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Beagle Dog Wants A Burger17s

Beagle Dog Wants A Burger

Every dog owner should know this golden rule: Never leave any food on a counter if you don’t want your dog to snitch it! Honestly, I never had a dog who didn’t look for the way to steal some more food or at least take the opportunity of grabbing an extra bite. I always wondered if this was only my fate to have such foodies for my dogs. But after seeing this video, I feel much better about it! LOL! It shows an adorable Beagle pup who tries to get the last burger left on a counter beside a grill. He jumps to snitch it, but it seems that he cannot reach it. So, he does it over and over again until he finally gets it! OMG, what a persistence! I have to admit that this little one totally managed to overshadow all of my “we want more food” pups! LOL!

How To Lose Your Loose Tooth27s

How To Lose Your Loose Tooth

Losing a tooth is a pretty big deal for every kid. It’s never easy to do it by yourself, so a little bit of help is always welcome! Well, almost always! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s about a young girl with a loose tooth who is afraid to pull it out, so she takes her favorite doll to help her out. This sweet young girl, named Brooklyn, is standing together with her tot brother Jack and holds her doll that's tied to her loose tooth but is too nervous to drop it from a table. Her mom encourages her to drop it, but she keeps hesitating. And when she doesn't do it herself, her tot brother Jack pushes the doll out of Brooklyn’s hands and her tooth comes out! LOL! I can’t help but wonder if he is going to be as brave when the time comes for pulling his loose teeth! LOL!

Tot Boy Befriends With A Fawn37s

Tot Boy Befriends With A Fawn

Who would have ever thought that a toddler and a wild animal offspring can become such great friends? Honestly, I always assumed that something like that happens only in the movies, but according to this video it does in real life too! And, it is so adorable that you really have to check it out! This video shows a sweet baby boy and his best friend, the cutest baby deer I have ever seen, having fun together in a backyard. The boy tries to take a watering can, and each time he reaches for it, the fawn licks his ear and tickles him! OMG, take a look how cute these two are together! I have to admit that this is one of the loveliest videos I’ve seen in a while! So, if you are looking for something to cheer you up this video is the one, just make sure to prepare yourself for the serious cuteness overload! LOL!

How To Scare Your Mother In Law31s

How To Scare Your Mother In Law

Nothing can really beat good old school pranks! No matter how many times you’ve seen any of them, they are always so funny! Just like the one in this video. This classic is called “How to scare your mother in law,” and it’s absolutely hilarious, so you better check it out! A man hides under a blanket on the couch and waits for his mother in law to come in. So, when she does, he waits until she comes closer, jumps out and screams! They both start to laugh, and the lady asks where the camera is! LOL! He points his finger at it and says, “right there!” OMG, it seems that these two, the mother and the son in law, really cherish the tradition of good old pranks and have loads of fun together! I can hardly wait to see what the next hilarious gag is going to be! LOL!

The Aftermath Of A Little Girl Rubbing Yogurt In Her Hair35s

The Aftermath Of A Little Girl Rubbing Yogurt In Her Hair

If you are a parent, you’ll know that if you leave a toddler unattended at mealtime, a hilarious thing is bound to happen. There’s something about food that inspires the kids to play with it rather than eat it as they should. And the little girl from this video is definitely not an exception to that rule that toddlers have! You just have to check out her dinner adventures! As the clip begins, you can see this little girl sitting in her high chair with an empty bowl of yogurt on her high chair tray. And did she eat all the yogurt, you may wonder? Well, you bet she didn’t! Her dad approaches her and finds out that the little girl used all of her yogurt for a face and hair mask! LOL! She got caught red handed! Her whole head is covered in yogurt, and you can tell that she knows that she’s in trouble because she can’t move! So funny!

When A Dog Is Bigger Than Its Human Friend22s

When A Dog Is Bigger Than Its Human Friend

Having a dog is such a blessing, but when your dog is significantly bigger than you, things can easily become hilarious! Especially when a dog is a big Danish like, and you are a little toddler! LOL! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see how funny it can be when your dog is so in the mood for playing. A tot boy and his big best four-legged friend are playing together in a backyard. The dog is running all over the place and plays with a little boy. But when she sees that her little human friend is running to his other human friend who stands on the other side of a fence, this big lovely pup runs over there and jumps on the boy’s back. The boy gets so surprised and starts to cry, and then runs to his mom. But the dog runs after him again and knocks him down! LOL!

Tot Boy Learns How To Jump Into A Pool6s

Tot Boy Learns How To Jump Into A Pool

What can be a better way to spend a lovely sunny day than by the pool? You get to enjoy the sun, and when you feel too hot, you just jump right into the pool for a nice cooling. Just like a boy in this video, but with a funny twist you really have to check out! This video shows a tot boy who is having fun at the pool and learns how to jump into the water all by himself. He stands at the edge of the pool while his mom counts down. At the count of three, he tries to jump into the water but doesn't jump far enough and hits his rear end on the edge of the pool and slides down! LOL! I’m sure the next jump will be much more successful, and by the end of the summer, this little kid will be ready for the Olympics! LOL!

Tot Boy Craving For Nuts Is All Of Us At One Point In Life36s

Tot Boy Craving For Nuts Is All Of Us At One Point In Life

Have you ever craved for a specific food? I did for sure! And I especially hate those moments in which I crave for some chocolate at 12 at night. Or when eating strawberries in winter is an absolute must. This is the reason why this hilarious video of a cute boy craving for nuts is something I can definitely relate to. At the beginning of the video, we see a boy approaching the kitchens counter and shouting “nuts, nuts.” Soon enough, we will see him holding a jar, presumably with peanuts in it, and shouting even harder. We can see that he is struggling to open his jar and his excitement about the treat in it. Finally, his mom helps him open the jar, and we see him go nuts about it! Hilarious! This video is so funny because it perfectly describes how every one of us feels when we find our favorite food. Would you agree?

Boy Laughs As Several Ducklings Crawl Over Him In Swimming Pool35s

Boy Laughs As Several Ducklings Crawl Over Him In Swimming Pool

There are so many amusing activities to choose from on a hot summer day. One of them is lying down in a small swimming pool with a dozen of little ducks swimming around you! If you just can’t imagine this kind of thing, you absolutely have to watch this funny video! As the video begins, we can see a little boy laying in his toy swimming pool and trying to cool down on a hot summer day. But he’s not the only one using that pool. Several baby ducks are swimming around him while others are crawling all over him! How funny is that? The boy can’t help but laugh out loud because the ducklings are tickling him. Those ducklings are having a blast! Absolutely hilarious! “Dad, look, I’m like a jungle gym!”, the little boy shouts to his dad. Eventually, some of the ducklings get bored of the pool and try to get out so the boy freaks out. This has to be the funniest thing you have seen in quite a while!

Boy Reads No Pet Waste Sign And Then Steps In Dog Poop50s

Boy Reads No Pet Waste Sign And Then Steps In Dog Poop

This hilarious video is brimming with hilarious events! If you were feeling down, the adventures of this little boy will help you cheer up instantly! We all know that learning how to read is a pretty long process. And it’s not the easiest thing in the world either. But you know what they say, if there’s a will, there's a way. And that’s exactly this little boy's philosophy. He couldn’t possibly read the ‘no pet waste sign” but that didn’t stop him from trying. He manages to recognize a few letters in each of the words on the sign and those few letters inspire him to tell his own story. LOL! Not knowing how to read doesn’t stop him from telling his own story about the sign. How cute is he? But that's not even by far the funniest part of the video. At the very end, this little boy steps in dog poop. LOL! How ironic is that?

Hilarious Kids Have A Blast Mimicking Yoga Couple In The Park27s

Hilarious Kids Have A Blast Mimicking Yoga Couple In The Park

Let’s take a minute to talk about music. Everyone loves music. If anyone in your life says that they don’t like music, get them out of your life IMMEDIATELY! Music makes the world go around! Well, not technically. In reality, the mix of the gravitational pull of the moon, the lava swirling around in the earth’s core and…you know, probably the wind is the reason the earth spins all day and all night long. Hey guys, have we ever looked into this? What if one day the wind stopped blowing? Would the planet stop spinning? That would be a real trip. We’d all be jangling about on the street, running into each other and cars screeching and people screaming and we’d all look for an answer and we’d realize. “Huh…no wind? Who would have guessed that?” Not me, guy in the street! Not me.

A Dog Blows Into A Hole In The Ground12s

A Dog Blows Into A Hole In The Ground

Dogs are such incredible and super smart creatures who like to do all sorts of stuff, which we often find very funny. Most of them are actually natural instinct based, but the one in this video totally confuses me! It’s so hilarious that you really have to check it out! This video shows an adorable hunting dog who just dug a hole in the ground and now he is blowing into it! LOL! I have to admit I have absolutely no idea what for! As a dog owner, I do know a thing or two about dogs, but this one is a piece of news for me. My dog doesn’t even dig holes very often, let alone blowing into them. I even tried to google it, and still didn’t find the reasonable answer! So, if you have any idea, please let me know! I am so curious to figure it out! LOL!

Cute Dog Sings His Favorite Song47s

Cute Dog Sings His Favorite Song

Dogs are such amazing animals! They never cease to amaze us with their talents! And cute pooch from this video definitely is one of those incredibly talented dogs! If you thought that your canine companions can’t be good singers, this video is here to blow your mind! As the video begins, you can see two girls and a dog watching a movie. In the background you can hear the song Tomorrow from the movie “Annie”, and you can tell that this cute dog loves the song! Oh, how cute is he? He can’t help but howl and bark along! OMG, how precious is that? This dog’s found his favorite song and he just can’t get enough of it! “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow! You’ll always a day away!” Here’s your proof that dogs can sing! Isn't this the cutest video you have ever seen? Too cute for words if you ask me!

Homemade Slip-N-Slide Makes The Best Of A Rainy Day35s

Homemade Slip-N-Slide Makes The Best Of A Rainy Day

If you have ever thought that a rainy day is not the option for outdoor fun, check out this video and think again! There are so many amusing and interesting things you can do outside when it rains, from taking a long walk in a park to doing something much more adventurous, like organizing a puddle-splashing contest for example, or making a homemade slip-n-slide, just like the one in this video. It’s so amazingly funny that you really have to check this video out! It shows a whole family making the best of a rainy summer day by making a huge slip-n-slide in their hilly back-yard. They run down the hill one by one and jump on the bag to slide down, but when two women try to do it together things become hilarious! They start running together, holding hands, but one of them trips and falls, but she also takes the bag down the hill with her! LOL!

Baby Girl Laughs At A Dog Catching Popcorn35s

Baby Girl Laughs At A Dog Catching Popcorn

There is nothing more adorable than a baby that laughs! It’s the sweetest music to the ears, and this video is all about it! It’s such a great mood lifter, you absolutely have to check it out. But what makes it really hilarious is the reason why a baby in this video laughs about. This adorable baby girl is sitting in her baby walker in the middle of a living room. Her family is also there with her, along with their best four-legged friend, a beautiful German Shepard dog. Her dad is throwing popcorn to their pup, and each time he catches it, this lovely baby girl starts to laugh! OMG, how adorable that is! I bet they could keep doing this all day long! And I totally understand them! They are really having a blessed time together and the only thing I can say, I’m sorry I couldn’t really be there with them too!

Man Drifts Away On Ice While Shoveling Snow21s

Man Drifts Away On Ice While Shoveling Snow

Winter is such an amazing season! There are so many fun winter activities to choose from. Ice skating, snowball fights, sledding, you name it, both kids and adults love it. However, winter comes with not so exciting responsibilities, too. For example, shoveling snow in your backyard. Although it might seem like a simple activity, shoveling the snow comes with its own challenges. If you don’t believe me, just check out this hilarious video. As the clip begins, you can see a man shoveling snow in his backyard. At first, he shovels away without a single worry on his mind, but then something unexpected happens. The man slowly drifts away from the little hill where he was shoveling. LOL! By the end of the video, you won’t even be able to see him anymore. He drifted away in an unknown direction! Isn’t this the funniest snow shoveling fail that you have ever seen? So hilarious!

Camping Man Splashes Hard In Rope Swing Fail27s

Camping Man Splashes Hard In Rope Swing Fail

Rope swing fails almost always occur because people, generally, make the same mistakes when they are first getting set up for the swing. It doesn’t mean that the fails are not funny. No, it is almost always funny to watch someone be terrible at using a rope swing. Whether it is a leaping attempt to grabbing a swing hanging over a lake or river, or if it is trying to snag a stationary swing from the shore. The problem, when it comes to rope swing fails, is that people always grab the rope too low. And then you get situations like this guy who isn’t high enough to ride the swing above the water without sluicing through the water. Of course, it might also be that he is an adult and he pulls the swing down with his weight in a way that a kid would not. Mostly though it is because the man grabs the swing from too low of a starting position. Fun fact, camping is thought to have been popularized by British adventurer and writer, Thomas Hiram Holding. A couple of articles that we read said that recreational camping was actually popularized in England in the 1880s in combination with the Victorian era obsession with pleasure boats, especially along the river Thames. The boats were actually used to transport tents that were quite heavy and more resembled pavilion tents than the tents we traditionally think about for camping. This is where Mr. Holding comes into play. He wrote a few books about his camping adventures through America and Ireland that kind of kicked off an English obsession with camping that eventually made it’s way over to the United States.

Funny Pup Hates The Idea Of A TV Room18s

Funny Pup Hates The Idea Of A TV Room

If any dog owner could ask his or her pup does it prefer to sit down and watch TV or to go outside and play fetch, I’m quite sure that the vast majority of our best four-legged friends would vote outdoors fun! And the one in this video is no different, and he is not ashamed to show it! It’s so hilarious that you really have to check it out! This video shows an adorable pup who is taking a tour around a new house with his lady owner. She is showing him around their new home. Both of them seem very excited about this big spacious apartment. The woman is especially thrilled about a big bright room where she plans to put a big TV, but when she tells that to her cute little pup, he runs in the center of it and poops! LOL! I guess that’s how he feels about having a TV room in their new home! LOL!

Hilarious Dog Incredibly Excited For Dinner1m03s

Hilarious Dog Incredibly Excited For Dinner

If you are a dog owner, you’ll know how overwhelmed with excitement pooches get when they hear the word “dinner”. The word dinner, especially when pronounced by their owners, sounds like music to their ears. If you have never seen a dog incredibly excited for his dinner, you definitely have to check out this hilarious video! All dogs look forward to having dinner, but not all of them get this excited! This hilarious pooch's reaction to dinner is next level! As the video begins, you can hear a woman telling her dog to get his bowl. Say no more! He jumps right away and goes to his doghouse to look for the bowl. Even though he manages to find it immediately, he can’t get out of his little dog house because he’s too excited about his upcoming dinner! LOL! Eventually, he manages to contain his excitement for a moment and gets out of the dog house. So funny!

Man Receives The Most Adorable Surprise Present48s

Man Receives The Most Adorable Surprise Present

Siblings love pranking each other and that’s not a secret they try to hide! But happens when a woman decides to prank her brother with no bad intentions, but he doesn’t believe her? You have to watch this video to find out! Even though it might not seem like it in the beginning, this video is actually too cute for words! This woman has prepared a surprise for her brother and that surprise is hidden in a bag at the beginning of the clip. The woman hands the bag to her brother asking him to open it. He approaches the bag determined to open it, but then, the bag moves and he freaks out! The man runs away as far as he can because he gets scared of a possible tarantula waiting for him in the mystery bag. Eventually, he gathers all of his courage, comes back and opens the bag. It’s not a tarantula, it an adorable little kitten! OMG! Absolutely adorable!

Kids Having Fun With Their Dad Riding An Office Chair10s

Kids Having Fun With Their Dad Riding An Office Chair

Playing and having fun with your kids is really important! It helps to create a strong bond between you, as an adult and their patent, and them, your young offspring. It also contributes to building confidence and trust! But the funnier it gets better it works! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It shows a dad and his two young boys having loads of fun riding an office chair together in a parking lot! LOL! The dad is sitting in the office chair with both of his sons sitting in his lap, and they roll between the cars on the small parking lot until they get to the edge and fall over, all three of them and start to laugh! OMG, isn’t that funny or what?! I love those parents children funny video! They are often so hilarious, but they also deliver the strong message too!

Funny Cat Loves Pinball23s

Funny Cat Loves Pinball

Pinball is such fun game to play! I can do it for hours, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. I know a couple of people who are so into it they can easily go professional when it comes to playing this game. But who has ever thought that a cat could go crazy about it too?! LOL! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It is so cute and funny that you really have to check it out! This video shows an adorable black feline who is having so much fun chasing the ball while her human friend is playing some pinball. She is standing on the pinball cabinet and tries catching a ball. She spins around and runs up and down all over the board! LOL! It seems like she could go on like this all day long and never gets tired of it!

Twin Boys Keep Stealing Pacifiers From Each Other55s

Twin Boys Keep Stealing Pacifiers From Each Other

We can all agree that not many things in this world are as adorable as babies. And twin babies, that’s just cuteness overload! Interactions between twin babies are so precious! If you don’t believe me, you have to check out this adorable video! This cute clip shows twin baby boys having so much fun having a bath. They’ve both got their pacifiers, but you know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And the same goes for pacifiers. The pacifier that you’re brother’s got is always the best one. So that’s why those little ones can’t help but take pacifiers from each other over and over again! Oh, how funny are they? This is the cutest case of twins rivalry I have ever seen! I could watch them play this cute game all they long! Too cute for words if you ask me!

Tot Boy Helps His Father To Change A Broke Tire35s

Tot Boy Helps His Father To Change A Broke Tire

Isn’t it so cute when you see a kid who really gives his best to help out his or her parents with housework and other things they need to do in or around their home? Especially when a kid is just a toddler, like the one in this video. He is so cute and funny that you really have to check this video out! It shows an adorable tot boy who wants to help his dad change a broken tire on a lawnmower. His dad asks him to roll it down for him. The kid takes the tire and tries to flip it, but then he realizes that if he only pushes it, it will roll easier and faster. So, the boy uprights the tire and lets it roll down the hill, but it passes the lawnmower where his father needed it! LOL! He points his finger at the rolling tire and says “See daddy!” and when his father “thanks” him for that, he says “You’re welcome!” LOL!

Funny Cat’s Parkour Skills10s

Funny Cat’s Parkour Skills

We all know that our beloved dogs love to follow us around the house and wherever else we go, but did you know that some of the cats love to do that too? Well, according to this funny video they do, and the one in this video is totally hilarious! She loves to follow her human friend around so much that they turned her habit into a game of chasing. A man runs throughout the apartment while his cat is chasing him by using her natural innate parkour skills. She jumps into the kitchen, bounces off the refrigerator, and into another room without touching the floor. OMG, did you see that?! This beautiful black feline looks more like a mini panther than a regular domestic cat! She is so amazing that you really have to check this video out, especially if you are a cat person just like I am!