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The Cutest Version of Row Row Row Your Boat You Will Ever See35s

The Cutest Version of Row Row Row Your Boat You Will Ever See

This adorable tot girl sings her version of Row Row Row Your Boat and it is simply precious. Her mom loves her singing and can't stop smiling. She must be so proud to have such a talented singer in her house. When singing, it does not matter if you know all the words, if you are in sync or if you have any music talent. The most important thing is that you have fun! What is the point of knowing all of the words if you have no fun while singing them? This girl is an amazing singer, and her mom must be extremely proud! We know that we would be. Perfect! Kids and music. Is there a better combination? We think not. A house with a cheerful child like this one in the video is anything but boring. It must be a party non-stop with a singer like this!

Hilarious 24s

Hilarious "Toothy" Baby Laugh

Baby laughs are so contagious, aren’t they? Especially this adorably baby right it. But what may look like a bucked tooth grin is really just a cracker sticking out of the baby’s mouth! But the hilarious mishaps has the mother in a fit of laughter which makes baby start to laugh as well. Truly hits you in all the feels.

Aww!! Adorable Baby Makes Surprised Faces32s

Aww!! Adorable Baby Makes Surprised Faces

This adorable baby is making the most hilarious surprised faces! The mom is making noises and blowing raspberries and the baby must not have ever heard these kinds of noises before because they look so shocked. The mom’s laughter is so contagious as she giggles at her silly baby.

Caught On the Security Camera10m27s

Caught On the Security Camera

Security camera’s are everywhere and it’s almost like big brother is always watching us. In this case big brother was certainly watching these epically hilarious fails caught on security footage. Everything from falling off ladders to falling down the stairs anyone can be caught in the hilarious act with a hidden camera.

Published: September 17, 201820 views
Where'd This Sassy Baby Learn to Roll Her Eyes?!28s

Where'd This Sassy Baby Learn to Roll Her Eyes?!

Who did this baby learn to roll her eyes from?! This little baby has quite the attitude. In the video, the mom keeps asking the baby to be nice, but she keeps rolling her eyes! If she’s this sassy as a baby, just imagine how she’ll be when she’s a teenager!

Published: September 17, 2018
Mini Toddler REALLY Doesn't Understand Mini Golf31s

Mini Toddler REALLY Doesn't Understand Mini Golf

Golf is a wonderful sport that requires patience and perseverance. But, every golf player will tell you that sometimes they also lose their nerves, just like any other people do, and do some impolite things they know they shouldn’t have! But, who can really blame them? We are all humans after all! Just like a tot boy in this video! He is so cute and funny that you don’t want to miss him! This clip shows this adorable tot boy standing in a middle of mini golf court and tries to hit a golf ball beside the hole but fails more than once. No matter what this little ball won’t get into that whole and this little fellow gets frustrated, throws his golf club repeatedly, and kicks his ball away! LOL! Well, I have to admit I don’t normally appreciate that kind of behavior. But, there’s an exception to every rule! This tot boy is so funny that I really don’t mind his anger this time.

Published: September 17, 2018
Dog Completely Disappears in Giant Pile of Leaves37s

Dog Completely Disappears in Giant Pile of Leaves

This adorable golden retriever completely disappears into a giant pile of leaves after her mom throws a big red ball into the pile. She chases the ball into the leaves and looks like she’s having so much fun trying to find it! This is the ultimate game of fetch!

Published: September 17, 2018
Funniest Baby Reactions10m20s

Funniest Baby Reactions

When you think of baby reactions you probably think of them crying first and then probably laughing and smiling. This video of baby reactions will certainly throw you for a loop! The element of shock and surprise is seriously hilarious on a baby. Especially when they see their reflections in the mirror for the first time or get seriously freaked out by jack-in-the-box.

Funniest Babies of the Week!10m23s

Funniest Babies of the Week!

Aren’t babies just the cutest? Okay maybe you’re a baby person, and maybe you aren’t but I guarantee you will get a laugh out of these sweet babies. Straight from the mouths of babes prepare yourself for the funniest babies of the week. Everything from excitement over chocolate to farm animal mishaps this will surely make you smile.

Family Tube FAIL | Wait For It31s

Family Tube FAIL | Wait For It

If you’ve ever been tubing behind a boat, you KNOW that you’ll probably fly off at some point. This hilarious clip shows a family enjoying the best summer activity ever and a huge wave comes while the boat is doing donuts and they all fly off. Perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day!

Published: September 17, 2018
Vandalism Clip 333s

Vandalism Clip 3

Tot boy drew with marker all over the bathroom floor, toilet, and walls. Mess.

Published: September 14, 201810 views
Vandalism Clip 221s

Vandalism Clip 2

Twin tot boys wrote all over themselves, the bed, and the bedroom walls with markers. Mess.

Published: September 14, 2018
Noise Complaint 311s

Noise Complaint 3

A woman records a video while she walks down the sidewalk to a parked car that honks its horn. She goes up to the window and sees a dog in the driver seat with its paw on the horn.

Published: September 14, 2018
Vandalism Clip 121s

Vandalism Clip 1

A woman scolds her tot daughter indoors after she draws all over her face with marker. She asks her what she did and the girl says she made a kitty cat face.

Published: September 14, 2018
Public Humiliation 339s

Public Humiliation 3

Son can't bear to see his dad meet with his teacher wearing this blue and black winter sweater that according to the kid is a fashion no no. This kid really doesn't want his dad to wear the sweater and his reaction is absolutely hilarious.

Published: September 14, 201812 views
Public Humiliation 21m20s

Public Humiliation 2

A man dances in a parking lot along with loud music while his teen daughter tries to hide in a car.

Published: September 14, 201813 views
Public Humiliation 157s

Public Humiliation 1

After I first took this video my parents actually made me stop showing people and wouldnt let me send it to AFV because my brother was so embarrassed. Its been about 7 years so I think it should ok now. This video is of my brother singing in front of the mirror after a shower. He had no idea I was there! Ha ha ha!

Published: September 14, 2018
Noise Complaint 21m13s

Noise Complaint 2

A baby boy cries when the music is turned up on a stereo, but he is the one turning the music up.

Published: September 14, 2018
Noise Complaint 110s

Noise Complaint 1

A baby boy pouts and starts to cry when his mom sings a loud and operatic version of "Somewhere over the rainbow."

Published: September 14, 2018
Gift-Wrapped Office1m50s

Gift-Wrapped Office

A woman walks into her office where all the objects are gift wrapped due to an April Fools prank. Practical joke.

Published: September 13, 2018