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Spoon-feeding adorable baby pigs16s

Spoon-feeding adorable baby pigs

Watch as these cute little baby pigs enjoy feeding time. How adorable is that? By the looks of it, they're really enjoying it! Credit to 'ajhopen'.

Published: November 2, 2014115,035 views
Tiny kitten rescued outside of office building14s

Tiny kitten rescued outside of office building

Captain the kitten was found outside an office building all alone. According to user 'ajhopen' the mother is long gone. However, Captain has since been to the vet and is now doing very well. Also, he has recently opened his eyes! Credit to 'ajhopen'.

Published: October 23, 20149,372 views
Golden Retriever Dives To The Bottom Of The Poll For Her Toy15s

Golden Retriever Dives To The Bottom Of The Poll For Her Toy

Playing fetch is a wonderful form of exercise for your four-legged best friend, not to mention your throwing arm and spending some quality time together. But for some dogs, the ball is more than a toy. If your dog carries a slobbery ball around in their mouth at all times, stares wide-eyed at the basket on the shelf when you put her favorite toy away, or can’t be distracted from fetch, even by a treat, she may be overly attached. This adorable Golden Retriever will do anything to get his paws on his favorite toy- The ball! This underwater camera captures this determined Golden Retriever named Miley jumping into the family pool and swimming right to the bottom to grab a hold of hers! Miley really loves her ball and by the looks of the video, she will do literally anything! Most of us, as children, had a favorite teddy, blanket or pillow, and dogs and cats do just the same thing – oftentimes, the toy they played with when they were youngest will remain their favorite. For Miley, this kind of activity is probably her favorite because she gets to spend time with her family and also her favorite toy! Giving your dog quality time spent together is all they ask because for them you are their whole world. And remember, fetch is supposed to be a fun game between you and your dog. Be patient and above all, keep the fun in the game! Does your dog have a favorite toy?

Published: June 19, 2014169,051 views