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Cat Gets A Stern Look By A Dog Because It Is Playing With Its Toys16s

Cat Gets A Stern Look By A Dog Because It Is Playing With Its Toys

Koi the kitty is an opportunist that loves to steal his canine buddy's toys whenever he gets a chance. Watch the cat’s reaction as he realizes he has been caught! This video footage is priceless. Wait until you see the cat’s reaction to being caught red handed with the dog’s toy! When Koi the fluffy tabby kitty finds his puppy brother’s toy, he goes crazy with excitement, rolling around on the floor, chewing on the toy like a maniac. He would never be this rough with one of his own toys, and relishes in the fact that the dog will never know if he played with it! As he is excitedly rough housing with the stuffed animal, using his back paws to try and destroy it, we see the puppy come to the glass door behind the cat. Koi doesn’t even notice at first and keeps rolling around with the toy like no one is watching. The look on the dogs face is completely hilarious! You can tell how unimpressed he is and when he is allowed to come back inside, he is going to teach the cat a lesson for touching his things. The unaware cat just keeps on playing right in front of the dog without knowing it. He is busted before he even has a clue! Koi just keeps on playing and playing while being watched from afar. The dog is plotting from the backyard and once he gets let inside, it is on! You can almost see the thoughts going through the pup’s mind as he calmly stares at the cat through the window. “I will get you feline! Just wait until I get back inside!” The funniest part of the video is when Koi the cat finally realizes that he is being watched by the dog. His reaction is hilarious and he takes one glace through the glass sliding door and see the dog! Koi jumps high up in the air with all four paws off the ground and takes off like a rocket. He leaves the beloved stuffed animal behind and takes off as fast as he can before the pooch can get the better of him! After the cat cowardly runs away from the staring canine, the dog just stands there looking down at his toy as if to determine if there was any damage done or not. The cat beat the stuffed animal up pretty good and he needs to make sure that there are no holes or rips from the kitty’s sharp claws. Have you ever taken someone else’s things to use and hoped you didn’t get caught? We have all had moments like this guilty kitty where we got busted with something we shouldn’t have and try to hide from the confrontation! This cat was definitely trying to avoid the dog and was scared of what he would do to him if let in. He bolts before he finds about and our guess is that he quickly went to hide under a bed in fear.

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Formerly Abused Dog Has Disturbing Reaction When Dogs are Threatened in a Movie. 1m25s

Formerly Abused Dog Has Disturbing Reaction When Dogs are Threatened in a Movie.

You never know how a dog will react when looking through a "window" that is reflective of their past. Yesterday, Sinbad had an unusual reaction when his family watched a Christmas movie where dogs were captured & penned. He and his brothers spend the first part of their lives in a dirty pen. The "tail end" of his reaction to seeing other dogs penned was caught on video. He had NEVER reacted to anything on the TV prior to this event.

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Rescue Kitten Enjoys 1st Thanksgiving Waving to Parade Crowd 22s

Rescue Kitten Enjoys 1st Thanksgiving Waving to Parade Crowd

Sweet little Koi was found at 1 pound starving and sickly under a dumpster back in July. Watch as he spends his first Thanksgiving enamored with the crowd at the Macy's Day Parade! He just can't figure out why they won't pet him after he waves back at them!

Published: November 23, 2017
Over 500 Dogs Show Up To Va. Beach Water Park! WOW! 51s

Over 500 Dogs Show Up To Va. Beach Water Park! WOW!

Ocean Breeze Water Park in Va Beach, VA hosted a charity event for Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA. The first event of its kind attracted over 800 people and 500 dogs! All enjoyed music provided by the Deloreans and had endless fun in the giant pool!Enjoy this snippet and share with your friends! Start planning a trip to the beach for next year's event! Something tells us the next one will be even more epic! How great is this?

Published: September 17, 201755 views
Beagle puppy teaches rescued dogs to trust humans3m56s

Beagle puppy teaches rescued dogs to trust humans

The brown dog in this video grew up in a pipe with mud up to her belly along with 6 other dogs. The larger yellow dog ran wild in a pack for over a year and was finally trapped with her entire family. All were brought to Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA where their rehabilitation process began. They were weary of human touch until the newest inhabitant, Seren (short for Serendipity), joined the bunch after being rescued from a pen at a market. One never knows how or when the trust and connection break through with feral dogs will occur but when it does, it's a magical moment. Today, little Seren earned her keep at the center by showing the older dogs that humans were not to be feared here. All dogs were successfully rehabilitated and adopted into loving families.

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Inside look into dangerous dog rehabilitation2m23s

Inside look into dangerous dog rehabilitation

This video takes you inside of a bonafide dog rehabilitation center. WARNING! DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL WITH NERVES OF STEEL! In a rehab facility, dogs come in that have been severely abused and sometimes, have never been touched by a human. In this video, Elsa has come in from a horrific hoarding case and has never been touched. The goal today was to get a collar and leash on her and to gain trust through canine massage. The licensed Canine Massage Therapist has to have the keen sense of reading the body language of the dog which will enable her to know exactly when to eliminate the towel barrier and touch the dog without protection. AGAIN, This is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted unless you are a professional. Elsa has since been rehabilitated and adopted by a family who adopted another dog a year early that was rehabilitated from the same property. Both dogs have changed dramatically and are living wonderful lives thanks to Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA and their loving adopters.

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Kitten Denies Making Mess When Caught! GUILTY AS CHARGED! 1m14s

Kitten Denies Making Mess When Caught! GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Koi, rescued when he was 1 pound living under a dumpster, is loving life as he discovers a copper pitcher filled with peacock feathers. What happens when he's caught! He's not going to take ownership of that mess! Total denial! This one's going to be a handful! Smart & Adorable!

Published: August 28, 201734 views
Duckling stuck in shell saved at the last minute27s

Duckling stuck in shell saved at the last minute

An emotional yet heart-warming video emerges from a farm where one lone duckling created quite a fuss. The farmer heard the duckling and went to investigate only to find that the duckling's sibling was in trouble. The little one was stuck in the egg, unable to get free and almost perished until the farmer stepped in to save the day. The baby duckling was rushed to an incubator where it miraculously survived. This is an incredible video that no one should miss! Friends may come and go but family will always be there for you, especially your siblings. This video highlighted this perfectly as this duckling getting help for it's sibling is truly amazing. These little ducklings are so cute that you can't help but to watch even more! Good thing the one trapped in the egg survived! Surly the ducking that managed to get help will be a great older sibling! Although most people do not have cute ducklings at their houses to cuddle with animal plushes on Amazon could always be purchased to satisfy your cuteness needs! Do you have any heart-warming animal stories to share? Let us know in the comment section!

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Newly Rescued Dog Overjoyed To Be Freed From Chain 33s

Newly Rescued Dog Overjoyed To Be Freed From Chain

Sometimes all you need is love. It can turn a horrible situation upside down into a positive one. Take this doggy as an example. This doggy was rescued in a very poor condition. In just short period he makes an amazing transformation! This video is a prime reason why people need to rescue more animals. They need good homes in order to flourish. This doggy transformed within just several days. If you can't rescue one, look into fostering animals for a few weeks to help these troubled animals at least have another shot at living a great life. You can just tell how happy this dog became over the course of that week. From beginning to end, this transformation is amazing. Here are a few quick facts about rescue animals. Every year there more than 6 million animals admitted into shelters that are looking for homes. Obviously some get adopted, but there are still a large number that don't. Over one million of these animals will be euthanized throughout the course of the year. Have you ever rescued an animal before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to stop by for more adorable videos, and if you have your own clips, feel free to upload them. Rescue dogs are always showing how grateful they are to have a new home. Asher was rescued off of the chain by Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA. He decides to show his love an appreciation while an employee is trying to maintain her composure during a conference call with the CEO. This one will have you rolling on the floor with laughter! Watch as this dog decides to climb onto his new owner and show her how thankful he is for her while she is on a call with work. How hilarious is that? Check out to find more videos like this one! Check out this hilarious rescue dog just wanting to show some love.

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Dog Meets 'Mini Me' Version Of Itself And Instantly Bonds With Her1m28s

Dog Meets 'Mini Me' Version Of Itself And Instantly Bonds With Her

Pet owners prepare your heart for melting as this animal duo will warm you up. This doggy, has created a beautiful friendship with this tiny newborn that happens to look like a "mini me" version of him. These two spend all their time together and have thus formed an incredible bond. They play together and a very calm towards each other. They truly share an amazing bond that can't seem to not melt your heart. What a precious friendship they have! Doesn't this video just melt your heart? Both pet owner's and non pet owners both manage to find this video adorable and cute that they cannot mange to look away. Who knew that dogs with such big age difference could become such good friends? We could all learn a thing or two from this adorable and amazing duo. Who would have thought that such a great bond would have been created in such short while. It seems as if this big guy has been looking for a companion all along. Growing up together, these two animals must go through a lot of toys. These guys are the perfect example of a beautiful friendship and show how easy it is to create a friend if you really want to. Do you have any funny pet stories? Let us know in the comments!

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Fetch? No Way 29s

Fetch? No Way

Dad wanted to surprise Ma with a video of me fetching but I really just wanted to soak in the water and relax .....Ho hum......

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When the Boss is Away, the Dog Will Play 1m13s

When the Boss is Away, the Dog Will Play

I know, I know...we are not supposed to be condoning bad behavior. We just couldn't help it! This was Oliver Tank's first time in the kitchen and he was just too cute not to encourage. Maybe tomorrow we will attempt to undo the bad habit we just created....

Published: January 17, 20173 views
When Formerly Chained Dogs Run Free. INCREDIBLE 1m21s

When Formerly Chained Dogs Run Free. INCREDIBLE

One of our favorite things to witness at the Good Newz Rehabilitation Center for Chained & Penned Dogs in Surry County, VA is when formerly chained & penned dogs run free in our 6 acre field. There is nothing more beautiful.

Published: January 17, 20173 views
Formerly Chained Geriatric Dog Discovers A Water Hose for the First Time 1m05s

Formerly Chained Geriatric Dog Discovers A Water Hose for the First Time

Roscoe is a fun-loving male lab mix just waiting for a family of his own. Smithfield, VA My name is Roscoe and I am an 8 year-old retriever mix who lived my entire life on the chain. I am one of the newest fellas at the @Good Newz Rehab Center operated by @Dogs Deserve Better. I LOVE toys, balls and splashing around in the water! I have a smile a mile wide (especially if treats are involved). Don't let my age fool you. I have NO clue that I'm not a puppy! Today, I discovered a water monster!

Published: January 17, 20172 views
Formerly Chained Dogs Have Freedom Run in Field 55s

Formerly Chained Dogs Have Freedom Run in Field

Chewy & Charli were recently rescued off of their chains in South Carolina & Texas.Gideon came from a horrible abuse case in Ohio where his previous owner served time. Their past is but a distant memory as they romp freely in the 6 acre field at Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA

Published: January 17, 20173 views