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Bird Dances Across Street In Tune With Nirvana Song33s

Bird Dances Across Street In Tune With Nirvana Song

Hey, sometimes you have just got to dance it out. The bird in this video is walking across a street and doing an interesting dance, pause, hitch walk. The person filming is in his car and we think waiting for the bird to cross. But while the bird does so a Nirvana song is playing in the background. Surprisingly, the bird seems to be doing in tune with the song. So, the little guy kind of looks like he is rocking out. We will say, nice of the driver to pause and let some wildlife cross the road. It’s always nice to see that happen.

Toddler Cries Over Something His Dad Did YEARS Ago45s

Toddler Cries Over Something His Dad Did YEARS Ago

This video is the proof that kids say the darnedest things! A toddler boy cries to his parents after finding out that his dad lost a baseball game while he was in high school. A mom and dad record their toddler boy while he is crying on the bed. Why is the boy crying? Because his dad's team lost the high school state championship in 2003. The boy tells his dad that he should play again, and the man says he's too old to play in high school. The mom calls him a goofy gubber and his dad tells him that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but it's important that you try! As adorable as this clip is, it looks and sounds to me that this little dude needs a nap!

Sleeping Dad Scares Daughter Who Thinks That She Is Pranking Him32s

Sleeping Dad Scares Daughter Who Thinks That She Is Pranking Him

A girl sneaks up on her sleeping dad. She grabs and his chin and makes him mouth making him say different words and sing a song. Mostly she makes her dad “say” that he is a butthead. The dad knows this is happening, we think, and lets her get away with it for a little while. Eventually, though, he opens his eyes and jumps and shouts at his daughter to scare her. It works, she is definitely surprised as she jumps back and cries out in surprise. It’s possible that no one wins this encounter, though I’m inclined to give the points to the dad.

Woman Tries To Help Bird Escape Her Kitchen But He Only Wants Coffee1m17s

Woman Tries To Help Bird Escape Her Kitchen But He Only Wants Coffee

A woman finds a bird hanging out on her kitchen curtains indoors. She tries to catch him so that she can release him outside. However, the bird flies away each time the woman touches him. Though he does let her get close enough to touch him, which is surprising. At one point his flight path takes inside of a coffee mug that he seems quite comfortable hanging out in. The woman carries the mug outside and dumps out the coffee. Finally, the bird flies away. We’re pretty sure that the bird wanted to leave the whole time, he just couldn’t figure out how to do so.

Mom Pranks Sleeping Son By Dropping Snowball On His Face20s

Mom Pranks Sleeping Son By Dropping Snowball On His Face

A mom comes on screen with her snowball in her hands. On the couch is her son who has fallen asleep while playing on a laptop. The mom claps the snowball between her hands causing it to fall and hit her son in the face. After the snow hit the boy in the face, he jumps. However, when the boy jumps from the cold snow his laptop comes forward and also hits him in the face. This kid’s face is taking a beating in this video. But at the end everyone laughs at his mom’s practical joke that we think went pretty well for her.

Kid Racer Films Himself Winning A Bicycle Race1m04s

Kid Racer Films Himself Winning A Bicycle Race

The kid in this video is one intense little bicycle rider. I mean he’s got his own jersey. He has the sunglasses, the helmet, and he is even wearing fingerless gloves. Somehow, I bet even compared to the other kids he probably doesn’t have training wheels on his bike. His GoPro strapped to his bike captures him as he takes part in a bike race. He pretty handily beats the other kids to the finish line and seems to know it. He spends the video talking about how he is in front of the other kids and cheers excitedly when he wins.

Mom Tries To Help Teen After Wisdom Surgery, He Keeps Roaring1m09s

Mom Tries To Help Teen After Wisdom Surgery, He Keeps Roaring

When you come out of wisdom teeth surgery you tend to be very loopy because of all the numbing drugs and other things that they put in you to help with the pain. The teenage boy in this video is in the back of his mom’s car. She is trying to help him by inserting gauze into his mouth. However, he does not want to open his mouth. Instead, the boy keeps roaring at his mom. It is quite the strange encounter between mom and son. Eventually, through persistence and momitude she is able to get some of the gauze in.

Baby Girl Pretends To Pole Dance While Dad Mutters "Oh no" To Himself34s

Baby Girl Pretends To Pole Dance While Dad Mutters "Oh no" To Himself

A family is playing together in their living room. There is the mom, a dog, and two little girls. The dad is filming the encounter. One of the little girls is just old enough to have begun walking within recent memory. She waddles away from her mom and finds one of the baby toys that has a struts. She starts to kind of dance on the pole and do various moves while holding on to the structure. The whole time she does this you can hear the mom laughing while the dad, behind the camera, just keeps saying, “Oh no” to himself, over and over again.

Tot Boy Tells Dad To Stop Singing So He Can Eat Cereal59s

Tot Boy Tells Dad To Stop Singing So He Can Eat Cereal

In the early morning a father is singing Christmas songs to his toddler son while the boy eats cereal for breakfast. However, the boy is not down with his father’s singing and just wants him to stop so that he can eat his cereal in peace. Eventually the dad does stop and he asks his son if he likes his singing. The boy simply and calmly says, “No. No singing.” This after yelling at his dad to stop, stop, stop, stop over and over again. Hopefully he got to eat his cereal in peace after all that Christmas carol racket from his dad.

Small Dog Has Midlife Crisis With New Power Wheels Car18s

Small Dog Has Midlife Crisis With New Power Wheels Car

Midlife Crises are strange things. We all kind of understand them but we also fear them and deride them. Mostly because people do things like buy fancy new cars in an attempt to make themselves feel younger. You know kind of like what the dog in this video is doing with his fancy new power wheels car. And it is one fancy looking power wheels car. I’m a little jealous. Hmm, maybe I’m having one of those crises desiring power wheels. According to a couple of articles I read, midlife crises are a transition of identity and self-confidence. Usually this happens when people hit anywhere from 40 to 65. Generally, it is a crisis over one’s impending mortality, their age and a perceived lack of accomplishments. Did you know that the term has only been around since 1965 and was coined by Canadian psychoanalyst Elliot Jacques? Interestingly, there are some who believe that the midlife crisis is not a real thing and that adults do not actually experience it. I think they are wrong but I am also not a psychologist or done any studies at all about the subject. Some research we found seemed to indicate that what is actually happening is that people in that 40 to 65 age range are all having set backs that many go through at those ages. These range from divorces and empty nest syndrome to retirement or loss of a job at that age. These are mostly transition events that people in their 20s and 30s don’t regularly go through. But hey, if the worst thing you do is buy a fancy power wheels car, how bad can it really be? Right?

A Toddler Unlocks His Sister's Door With The Secret Key38s

A Toddler Unlocks His Sister's Door With The Secret Key

Kids value their privacy. There is so little of it in the homes they don’t own but are raised in that the bedroom is a sanctuary. Parents, however, need ways into those sanctuaries in case of emergencies, of course. Sometimes, other people in the house figure out those ways of getting into the rooms, much to the chagrin of the kids living inside of said homes. In this video, a toddler moves a painting back and finds a key. He then applies the key to the door knob and opens it and his mom films the whole thing. Funny stuff from this little sleuth.

10 Minutes Of The FUNNIEST Kid Fails10m01s

10 Minutes Of The FUNNIEST Kid Fails

We have so many funny kids fails that we wanted to share so we made a 10-minute compilation of the FUNNIEST KID FAILS! The question is, which fail video is your favorite? I am personally a fan of the kids who fail and have a meltdown. Like the kid who tries to break a piece of wood with his foot but fails. Right after, he screams THIS IS STUPID!! My second favorite is the toddler girl who can't figure out how to take a drink from the water fountain. Share your favorite clip in the comment section below!

Published: May 21, 2018
A Little Boy Struggles To Skate53s

A Little Boy Struggles To Skate

Skating is not easy. It requires balance, coordination and a lot of practice. There is a reason why people are able to skate professionally, because it’s a skill that people appreciate for how difficult it is. The little boy in this video is a perfect example of just how hard skating is. He can barely stand up by himself on his skates. It seems as though as soon as he gains his balance, he’s immediately on the floor, again. Up and down and up and down and up and down the little boy goes, The mom behind the camera can’t help but laugh.

Baby Boy Fights Losing Battle With Vacuum Cleaner30s

Baby Boy Fights Losing Battle With Vacuum Cleaner

Before we even get into the struggles this baby is having with his bib, we do want to note how surprised we were that this baby is totally comfortable with the vacuum cleaner. Maybe it is just us but we have met a lot of babies that do not like vacuum cleaners. Mostly because of how loud they are. Pets and babies have more sensitive hearing than adult humans so loud noises to us are even louder to them. This baby is not only comfortable with the vacuum cleaner, he even seems to kind of like the noise that it makes. Of course, the noise is one thing but the air being vented out of the vacuum’s body is totally another. The little baby boy in this video keeps turning the vacuum on and off. The problem he is having is that the air vent keeps blowing his bib into his face. He can’t figure out how to keep the bib from blowing up. At the same time, he struggles to push it back down as well. Poor kid, he just wants to enjoy his vacuum cleaner sounds without his bib in his face. He’ll get there, one day he won’t have to wear a bib. As a tangent, or digression to be more accurate, I kind of think we should bring bibs back. I know certain seafood, especially ones that serve crab, restaurants will give people bibs, but I dunno, sometimes you’ve got messy food. Sometimes a bib would be quite handy. I’m not saying that I’m a messy eater, just that there are messy foods out in the world. Like BBQ or anything with melted cheese.

A Little Girl Gets Emotional About The Birth Of A Chicken39s

A Little Girl Gets Emotional About The Birth Of A Chicken

Births can be very emotional instances. Lots of thoughts go through our heads when someone new comes to the planet earth. The little girl in this video is a perfect example of that. As a chicken egg hatches and a little head pops out of the shell, a little girl is there to witness the whole thing and she gets very emotional. She starts crying tears of joy as the magic of life flourishes in front of her. How else would any of us react? Most likely in the same way, right? The little girl is just so happy that the chicken is here!

Swiffer Chasing Puppy Spins Herself Dizzy37s

Swiffer Chasing Puppy Spins Herself Dizzy

Puppies playing with anything is always going to be cute and adorable. Of course, sometimes it can also be funny. Like when you have a small black and white pup that chases her owner’s Swiffer Sweeper around the kitchen. Who knows what she sees in the Swiffer but she has to go get it. The problem is that her owner is swiffering in circles, perhaps not on purpose but her general motions are giant circles. This causes our doggo friend to get quite dizzy at one point and she has to pause to regain her equilibrium. Watch this adorable pup dizzy pause is pretty funny and very relatable. We are certain that any time that we’ve been dizzy we’ve had a very similar reaction as this spun out dog. We won’t get into this in full depth but as you might know the reason you get dizzy is due to your inner ear. What happens is that there are three semicircular canals in your ear that help you orient yourself to the world by tracking three different axis’s of movement by your head. The problem with spinning is that for a few moments these canals are trying to adjust until your brain interprets you spinning as you standing still but with the world rotating around you! However, dizziness is caused by the stopping of spinning. This causes the rotation of the canals to stop but it hasn’t quite caught up to your actual stopping motion. The dizziness comes in because your body senses that it is still moving when in actuality you are not. So, blame your ears for why you can’t walk straight after some spins.

A Toddler Wants Her Father To Change Her Diaper55s

A Toddler Wants Her Father To Change Her Diaper

Kids have strong opinions. They might be young, naïve and inexperienced, but they’re certainly sure of what they want, aren’t they? The little girl in this video is a perfect example of that. She’s just a toddler who needs her diaper changed, but she is very sure that she wants her dad to change her diaper, not her mom. Her dad clearly doesn’t want to do it, complaining of the smell. But the little girl insists, answering his questions in the affirmative when he asks, even the ones that he poses in a confusing way. This little girl is smart.

Baby Makes Mom HOWL When He Gives Her Hilarious Surprise Answer23s

Baby Makes Mom HOWL When He Gives Her Hilarious Surprise Answer

In this video, a mamma really wants her baby to her “Mommy.” Or at least, some variation of it. Mom would do. Or mother. Or Mother Dearest. Or Mamma Mia, if he was a big fan of Abba. Any of the above would work. And she isn’t subtle about it either with her repeated requests of “Maaaamaaaa.” She is just begging for it! And we all know what happens when we want something too much. It doesn’t end up working out in our favor. Just like in this clip when the baby FLIPS THE SCRIPT (a term that truthfully, I don’t care for at all. An old assistant manager named “Brian” used to say it a lot at a coffee shop I worked at and he was so pretentious.) and does NOT say what mom was hoping he would. He instead says the opposite. Something cute, but not desired! Something so hilarious, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself!

A Little Boy Is Super Dizzy After Riding A Merry-Go-Round41s

A Little Boy Is Super Dizzy After Riding A Merry-Go-Round

Riding a merry-go-round can be a lot of fun. The dizzying effect, however, can be overwhelming. The little boy in this photo is a perfect example of just how weird it can be to get off a merry-go-round when the ride is done. After going around and around, the little boy gets up and can barely standup. He even falls down at one point and the mom behind the camera can’t help but laugh. She of course feels badly for her son, but she can’t help herself but laugh at his light misfortune. When he gets ahold of himself, the little boy wants to ride the merry-go-round again.

Giant Inflatable Mascot Struggles To Get Up After Rainstorm Destroys Him18s

Giant Inflatable Mascot Struggles To Get Up After Rainstorm Destroys Him

So, have YOU ever had one of those days? When you feel like you are just a wet bad in the wind getting whipped and thrown every which way? When the world comes crashing down upon you and you have no respite from the storm? One of those days when time and space just want to open up and suck you down leaving you no chance to hold grasp of a lifeline before perilously falling into a wormhole of agony and destruction? Have you? HAVE YOU?!? My wife and I refer to them as ‘Alexander’ days based on the children’s book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” Those days when nothing seems to go right and everyone is gunning for your neck. What a nightmare. Anyway, this video is pretty funny and it features a mascot getting it's booty kicked by the rain.

A Teddy Bear Falls Down15s

A Teddy Bear Falls Down

Teddy bears are the best. For a lot of us, teddy bears are our first dolls and our first safety blankets in our lives. Teddy bear costumes, however, are completely different. If someone wants to, they can become a teddy bear themselves which sounds like fun, but how is anyone supposed to see in that costume? The Teddy Bear in this video is a perfect example of that issue. It looks like the person inside of this costume can’t see and he proves when he goes to sit down, misses the seat, and falls to the floor. Oops but he looks okay, that costume has padding.

A Chicken Scares A Dog In A Car51s

A Chicken Scares A Dog In A Car

Animals can drive us crazy sometimes. Sure, we love our pets and the animals in our lives, but sometimes, they simply don’t want to either get along, or follow directions. In this video, the two animals, a dog and a cat, are perfect examples of that frustration. A dog and a chicken hide under the driver's seat of a car. A young girl pulls out the chicken at her mom's request, but before she can get the dog out, the chicken hops back in. Eventually they get the dog in the back seat and the chicken out of the car.

Published: May 18, 201810 views
A Pig Celebrates A Birthday With Cake42s

A Pig Celebrates A Birthday With Cake

Pigs are fun, aren’t they? They’re just as cute as our dogs and cats and it’s surprising how well they make for great pets. The people in this video really take the whole “pigs are pets” thing to another level. It appears that a pig is celebrating his birthday, not a common occurrence for sure, but he’s doing it. The pig celebrates by eating cake and that’s the whole video. It’s a pig wearing a birthday hat eating cake. It’s like when people say, “my dog is my kid.” It appears that to the people shooting this video, the pig is their kid and it’s his birthday and he’s getting cake.

A Bride Punches A Groom And Throws Cake On Him19s

A Bride Punches A Groom And Throws Cake On Him

Weddings are a lot of fun. We get to attend a fun and lavish party and see two people in love codify their relationship by pledging their lives and futures to each other. We also get to dress up and see our friends in nice outfits and just have a great time! Sometimes, though, weddings feature pranks and fails, and this wedding is a perfect example. At this wedding reception, a groom pushes his bride's face into top tier of cake. She retaliates by punching him and taking the entire top tier of the cake and smashing it on top of him. The groom's entire back is covered in cake.