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Amusement Park Thrill1m06s

Amusement Park Thrill

For some people amusement park rides are less than amusing. Thrill rides can be scary and for these two young guys, one was excited and the other was far from it. Right before the rides takes off he wants to get off. He says to his mom he can’t do it. But unfortunately for him it is just too late. He’s already strapped in and time has run out. The ride shoots him up and he screams his face off and then passes out. He comes too and passes out again. It’s hilarious but we are glad he is okay.

Published: February 12, 2018
Caged Brother1m01s

Caged Brother

Brothers and sisters will love and will also be your worst enemy. Much like sour patch kids. Sometimes siblings can be sour and sometimes they can be sweet. In this case this little sister has one goal and that is to trap her little brother under a laundry basket. How does she get him in there? Using a graham cracker as bait of course! She puts the graham cracker in the basket and coaxes her brother to go into the basket to get the cracker and boom! He didn’t even see it coming. Poor little guy. Trapped under a basket.

Published: February 12, 2018
Rebel Baby Wants Water40s

Rebel Baby Wants Water

This rebellious baby wants to take a drink of water out of the glass, despite his mother's many protests.

Published: February 12, 2018
Puppy Leg Workout39s

Puppy Leg Workout

Sometimes it’s leg day at the gym and sometimes it’s arm day. Somedays we go to the gym and somedays we don’t. For this pup it was leg day on the treadmill. This adorable dog has two paws off the treadmill and his back two legs are moving along with the tread. It looks rather complex and as a human I don’t think I could do this sideways strut but for this little one it is not a problem at all. I seriously can’t believe how cute this dog is and the owner must be excited to discover that taking him for a walk just got a lot easier.

Weird Angry Goat46s

Weird Angry Goat

Who doesn’t love a goat but what about a goat that sticks their tongue out at you? This goat caught on camera is very protective of his fence and is trying to act intimidating, but the big keyword here is trying. This odd tongue noise is anything but scary and more endearing but none-the-less this little guy, or girl, is using his tongue to scare the woman holding the camera. He has no shaming in popping up over the fence and letting his crazy tongue fly in the face of danger, or lack there of should we say? Truly funny clip.

Birthday Surprise Fainting1m10s

Birthday Surprise Fainting

We all hope for one surprise birthday party in our lives thinking we will be pleasantly surprised and excited but what happens when a surprise goes terribly wrong? For this woman it was all a bit too much for her to handle. Not to mention she entered the party blind folded! So when a bunch of your friends and family suddenly yell SURPRISE I can see how that is overwhelming. She screamed and hit the floor in a sudden faint of excitement. After being on the ground for a few seconds her family came to her rescue and continued on with the fun.

Crazy Hyper Dog54s

Crazy Hyper Dog

Growing up we always want a nice dog to play with and snuggle with and take on long walks . But, what happens when the dog literally is so hyper? For this family, it’s totally fine. Between the kids giggling and telling the dog to “get it,” there is nothing this dog name Psycho won’t get excited over. He will continue to go in circles chasing nothing but his tale and running around the room for no apparent reason chasing nothing. This dog, Psycho, is one of a kind and honestly truly exhausting. Good thing these kids have a lot of energy too.

Daddy Burping an Air Baby16s

Daddy Burping an Air Baby

Life is hard for new parents. They are so happy about their bundle of joy but also they are extremely exhausted. Anytime they have to close their eyes is a blessing. This dad took the opportunity to fall asleep and during his slumber though he was burping and comforting his child only to see the noise and cries were coming from right next to him with the mama holding the baby. Poor dad has no idea he’s burping nothing but air. It’s okay he doesn’t need to know. Let’s just let him keep sleeping while he has the chance too.

Butterfly Tragedy47s

Butterfly Tragedy

Just like life isn’t always easy for us life isn’t always easy for a butterfly either. This butterfly is set free only to be struck by tragedy. It’s seriously sad, but maybe the butterfly didn’t want to go. After all it didn’t want to leave the girls finger. Perhaps the butterfly knew just what the real world was all about. It felt safe in its cage but one would think a butterfly would want to be free. No one saw what happened to the butterfly coming. Poor monarch butterfly. I guess that is just the circle of life for ya.


"Cute Toddler WIth Heavy Backpack"

"Is there anyone who doesn't like funny baby videos? Especially when they wear backpacks heavier than their body weight. And when they fail to maintain their balance, that's when we throw our heads back and laugh out loud! Parents these days record almost every moment of their kid's growth. And we are very thankful for that endless source of happiness and joy. Adorable baby videos are precious, timeless memories. Unlike adults, babies don't hold grudges. They won't complain if you make fun of them, they just move on with being awesome. Toddlers are so happy to learn new stuff, and they will keep you engaged and active making you have fun too. Take this cute tot for example. Her backpack is so heavy that she can't help falling on the ground. But she is ambitious to stand up and try again. That is what we love about little kids. They don't give up until they succeed! Truly inspiring, right?"


"Silly Toddler Sticks Her Tongue Out"

"Sticking their tongue out is officially a 'thing' between toddlers. And they are not ashamed of it, not at all. This girl's mom asked her to sing the 'ABC'. Her reaction of innocently sticking her tongue out as she looks in the mirror was so funny, that we can't stop laughing. Kids often copy the behaviour they've seen in older children. Some parents may find it adorable, but others think that showing off tongue is not a good trait for their youngsters. But everyone will agree that there is no better fun than children.They just can't help making fool of themselves, it's like they are bond to make silly stuff. Just as this little girl in the video. She sings the alphabet for her mom next to the mirror. The baby girl makes funny faces and sticks her tongue out, because she feels like it. So lovely! Don’t you adore how tots like to keep things pretty entertaining?"


"Funny Girl Sings Ariana Grande's 'Focus'"

"The greatest teen idol Ariana Grande is definitely a hit maker. The funny girl in this video, dances with a stick and sings Ariana's song 'Focus' in the kitchen. Her little sister records the hilarious performance. They both inspire laughter so much! Remember that age of innocence when we could sing along with our favorite singer and throw some dance moves? Everyone does! We used many household objects as microphones and it was pretty entertaining. So don't be surprised if your kids have the same obsession too. It is part of every kid's childhood. The two sisters in this video had a lot of fun singing in the kitchen. 'Is it my turn?' - said the little girl with her cute accent. Her sister was so into the act, she didn't even hear her saying that. There is nothing greater than the bond between siblings. It promises endless amount of joy and funny videos too."


"Bored Golden Retriever Plays with Pong Pong Ball"

"We all know that dogs can get so excited when playing games like 'fetch', but even canines have mood swings sometimes. For example, this Golden Retriever looks so bored to play with his ping pong ball. And his owner is aware of that, but he still continues the game. Dogs are easily entertained just as a three-year-old toddler is always amused by 'peek-a-boo' game. You'll be surprised by the fact that some dogs act so human alike. Just as 'Bailey' the famous internet Golden Retriever. The latest photos of Bailey doing human things include car-wash in a bikini, playing poker, reading books, etc. There are big chances that your kids or nephews have already seen Bailey and we can't blame them. Who can resist Retrievers' charm? The dog in this video looks so bored and tired, but he still plays 'fetch' with his owner. That's what real friends are for, right?"

Dog Cage Mishap20s

Dog Cage Mishap

A woman stumbles into her dog's cage and it collapses on her.

Published: February 9, 2018