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Check Out This Bear With A Blue Head49s

Check Out This Bear With A Blue Head

Nature sure is beautiful. You never know what you're going to see with regards to animals. Every day is a new adventure! A black bear with a mysterious blue shade on its head was spotted by photographer Aaron Smith on September 1st, 2015 after he spotted it while driving on Highway 7 in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. The photographer called the British Columbia Conservation Service to inform them that the bear might need some kind of attention, but the service informed him not to engage the bear. According to conservation officer Paul McFadden, the bear was probably doing a bear thing, looking for food in someone’s garbage, found a spray can thinking it was food and it blew up. Or maybe she dipped her head in a bucket of paint, or it was someone’s way into scaring the bear from coming into their yard. The bear seemed otherwise completely fine, foraging for food with her cub, so the blue dye will grow out and fall off naturally, eventually. Although this black bear is very unique, it is important not to engage it. These types of animals are dangerous and it is best to admire from a distance, just like this bystander did.

Published: September 3, 20151,742,594 views