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Unsuspecting Baby Knocked Over By Playful Kitten31s

Unsuspecting Baby Knocked Over By Playful Kitten

Kittens are quite playful and this video provides an adorable example of a kitten and little baby enjoying playing with each other. It starts with the baby sitting on the floor of a living room seemingly watching television surrounded by her toys. While the mom stands over the scene watching over her baby. But where is the kitten hiding out at? She appears to be camouflaged in one of the darker patches of carpet. But she is really hiding off screen. Suddenly, the adorable black and white kitten streaks in from off camera and jumps on the baby’s back sending her…not sprawling. More like rolling into the floor. She reminded us of a turtle that couldn’t quite roll back over, even though they are pretty good at doing so. There is a cut because the mom resets her baby. This time instead of facing the television, the baby is now facing away from the TV and looking in the direction of the kitten. Who is prepared to pounce again, but this time all eyes are on her. She makes her move and pounces again. Again, she knocks over the baby who just rolls over and sits back up. The baby giggles when the cat knocks her over and appears to be enjoying playing with her kitten friend. It is good that these two cuties are growing up together because it appears they will be having good and playful times for years to come. Some cats and dogs don’t respond well to babies but this kitten looks like she is totally team baby and looks to be enjoying have a brand new friend to play with.

You Need To See This Incredible Slow Motion Basketball Trick Shot12s

You Need To See This Incredible Slow Motion Basketball Trick Shot

Basketball is a really fun sport. We get to run up and down the court and practice our skill of hitting a hoop with a big round ball, it’s an excellent workout. One subsection of basketball in recent years has been the invention of the Trick Shot. Perfected by the YouTube channel, Dude Perfect, trick shots are basically super difficult basketball shots that harken back to the days of the Michael Jordan Larry Bird McDonald’s commercials: “Nothing but net.” Remember those? The kid in this video does, as he hits a front flip slow motion shot from a trampoline and celebrates appropriately!

Competitive Cat Ends Slap Fight With Little Boy13s

Competitive Cat Ends Slap Fight With Little Boy

We are not saying that this cat in this video will ever be an elite boxing champion but he can certainly hold his own in a slap fight. He is also a surprisingly patient and calm cat. Obviously, the boy and the cat are playing but the cat totally lets him get in…hold on, let’s count. We saw at least 18 slaps from the boy to the cat’s cheeks. We did this twice, so we are pretty certain on this count, but let us know if you counted less or more. Anyway, this is one seriously patient cat. I have had a few cats in my family over the years and I can’t think of any that were as patient as this orange guy. They would all have jumped at the first light tap, okay, maybe the second or third one. But 18? Never, no, no how, no way. But maybe he was just building up his own slap. Because when he finally unleashes on the kid it is a great moment for everybody. While the kid is doing one slap at a time alternating between the cat’s cheeks. The cat has a different, possibly better technique to win this battle. He leaps up. I mean there is a height difference, so as the imaginary rules committee, we’ll allow it. The cat’s technique involves using both of his paws to hit the kid in the face. Basically, he gets a double slap going! The power and technique is too much for the kid and he completely falls over, but also probably from surprise. The cat stands triumphantly over his vanquished foe, deservedly so.

A Bird Dances To Backstreet Boys Music37s

A Bird Dances To Backstreet Boys Music

Dancing is perhaps the best way for a person to express him or herself. The way the music moves us as people, we can’t help but find the beat in the way that makes us feel alive. Even other animals react to music in a similar manner. The bird in this video is a perfect example of that. A song by the Backstreet Boys plays in the background and a lady dances behind the bird who is the main subject of the shot. As the music picks up, the bird starts dancing and flexing his feathers. He really loves this song!

Swinging Dad Caught In An Awkward Pool Stunt13s

Swinging Dad Caught In An Awkward Pool Stunt

You would think that the very idea of a swing set next to a swimming pool would equal an automatic failure. However, it is clear that the guys in this video thought about that beforehand. We have all seen videos of dudes swinging on swing sets and then having the sets crash into the pool with them. As you can see in this video there are two holders of the swing set to prevent that kind of failure. But, when it comes to swing sets and swimming pools where there is potential for a fail, it will happen. You just never know how it’s going to happen. We thought maybe the two guys holding the swing set would lose their grip and accidentally throw the entire contraption into the swimming pool. Instead, the guys do a pretty decent job of holding the swing set. It shifts a few times, but for the most part there isn’t really any worry that they are going to drop the swing set or let it crash. What we didn’t expect was that the swing set still had a mind of its own. The little girl on the closer swing hops off just fine, but that is fine. What we are focusing on is the dad who doesn’t appear to be all that great at swinging. This might be a swing set that needs to be retired. While the dad was swinging, apparently, his swim trunks got caught in a chain link of the swing. This is a swing set that is determined to ensure that this dad fails his swing stunt as awkwardly as possible. We would say that it succeeds.

This Cat Loves To Play Fetch37s

This Cat Loves To Play Fetch

Cats are fun creatures. More often than not, people like to say that their “cat is more like a dog.” And one thing dogs do that people assume cats don’t do is play fetch. Well the cat in this video confirms that suspicion that felines and canines may have more in common than we think. This cute little kitty loves to play fetch! You can tell by how often the human behind the camera keeps throwing her favorite toy down the hallway and the cat keeps chasing it down. This kitty loves playing fetch and apparently, so do a lot of cats.

Forget The Kid Yodeler, Watch The Yodeling Puppy24s

Forget The Kid Yodeler, Watch The Yodeling Puppy

Everyone saw, fell in love with or remixed the kid yodeler but have you seen the yodeling puppy? Okay, maybe the puppy doesn't have as pretty of a yodel but he feels the music just as much as the other guy. Plus, who doesn't love puppies!? There are a few things happening in this video other than the yodeling puppy. First and most obvious is the guy holding the puppy. He is pretty good at yodeling, right? It's like the kid yodeler grew up and has a puppy. Second, did you notice the old dog that is lounging at the man's feet? He is so old and so unfazed.

The Original Never Ending Shampoo Prank1m48s

The Original Never Ending Shampoo Prank

The classic never-ending shampoo prank has become legendary over the years and is one of my personal favorite prank videos to watch. Get ready to watch the original never-ending shampoo prank! Is it as good as the others? Nope, it's better because it started a hilarious prank trend. A teen boy showers in a locker room and his older brother keeps squirting shampoo on his head. The boy tries to wash shampoo out and freaks out when it won't go away. This is prank is legendary! Think about it... you are so vulnerable while shampooing your hair in the shower. Your eyes are closed and you can't open them but you also can't seem to wash the shampoo out.

Toddler Girl Strikes Back While "Learning" Her ABC's33s

Toddler Girl Strikes Back While "Learning" Her ABC's

Is it just me or does this toddler have ZERO interest in learning her ABC's? I mean, the little girl is not paying the slightest bit of attention to the woman who is trying to teach her. On top of that, she takes her shoe and smacks the woman across her face. She must have reached her daily learning threshold. A woman tries to teach her sister's daughter from China to say her ABC's. Although the toddler girl looks to be in a very playful mood, she is clearly not in the mood to learn. The tot unexpectedly clocked the woman with her shoe during the teaching session. It was so funny!

Silly Dad's Tire Swing Stunt Ends Badly For Him24s

Silly Dad's Tire Swing Stunt Ends Badly For Him

Tire swings should be fun things that you do kind of casually on a beautiful summer or spring day. What you don’t expect it to be is human death trap that is going to require you to have ice packs at the ready after you crawl back inside to your couch. This dad found out the hard way that apparently, they designed to destroy dads. At least that’s our interpretation. The dad in this video is pushing his kids on a tire swing in the front yard. He does this a few times before jumping in front of the tire swing. For some reason the dad decides to, we don’t try to backward jump on to the tire swing? We are not entirely sure what his goal was for this stunt. Maybe he thought he could grab the chains and swing with his kid when landed on the tire. However, he definitely missed this trick and pretty badly. It probably would have helped if the guy had looked back at the tire swing at all before jumping. You can see that he doesn’t know that the tire has turned and that when he leaps he is no where near A) an open spot on the tire, and B) chains for him to grab. Plus, he kind of mistimes the leap anyway so that his butt is not higher than the tire. Instead, the moment of the tire hits him in his butt and lower back and sends him flying forward until he slams down on to his back. This dad is definitely going to need some icepacks and maybe a cold beverage or three while he recuperates on the couch.

Man Surprises Dad At Dinner. What Could Go Wrong?1m19s

Man Surprises Dad At Dinner. What Could Go Wrong?

What better birthday present to give your dad on his day than your presence? A man decides to gift his dad with a surprise visit while he is out to dinner with the rest of the family for his birthday. Sounds sweet, right? What could go wrong? You don't have to wait long after pressing play to find out. The dad sits at the table with the rest of his family and in the background of the video, you can see his son slowly make his entrance. He planned to pretend to be the waiter and see how long it takes his dad to look at him and realize he is here for his birthday. 5 seconds into the video, the son, who is posing as a waiter to surprise his dad on his birthday, spills a tray of drinks RIGHT on his father. You have to see this hot mess of a surprise! It is so funny!

Old Man Can Sleep Through ANYTHING40s

Old Man Can Sleep Through ANYTHING

Saying this old man is hard of hearing is an understatement because this man and woman made the most noise and he didn't even budge. A man sets up a camera in front of his grandpa who is lounging in his favorite chair. He steps in front of the camera and says "hi! my grandpa is a little hard of hearing and this is the point to prove it." He and his wife proceed to make the following noises: the woman bang pots together, the man turns on the vacuum cleaner and then he makes the smoke detector go off. Think about any of these noises happening while you were sleeping, you'd LOSE it, wouldn't you? Well, this senior man remains fast asleep in the chair throughout the entire thing. He doesn't hear it or wake up. Point proved.

Ninja Cat Dropkicks Sprinting Toddler14s

Ninja Cat Dropkicks Sprinting Toddler

I just love a good cat or kitten ambush video. This one is pretty good because if you’re not paying attention it does appear that the cat comes out of nowhere to lay this toddler out. However, if you watch closely you can catch just make out the kitten on the left side of the screen. He is hanging out under the just under the black chairs of the dining table. But he does blend in with the chairs so it’s a bit hard to see him until he starts moving. Which, to be fair to the cat, if you’re going to ambush somebody doing it with such great camouflage is a great place to start. I love a good cat ambush that involves them leaping through the air with all of their paws forward. To my old eyes it looks like something straight out of the Matrix, the good one, not the other two. You know which one I’m talking about. This cat really takes it to the kid as he sprints through the dining room in his tiny Birkenstock looking sandals. We also enjoyed how pleased with himself the cat is after taking the kid out. However, we do have one question about this video. What is that baby in the kitchen doing? She or he is just over facing the wall the whole time. The baby is just hanging out doing his or her thing. Yes, we suppose the dad filming this interaction can see the baby but I’m just surprised that they left the baby over there. I am suspicious of this baby. You shouldn’t trust sneaky baby they are always up to something.

Kid Wipes Out Hard After Swinging Baseball Bat Super Hard28s

Kid Wipes Out Hard After Swinging Baseball Bat Super Hard

One of the first things that you learn when playing baseball or tee ball as kid is to not swing as hard as you can at a ball. This is so avoid wiping out when you swing like this little tee baller does. That kid is swinging for the fences, the crowd, the food carts and the parking lot all in one swing. He does not quite make it bat to ball contact. Though he does manage to make, bat to Tee-tube and body contact, so there is that. Despite baseball being around since at least 1744, with more modern versions mentioned as far back as the 1830s, Tee Ball has only been around since the 1950s. Something we found quite surprising when looking up the history of the sport. Today, most kids start in tee-ball leagues before transitioning into coach pitch and later fast pitch. There are a number of people associated with the invention of sport but it appears to have been something that happened simultaneously across the United States throughout the 1950s. The sport wasn’t trademarked until the 1970s. This was done by a pastor from Milton, Florida and actually run by a Christian group called Gospel Projects, Inc. We did not know this but that group asserted the Tee Ball moniker until 2009, the last year that they published their book of official Tee Ball rules. Apparently, a secular organization was started to get around having to deal with Gospel Projects and they used the slightly more common spelling of T-Ball and to help spread the sport at a national level versus just in Florida. Trademark is a tricky legal beast.

Pug Destroys Little Kid In Butt Spinning Contest14s

Pug Destroys Little Kid In Butt Spinning Contest

We have seen plenty of dogs versus little kids in our time at America’s Funniest Home Videos. However, this particular competition is one of the first we have ever seen. Usually kids versus dogs relates to a kid racing a dog or a dog laying out a kid while playing catch. Or it is a bit of dogs stealing from kids. Usually the theft is of their pants or other clothing. This video stars an older and a little bit chubby pug on the living room floor and with him as a kid who appears to be between seven and nine years old. The kid starts spinning around on the floor with his butt and using his legs to push himself around in circles. The older pug starts to copy the little kid. He sits on his butt and uses his front paws to push himself around in circles as well. The duo kind of moves about the room together as they spin circles on their butts in pushing themselves around. After the first couple of cuts in the video there is one last competition between the two. And let us just say it really was not a competitive event. The little kid kind of half makes himself spin around but his technique isn’t great and he’s slowed down. The pug on the other hand has his technique down and absolutely destroys the kid in this butt spinning competition that they’ve made up for themselves. The pug spins around so quickly that we are more than a little surprised that he didn’t make himself dizzy with how fast he spins.

Excited Dog Mimics Her Owner's Exercises14s

Excited Dog Mimics Her Owner's Exercises

Whenever I exercise in the house my dog just sits and stares at me. I’m fairly certain that he’s judging me. Maybe my form is bad or maybe he is just a judgmental little dog. What I do know for certain is that I could never get that judgy little dog to exercise with me. No, he would probably just sit there and give me some serious side-eye. What I’m saying is that my dog might be a jerk. Unlike the woman in this video who owns a dog that wants to exercise with her. And this woman is doing the worst workout! I mean, it appears that she is doing burpees…ugh. The bane of my workout existence. Everyone always says that suicide runs are the worst. I heartily disagree. Suicides are just jogs between lines. Burpees involve plank pose and two jumps that you just repeat over and over again. Sure, it’s good for cardio and sure it’s good for fat burning and weight loss…but no. Burpees are the worst exercise and that is a fact. So, while my lazy and judgmental dog gives me full on side eye, this lady over here as a terrier that or something, maybe a poodle? that is way too into doing burpees. Now, I’m starting to wonder if I should trust this dog. I don’t trust anybody who likes doing burpees. And this dog is way too excited to jump around with her owner. At the end of the day though, whatever helps you exercise and get through is probably a good thing. If you need an adorable and excited doggy personal trainer, I say go for it.

Fun Loving Teen Girl Gets Tangled Up Trying To Jump Off Swing Set8s

Fun Loving Teen Girl Gets Tangled Up Trying To Jump Off Swing Set

One of the best things about having a kid is you get to hang out on playgrounds again. When you are a kid, it is your home away from home. Running, swinging, sliding, playing hop scotch and Double Dutch. Throwing bark and wood chips and seeing all of the new, wild, imaginative ways you can climb on and off the Big Toy. There were large, rubber wheels that you could climb on. Leftover parts from trucks and tractors ten times your size. The kind that they would now probably use for CrossFit work outs. Monkey Bars made of metal that on a warm day would burn as hot as the sun itself. And a thin black rubber mat that was supposed to comfort you when you fell on them. It was either that, or a perilous fall onto the blacktop asphalt. That same black top that would melt your shoes if you stood still too long on a summer afternoon.

Cute Little Girl Teaches Big Dog To Howl27s

Cute Little Girl Teaches Big Dog To Howl

We do love when little kids try to teach their dogs how to do anything from acts to things that dogs do naturally. The little girl in this video is trying to teach her dog how to howl. Or maybe the dog is training her how to howl. Either way it is totally adorable and the dog and little girl have a pretty cute back and forth with each other. It’s worth your time. So, why do dogs still howl from time to time? To start, not every breed can or does howl naturally. Some you have to train, others are stereotypically known to do it like bloodhounds and bassets. There are several reasons that dogs start group howls. These include to warn off predators encroaching on territory, calling lost pack members home, or helping the pack find individual members, or calling when they have cornered prey. At the end of the day, communication aside, it appears that howling is way for dogs to bond with one another. Kind of like a group jamboree. In some dogs, howling is part of growing old and in some articles we read kind of makes it sound like older dogs becoming curmudgeons and just using howling as a way to complain about their old age aches. For others it is a way for them to get attention. They know that if they howl, humans or other dogs will respond to them. As for howling when police or fire or ambulance sirens roll by, many experts believe it is just a response to something that kind of sounds like a howl. The dog is joining with the noises they are hearing.

Hilarious Baby Disappears When She Falls Face-First Into Box15s

Hilarious Baby Disappears When She Falls Face-First Into Box

Hide and seek is an incredibly popular game and I think I know why. Deep inside all of us we have this desire to be alone. We have this innate, built-in desire to crawl up into a ball in the corner and pretend, even for a few minutes, that the world doesn’t really exist. That everything we have been taught to know was fiction and the true answer to the meaning of life can only be discovered when we curl our knees into our chest and hold our breath as silently as possible. Sometimes the game takes us to new geographic locations. A deep closet that you never dared to enter. An attic that seemed from the outset to be much too rickety to hold your weight. A box that you never thought you’d be able to squeeze into.

Kid Pulls Prank With Pull-Up Bar15s

Kid Pulls Prank With Pull-Up Bar

Little kids are strange about exercise. Some are really excited to jump in on it and others, like adults, hate it and want nothing to do with anything that even looks like exercise. A lot of kids try to create work arounds for themselves when they attempt any kind of exercise. Whatever it is that makes it easier for them to get through something they don’t want to do. Lazy kids are some of the most creative kids. If only because they put more work into not doing work then they do into actually getting the work out of the way. The kid in this video is doing pull-ups, or attempting to do pull-ups. At the end of the video it appears that he is definitely not doing the act. However, we have to say he is probably still working out his legs considering the pose that he is standing in. That would appear to take a certain amount of strength. I could be wrong though, I was never able to do the spider poses like that. I don’t have much else to say about this video, it’s pretty funny and the final shot is pretty good. However, we do have some interesting pull-up records that we thought we would share with you because it blew our minds. Astoundingly, most of the records were only logged by Guinness World Records in the last two years. The oldest one is from 2010 when a man named Stephan Hyland did 1009 pull-ups in an hour. Last year Andrew Shapiro got the records for most pull-ups in 6 and 12 hours with 3,515 and 5,742, respectively. Those are crazy numbers.

Girl Screams Bed Time Story To Her Unborn Sister1m29s

Girl Screams Bed Time Story To Her Unborn Sister

This sentiment is utterly adorable. We'll break down this adorable video for you. Here's what happens. A tot girl yells as she reads a book in her lap. The woman recording the video shows her baby bump. She then asks the tot girl if she's reading tot girl if she's reading a story to her unborn baby sister. She continues to scream and read for her mom and little sister. It sounds a lot like, "YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH..." over and over again. The mom praises her good reading. This is too cute for words. She really wants to make sure that her little sister can hear it, and I'm sure she's listening to every word. They're gonna be very close when they grow up!

Mutt Dog Takes Baby In Rocker For A Wild Ride24s

Mutt Dog Takes Baby In Rocker For A Wild Ride

We assume that the parents of this baby have a leash type thing attached to their baby’s rocker so that they can move it around the house when need to do so. They were probably not expecting for their dog to want to play with that leash as well. This dog is definitely way into playing with the leash attached to the rocker. He wants to pull that thing all over the house or wherever else he wants to go. This must be a thing in this family because the coffee table in the living room is up off of the floor. This dog does not kid around. He swings this rocker around in wild arcs. It is almost like a roller coaster ride for this little baby. The baby definitely appears to be enjoying his crazy ride, not quite giggling but definitely wearing the face of someone on a crazy ride. It’s a face that you see on people who love theme park rides. It’s not quite happy, not quite afraid, but some strange mix of the two. If a dog could pull me around this like I think I would let them. It seems recklessly fun in a relatively safe manner. Like doing one of those slingshot rides at the fair without any of the fear of actually being flung off into space. I mean, that’s my fear when it comes to the slingshots, that it will actually let go of me and send me miles away. Anyway, what do you think? Would you let your kid ride in a rocker while the dog swings him around like this? Do you think your kid would like it?

Frat Bros Pull Shower Prank11s

Frat Bros Pull Shower Prank

When you’re young and you have roommates, they’re going to mess with you, and probably vice-versa. It’s just the way of the world. You put a bunch of recently post adolescent brains under one roof, the ideas for mischief will materialize out of thin air like you wouldn’t believe. Or maybe you would, I don’t know you. We come upon the scene with a young dude slyly entering a bathroom. The shower is running. The grin on his face is a particular type of one, a “_____ eating” one, with the blank describing something quite unpleasant if one were to take it literally. He’s clutching a very, very full water balloon, so instantly it’s apparent: he is up to no good. He sneaks into the bathroom and reaches over the shower curtain.

Girl Scared By Her Own Face Paint36s

Girl Scared By Her Own Face Paint

This girl is literally scared by her very own face paint. Her reaction is too hilarious for words. Here's what happens in the video. A young girl walks with her mom up the stairs before looking in a mirror. Her mom painted the girl's face like a witch for Halloween. When she sees it, she screams, and cries "I don't want it any more." She's so scared of her own reflection! She begins to cry. Her sister says "she looks so pissed" and Mom covers the other girl's mouth. This is definitely a Halloween gone very wrong! Thankfully, we get to see it all!

Don't Test A Boy In A Dress54s

Don't Test A Boy In A Dress

Don't test a boy in a dress, because this one looks like it really hurt! Here's what happens in the video. A boy dressed in girl's clothes dances to music, and is goofing around. His dad says, ""you make one ugly girl....who's dress is that?" To which the boy replies, "mine." That's when he accidentally hits his dad in the groin with a golf club. The man falls to the ground and is writing in pain. He asks to be left alone, and say that he's gonna throw up. The person off camera laughs hysterically at the situation, and the woman off camera tells them not to laugh. This looks like it's gotta hurt...