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These Puppy Siblings Like To Nap With Arms Around Each Other2m02s

These Puppy Siblings Like To Nap With Arms Around Each Other

What would the world look like without siblings? Sure, we would have all the love and attention from our parents, but a sibling can offer and different kind of love and attention, something that not even a friend can replace. That is why we are convinced that this video will definitely melt your heart! Watch as these two puppies, named Tuto and Juj, enjoy an adorable cuddle with one another. How cute is that? The two sweet pups are laying down for a nap with their front legs wrapped around each other and one is giving the other kisses. Awww! Just when you think that there can not be anything cuter than a video of just puppies running around, something like this comes up and we forget our names! What were we saying?....Ah, yes. Anyway, this is proof that everyone needs a little more companionship. Sure, we are always here for our pets, but are we really? When we leave home for work, our pets are left alone. Some breeds take it hared than others, but it is still difficult for them. So if you have a puppy or kitty that you leave alone every time you go out, consider getting it a companion of it's own! Everybody will be happier! Speaking of cuddling, you have to see this adorable trio! We have never seen a dog and a cat cuddle with a baby at the same time! That is so precious!

Published: September 24, 201418,852 plays$31.51 earned
Wild goose fascinated by presence of baby30s

Wild goose fascinated by presence of baby

Maybe this goose has never seen a child before, or maybe it's just trying to make a new friend. Either way it comes eerily close to this little girl for a better look. The sound effects are too funny!

Published: April 18, 20161,574 plays$3.66 earned
Cutest way possible to wake a baby?44s

Cutest way possible to wake a baby?

A precious moment is captured on camera when a father decides to gently wake up his daughter in the most adorable way ever. Watch her smile in her sleep in this incredibly heartwarming clip!

Published: March 29, 20163,637 plays$2.91 earned
Cuddling puppies enjoy a moment31s

Cuddling puppies enjoy a moment

This adorable moment will definitely bring a smile to your face! Watch as Tutu, Juju, and Popsi comfortably cuddle with one another while enjoying a nice day out in the backyard. How cute is that?

Published: October 19, 20141,164 plays$3.52 earned