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Tiny Kitten Adorably Dances With Her Owner29s

Tiny Kitten Adorably Dances With Her Owner

Every species’ babies are adorable in their own way, but we have to say that, hands down, kittens are the most adorable baby animal in the world! With their squeaks and those itsy bitsy pawsies and their first purrs, kittens can be just a little bit too much to handle. Also, when they are this tiny, they love to be swaddled up like furry little burritos. For some kittens that have had the luck of being pared up with their perfect human, they have also been chosen for greatness. Some kittens are lazy and careless and don't prefer getting of the couch or their cuddle spot, however this doesn't go to say that all kittens are like that. Some of them even like getting of their tiny tushes and wagging their tail around. In this specific case we have just the right kitten. As soon as its owner gets up and turns on the cd player and music starts playing in the background they both start moving and shaking it across the living room. This is quite the unique video due to the fact that kittens actually like dancing and enjoy music. Check out this precious 6-month-old kitten as she dances alongside her owner in the cutest fashion ever. Well, is it dancing or feet-attacking?