other throughout the day. Amazing!

Guinea Pig Whistles And Chirps For The Camera47s

Guinea Pig Whistles And Chirps For The Camera

If you ever ask a small child what kind of pet they would want, they will probably answer something along the lines of “kitty” or “puppy”. Our guess is because this is something they can easily interact with - take them out for walks, or hug and cuddle them all day long. But kids are too young to understand the extent of the care necessary for such a pet and it is also probably why parents rarely decide it is a good idea to get their children a pet like that. If only folks knew how incredibly easy it is to look after a guinea pig. Sure, they are part of the rodent family and when you say “rodent”, folks automatically think of sewer rats. In reality, they are some of the cleanest little rodents out there. Not to mention how incredibly easy it is for kids to take cleaning after their own pet in their own little hands. And without the parents having to do all those hard yards! Brenda Green from Rancho Palos Verdes, California has two big dogs of her own, Samson and Sebastian the Newfoundlands. The two big little dogs are best buds with her daughter Sienna. But the big family also has one very tiny, squeaky little member - Ginger the Guinea pig. She is equally as friendly and cuddly as the two black dogs, with one exception. She makes far less of a mess than they do. Oh, and she chirps like a birdie whenever she feels content. See if the dogs can chirp like that! If you ever considered owning one of these adorable little balls of fluff, you should know that communication is crucial with them, as their sense of vision is far worse than humans’, especially in terms of distance. That is why it is crucial to understand the several types of sounds these animals make, in order to ensure a solid understanding with your pet. Guinea pigs are known to make a total of seven distinct sounds: A wheek or a whistle, which is a loud expression of general excitement as a response to the presence of their owner. It is directed exclusively towards humans, as scientists have found that guinea pigs never make that sound in the wild. Domesticated individuals have “learned” to make this sound because they depend on their humans for pellets or treats. They might also when lost and in need of assistance. A guinea pig may also make a purring sound, like when pet or simply held. They might also make this sound when grooming, investigating for new places or when food is given. When super excited, guinea pigs have been known to do a movement adorably named “popcorning” - they make tiny jumps in the air as if they were kernels! How cute is that? When scared, they make rumbling sounds, while shaking their bodies. It is a sound normally related to dominance within a group. When they look to warn another individual within a group, they will gnash their teeth together, makes a chattering sound, and raise their heads higher. Baby guinea pigs have been known to chirp when asking for food, a sound they can make for several minutes at a time. In adults, it is a sign of stress or discomfort.

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Newfoundland utterly annoyed by his owner1m10s

Newfoundland utterly annoyed by his owner

Samson's owner tries to convince him not to rip the head off of his toy. The response from Samson is clear - don't be a downer! Even his friend Sierra chimes in, calling out her Mom and being a voice for Samson. Samson quickly turns from being annoyed to pouting in this heartwarming clip. Oh the drama!

Cute girl and her doggy strike adorable poses1m05s

Cute girl and her doggy strike adorable poses

Sierra and her giant Newfoundland dog do everything together. Today, it looks like they have decided to try modeling. Sierra is more interested in this activity, but Samson seems to also play along. Hilarious!

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Little Girl And Giant Dog Play Handball Together55s

Little Girl And Giant Dog Play Handball Together

Living with us in mega-cities or in small villages, on the sea, in the desert and even in space or on the North Pole, they march along, leaving 4 paw traces, our friends - dogs. They are glorified in legends since days ancient as being more faithful than people and remain close in perilous times. There are volumes of poems inspired by and devoted to them, monuments erected in their remembrance and the never-fading memories we cherish of growing up with our first dog. This is exactly what the video on the top of the page is all about – dogs and children. Watch! Among other things, people love to show off with their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of the top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. This is why we decided to show you a darling little video of how those early childhood memories with your best dog and pall are being made. This video, folks is something that Sierra, our blond heroine will cherish all her life. It’s a well-known fact that most of the pet dogs get along with kids really well! But have you ever seen one who loves to play with the kids so much that he would even learn the rules of handball? LOL! We know how silly that sounds, but it’s true! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! Sierra has decided her dream is to be a handball champion. As we see in the video, she may need some more practice. However, Samson - her gigantic pupy - is right there to play with and coach her to her dreams. That is, if he doesn’t eat the ball! Samson is not aware oh his humongous size and moves around Sierra with the ease of a 6-month pup! But they move in such synchrony that we can definitely decide these two, the large hairy one and the tiny cute one, are a match made in heaven! And, to finish up here are the wise words of Napoleon Bonaparte: “If you do not like dogs, you do not like loyalty; you do not love those who are faithful to you, therefore, you cannot be faithful.” If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!!

Little girl stopped from leaving by her huge puppy27s

Little girl stopped from leaving by her huge puppy

Sierra explains that as she attempted to leave the room her huge Newfoundland dog tried to stop her by putting his head on her foot. Newfoundland’s love to be around people but they are also sometimes lazy, so simply plopping his head on her foot is a great Newfoundland strategy. Hilarious!

Huge puppy 32s

Huge puppy "makes waves" learning how to swim

Samson is only 2 and has little swimming experience, but he really takes the plunge in this video. Samson makes huge splashes trying to figure out his swimming stride and making sure to fetch his toy. Newfoundland dogs like Samson usually have a smoother and more natural swimming stroke, but Samson is still learning and will certainly become a more confident and skilled swimmer as he continues to practice. Good Boy Samson!

Funny Newfoundland plays hide-and-seek with little girl1m59s

Funny Newfoundland plays hide-and-seek with little girl

Samson seems to rely more on his eyes than his nose when finding his best friend Sierra. He can see her through the window and gets excited, but becomes confused when he comes inside and seems to think she has vanished. Don’t worry Samson, we are sure you will become an expert at this game someday!

Little girl would rather perform than go to school2m02s

Little girl would rather perform than go to school

Sierra usually takes her time getting in the car to go to school. She would rather dance, sing, or... act out a miming scene! As her perplexed mom and dog look on, Sierra tells a story and it actually works for a while as mom (and dog) try to figure out what in the world she is doing! Hilarious!

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Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End1m48s

Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End

There is a form of silliness in every dog out there, be it big or small. Dogs never let go of their playful nature and make sure to always let it shine. Be it a squirrel, a bunch of autumn leaves, or just the sweet companionship of their owners, they will let that side of them loose and play like it is the best day ever! Smaller dogs are cute when they go loco during play time. But when you see a big pooch like Samson over here getting silly with something as mundane as a pool cover, then it is roll-on-the-ground hilarious! Apparently, sweet little Samson doesn’t want pool time to end. He really does love that pool. So when his owner went to pull out the cover over the pool, he didn’t want it to go! In fact, he has discovered he has a power to stop his owner from closing the pool. And boy, is he loving this new power! The machine that operates the tarp notices that there is an obstruction on its way and stops, beeping to notify its operator that something is amiss. She is right there though and she scolds the naughty Newfoundland to get off the rails. Samson whines in reply, asking his owner not to close the pool. Sometimes though Samson will make good use of the pool cover , even when it is in its place. He probably loves how bouncy it is and the sloshing sound it makes. He will take every opportunity he can get to get on that new toy of his, even if that means to get a stark scolding from his owner.

Dog Insists On Rescuing Little Girl Who Swims Carelessly In Pool32s

Dog Insists On Rescuing Little Girl Who Swims Carelessly In Pool

Surely you remember Nana, the fictional Newfoundland employed as a nanny by the Darling family in Peter Pan? It's true that the author’s fictional account of sweet-natured Nana as a round-the-clock babysitter stretches reality a bit. However, there is truth in his characterization of the dog. The Newfoundland really is a sweet dog who loves children. He's naturally gentle and friendly with them, as well as protective. Samson is a Newfoundland , known for his water rescue instincts, especially when it comes to children. Samson is still young and hasn’t been trained for water rescue yet but he knows something should be done here. He decides to bring his owner a float, hoping she will toss it to little Sierra in the pool. Once Samson gets more comfortable in the water, he will likely jump in and get Sierra out himself! Though Samson is a strong swimmer, Sierra doesn’t need rescuing. She is enjoying herself splashing and swimming in the pool. Sierra is so happy that she fills the air with shrieks of delight. However, Samson still thinks that she is in some kind of danger so he unstoppingly hovers around the pool. This wonderful family companion is so concerned for his little friend that he even barks at her as a warning sign of the “impending doom”. Enjoy swimming while you can Sierra! All dogs have the potential for heroism, but it seems to be a hardwired into this naturally strong swimmer. There are many accounts of Newfoundlands rescuing people from the cold waters of the Atlantic following a shipwreck or plucking children from icy deep water - just in time. Regardless of the purpose of the Newfoundland in your life, be it worker or companion, he will no doubt capture your heart.

Huge dog blocks owner, then complains1m07s

Huge dog blocks owner, then complains

Samson has assumed his sleeping guard position and when his owner tries to get through the gate, he tries to ignore her efforts. This is a common occurrence and he must think blocking the gate is more dutiful than letting even Mom onto the property. Her efforts fail over and over even though she seems to be using force in pushing open the gate. Finally, Samson stands up and moves out of the way. When his owner apologizes and asks if she woke him up, he quickly murmured insinuating she certainly did. Hilarious!

Little girl makes backyard obstacle course for her dog1m54s

Little girl makes backyard obstacle course for her dog

Sierra decided it would be fun to create her own obstacle course for her giant Newfoundland puppy Samson. Samson is always willing to work or play when treats are involved. Things don't go perfectly on his first try but it's still very impressive and totally adorable watching these two try new things. Maybe we'll see this show on tour someday!