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Little Girl Forgets How To Sing ABC’s30s

Little Girl Forgets How To Sing ABC’s

The best way for learning new things is by having fun! That is the well-known truth. The reason why we quickly learn the alphabet hides in that fact. We have so much fun while singing the ABC song and learning seems so easy. Don’t you agree? Just take a look at this video, and you will see what I mean. A little girl is learning the alphabet, and what is the best way to do it than singing the ABC song? She is so cute while singing it, and even I started singing along with her. Hilarious! In one moment, it seems like she forgot the song and then she says “I am stuck.” Simply adorable! This girl is too cute for her own good, and I am melting in front of the screen on the site of her cuteness. Kids are just amazing! That's why we love them so much. Even when they forget ABC song. We are ready to forgive them.

Baby Boy Only Laughs For Mom31s

Baby Boy Only Laughs For Mom

There’s is possibly nothing quite as precious as a baby’s first laughter! We can all agree that not many things in this world are near as special as a playful giggle of an infant. If you were feeling down, this video of a giggling baby will not fail to cheer you up instantly! As the video begins you can see an adorable baby boy as he lays on a bed in a bedroom. You can tell that he’s having the time of his life because he’s giggling and chuckling in the most adorable way ever! His mom is making silly faces and noises to him while pretending to fall on the bed over him. That funny little game seems to be the most exciting thing in the world according to this adorable boy! But wait, there’s a plot twist to this story. Baby boy’s dad switches places with mom and tries to entertain the little boy in the same way she has previously done. Oh, no! The boy stops laughing and even starts crying! Poor dad! LOL! Baby boy will only laugh to mom’s jokes!

Baby Goat Falls Asleep In A Man’s Arms27s

Baby Goat Falls Asleep In A Man’s Arms

Baby goats are such amazing little creatures! They are definitely one of the most cheerful animal offspring I have ever seen, but the one in this video is the cutest! This baby goat obviously had a day full of adventures and now he is so tired and sleepy. He is sitting in his human friend lap, all comfortably wrapped in a blanket, so calm and serene. The man whispers into his ears in the most hypnotizing voice to go to sleep and so he does! OMG, just watch how this cute baby goat starts shutting his eyes while his head slowly falls backward! The whole scene is so adorable and calming, that almost put me to sleep, but with the joyful smile on my face and a hear full of love and tenderness! So, if you are looking for a video that will feel warm and fuzzy inside, this video it the right thing for you! Enjoy!

Little Boy’s Hilarious Adventures On A Slide10s

Little Boy’s Hilarious Adventures On A Slide

I can’t imagine a better way to make the most of a hot summer afternoon than spending it on a playground. At least all the kids can agree with me on this one! There are so many fun activities to choose from when you are on a playground. But, for whatever reason, slides are among the most popular playground features. And the little boy from this video will sure agree on that one with me! You just have to check out his hilarious playground adventures! As the clip begins, you can see a little boy sitting on the top of a slide. He’s preparing to go down the slide, and you can tell that he’s really excited about that! You go, little one! Ready, set and go! He slides down perfectly but when it comes to landing on the ground, he fails gloriously! LOL! He didn't think the whole thing through! LOL! So hilarious!

A Toad Gets A Free Ride From A Turtle26s

A Toad Gets A Free Ride From A Turtle

There are all sorts of unusual friendships, but the one in this video really beats most of them. It is so adorable and lovely that you absolutely have to check it out! This video shows a turtle and a toad than makes the best of friends. The two of them are hanging out together in the turtle’s pool and having so much fun. The turtle is swimming while the toad is jumping around but mistakes his best friend for rock and jumps on his back! Only when the turtle starts swimming again, the toad realizes that this is not just a regular rock, but a free ride! Woo-hoo! How cool is that?! I bet the toad could keep on doing this all day long, but I’m not quite sure if the turtle would agree. It seems that his idea of having fun with his friend in a pool doesn’t really include free rides! LOL!

Halloween Joke: Toddler Boy Gets Arrested For Drugs47s

Halloween Joke: Toddler Boy Gets Arrested For Drugs

Halloween is the best time of the year! If you don’t take Christmas into account, of course. And the best thing about Halloween is the fact that the most bizarre stuff can happen. Let’s take this clip as an example! This hilarious video shows the cutest scene of arrestment that you have ever seen. You absolutely have to check it out! As the video begins, you can see a little boy sitting in a dark corner. A man dressed as a police officer, who’s probably his dad, points a flashlight directly into the tot boy’s face. He accuses this little boy of being an intoxicated individual and tells him to put his hands against the wall. LOL! The man even pretends to find drugs on this tot boy and tells him that he’ll need to take arrest him for that! LOL! The boy can’t even stand up on him his own, but he’s already committed a felony! LOL! How funny is this Halloween joke? So hilarious!

Dog Runs Up A Slide And Slides Back Down14s

Dog Runs Up A Slide And Slides Back Down

Slides can be such fun for a whole family, kids, adults, and dogs - all included! But if you don’t believe it’s true, check out this video and see it for yourself! It’s so cute and funny that you really have to check it out! It shows an adorable pup who likes to have fun on a slide. But the way he does is so hilarious! This cute pup loves to run a slide and to reach the top. But it seems that a slide in this video is a bit too high or better said long for him. Each time he takes a run he gets almost to the top but misses only a step or two to get up there really. Instead, he just slides back down and starts all over again! LOL! But he still loves it! I bet he could keep trying all day long and I just can’t help, but wonder has he ever made it? LOL!

The Ultimate Puppy Cuddle21s

The Ultimate Puppy Cuddle

We can all agree that not many creatures in this world are as lovable as puppies. They are incredibly adorable! And among all dog breeds, Saint Bernard puppies are definitely one of the cutest ones! Can you imagine being surrounded by six Saint Bernard puppies? That’s just what dreams are made of! And that’s what happened to the guy from this video, too! You just have to check out this incredible clip! Cutest thing I’ve ever seen alert! As the video begins, you can see a man running into a room. He looks behind his back and at that moment the cutest bunch of puppies appears behind him! OMG! There are six of them and they are absolutely adorable! The man lies down on the floor and all of those six pooches surround him and start playing with him! How precious are those puppies? This is the ultimate puppy cuddle! Too cute to handle!

How Not To Ride A Motorcycle10s

How Not To Ride A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is such fun and everyone who has ever tried it can tell you how exciting and powerful it feels! People say that it’s one of the rare things that gives an illusion of absolute freedom, especially when you’re going fast and feel the wind in your face! Well, that really sounds tempting, doesn’t it? But, before you try hopping on a motorcycle for an exciting ride, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, or check out this video and find out what can happen if you are not ready for it! This video shows a woman who sits on a motorcycle and revs the engine while a man is trying to explain to her what to do. But, as soon as she moves forward on that bike, she falls off the back and ends up on the ground, facing the plants, along with that dream of a long ride and freedom! LOL!

Little Girl Wears A Lizard As An Earring1m03s

Little Girl Wears A Lizard As An Earring

Everyone has a right to make their own fashion choices. And we can all agree that nobody should be judged for style choices they make. However, people sometimes take their accessories game a little to far. And the little girl from this video is a perfect example of that! You just have to watch this video, it will blow your mind for sure! As the video begins, you can see a little girl who’s having so much fun at a kids’ party. She’s got her face painted, but she’s missing some jewelry. Not a problem at all! Her mom steps up to help her with that. She brings a real-life lizard and attaches it to the little girl’s earlobe as if this tiny animal was an earring! OMG! How crazy is that as a jewelry choice? And the funniest part is the fact that the lizard won’t let go of the girl’s ear! Unbelievable!

Summer Fun DIY Game Fail12s

Summer Fun DIY Game Fail

We can all agree that DIY games are the best kind of games. And this hilarious video proves that perfectly! If you were looking for a DIY summer fun game, this clip might help you get some inspiration. As the video begins, you can see a group of kids who have gathered around their new DIY game set up. They’ve used a rope to tie a ball to a stick. These kids were probably hoping to play throw and catch, but that’s not what they ended up doing. I’m not sure what was their original game plan, but I’m pretty positive that it failed. LOL! You just have to check out what happened! It’s a young girl’s turn and she throws the ball towards the stick in the middle. Instead of the stick, she hits one of the boys with the ball! Not only does the boy miss to catch the ball, he also ends up on the ground. The ball knocked him over! So hilarious!

Adorable Dog Brings His Dad A Card For Father's Day11s

Adorable Dog Brings His Dad A Card For Father's Day

Having a dog is more than having just a pet! All dog owners that I know treat their dogs not only as the best four-legged friends but the family members. Some of them even called them their children! They make sure to include their dogs when they celebrate family holidays just as they were their human children! And a couple in this video is no different. They are celebrating Father's Day together, and it’s so cute and adorable that you really have to check it out. This video shows a sweet pup who takes the Father's Day card in his mouth and brings it to his human dad. The man takes it and says “Thank you, my son!” OMG, isn’t that just adorable?! My heart always melts when a see such a happy family like this one. They are so full of love and kindness for each other, and we should all look up to them!

Young Boy Gets A Puppy For His Birthday But It Pukes On Him27s

Young Boy Gets A Puppy For His Birthday But It Pukes On Him

Is there anything more adorable then getting a secret wish birthday present you always wanted but never dare to ask for?! Especially when that “something” is an adorable pup, just like the one in this video. But there’s a funny twist you really don’t want to miss out! This video shows a moment when a birthday boy is opening a box with his birthday present with his brother and a tot sister. They all get together around the table with the box, and when he opens it, they find the most adorable puppy in it! OMG, just look how cute and adorable it is! They all start to pet this cute black puff, but all of a sudden it throws up on the birthday boy! LOL! I bet he didn’t see that coming, but when a pup is as cute as this one, no one can get mad at it, even if it ruins a birthday surprise! LOL!

Adorable Cat Scared Of Loud Noises57s

Adorable Cat Scared Of Loud Noises

Cats are just the cutest, there is no point in denying that. Whatever they do turns out to be adorable! And the kitty from this video is definitely not an exception! If you love cats and their adorable reaction, this video will melt your heart! You just have to check it out! This funny video shows a close up of the cutest cat that you have ever seen. You can tell that she’s scared of something because her beautiful eyes are wide open. OMG, how precious is she? So adorable! There are strange really loud noises around her, and you can tell that those are the reason for her freak out. LOL! Poor kitty! She’s so scared that she just can’t contain herself! And that level of adorableness is unseen before! I just can’t help but watch this video about the scared kitty cat over and over again! Too cute to handle!

Hilarious Trampoline Fail In Slow Motion23s

Hilarious Trampoline Fail In Slow Motion

Jumping on a trampoline is such a fun activity! If you have never tried it, you’re missing out big time. However, if your trampoline skills are poor, that can lead you to fail as gloriously as the guy from this video did! This slow-motion video opens with a man having so much while jumping on a trampoline. It looks like he's having a blast and, to be perfectly honest, I’m a little jealous of him. You can tell that this guy’s definitely been working on his trampoline skills. He decides to show off what he learned, and Ićm up for that! First off, he gives a backflip a shot. He manages to do the flip perfectly! But when he tries to land on his feet, problems occur and soon hilarity ensues! Instead of landing firmly on his feet, he stumbles back and falls right through the netting around the trampoline. LOL! That’s a glorious fail! So funny!

Pet Raccoon Climbs In The Toilet While Playing With Puppy47s

Pet Raccoon Climbs In The Toilet While Playing With Puppy

I can confidently say that this is going to be the cutest video you will see on the internet all week. A pet raccoon sits inside the toilet bowl as a puppy plays with the raccoon and tries to bite it. Let me break this video down for you! A woman starts recording as her pet raccoon (yes! A PET RACCOON!!!) is sitting in the toilet. Her puppy comes up to the raccoon and the two of them play fight with each other. Honestly, they look like they are best buddies. Wait... not only is this the cutest video you will see all week, it's funny too! At the end of the video, the woman flushes the toilet while the raccoon is still sitting inside. The raccoon freaks out, immediately stops playing with the pup and runs away!

Boy Dumped Into Pool31s

Boy Dumped Into Pool

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and apparently there are also multiple ways to force a boy into a pool against his will. Usually, most go for the standard toss as the kid flails with all his might. Some might opt for a professional wrestling maneuver like a body slam or power bomb or Razor’s Edge or jackhammer or even a suplex, if you are in the mood to get fancy. This dad took that sentiment to a whole other place, one really outside the box: a loader from a construction site. We here at AFV have no idea how the boy got into the mouth of the loader to begin with, but since it is not in the clip, we just figure we won’t question it. The video begins with the boy already sitting in the thing, fully clothed, as his dad drives him toward the site of his watery fate. One thing’s for sure: this is gonna be good!

Air Bud Corgi Shows Off Basketball And Balance Skills11s

Air Bud Corgi Shows Off Basketball And Balance Skills

Look, we love any time a dog shows off awesome skills, so we might be a little bit biased. But don’t hold that against us when we tell you that you should totally watch this video of a talented corgi. Trust us, this corgi is talented at a lot of different things. Yes, we used Air Bud as a reference in the title of this video but this dog is more than just a basketball playing pup. Though we admit he is fairly impressive b-baller. I mean, he does manage to shoot about 50-percent on the day here. What brings this dog up to a higher level is the location of the hoop and the difficulty inherent in how he is doing it. The dog is standing on a pool raft, the kind that look made out of that special foam. This dog has some great balance and even with the guy holding the raft so that it doesn’t float away, this Corgi still has great balance and never falls off of the raft. So, he is sitting there bouncing on this floating foam raft and making Air Bud style basketball shots. Assist to the woman passing the ball to the Corgi. She lays it up perfectly for this pup as he makes his shot. We like how proud this Corgi is once he makes the shot. Just look at him when he turns around and looks back at the camera. As the internet would say, this is one good dog. You definitely need to take a moment out of your day to check this pup out. We’re certain it’ll make your day better.

7 Epic Basketball Trick Shots1m37s

7 Epic Basketball Trick Shots

Are you in need of some motivation today? If you answered yes, then you need to watch this video of a man who successfully pulls off 7 EPIC basketball trick shots. What makes this series of impressive bball trick shots even more entertaining is the fact that it has The Black Eyed Peas smash hit "Imma Be" playing in the background. Trick Shot #1: the man spins the ball around on the tip of his finger and gently shoots it up and into the hoop with a SINGLE finger. Trick Shot #2: the man shoots the ball into the net by giving it a strong headbutt. Trick Shot #3: the man effortlessly executes the classic 3 point swish swish. Trick Shot #4: the man lands a 3 pointer granny style. Trick Shot #5: the man juggles two basketball balls on top of each other and shoots them in the net. Trick Shot #6: the man juggles three balls and headbutts one of them in the net. Trick Shot #7: the man spins the ball on the tip of his finger, bounces it around his arm, off of his head and shoots it into the net.

Kid Gets Scared Of Turing Into A Zombie53s

Kid Gets Scared Of Turing Into A Zombie

Kids are amazing little being with such wild imagination! Everything can happen in their bright little heads, from making up some totally impossible situations to creating unreasonable fears! But the one in this video is definitely the best I’ve heard in a long time! A boy felt a bit sick and got his body temperature checked, and it turns it’s just 99. That practically means he is still doing pretty well, but he disagrees. He starts to cry over it and when his mom asks him what he is crying for he says that he’s going to be a zombie because his temperature is 99! OMG, can you believe that?! This adorable young boy gets so scared by his body temperature’s number that not even his mom can rest assure him that he is not turning into anything. He is not even really sick! LOL! But, he is definitely afraid of zombies! LOL!

Cute Dog Named Cosmo And His Fear Of Taking Baths55s

Cute Dog Named Cosmo And His Fear Of Taking Baths

Going to the spa is something most of us find relaxing. Usually, we go there when we want to treat ourselves. Having somebody pampering you is something that many of us find relaxing. However, we see that dog in this video is unimpressed. In the beginning, we see him standing behind his dad’s legs. Soon enough we realize he is about to go to the bath. And he is not willing to go. Why does the water frighten him? Does he know his snow-white fur will be fluffier and nicer, after a bath? Somebody has to explain him, ASAP. Cosmo the dog is so afraid of taking bath and he refuses to come to his mom. By the end of the video, he will still be unable to come to his mom. All he can do is move his tail as if he is trying to say ‘’ I'm sorry mom, but I’m soo much afraid’’. Hilarious! I sure did enjoy watching this video, even though I’m sorry for a cute dog Cosmo. I really do hope he will eventually overcome his fears

Funny Dog Smiles On Demand19s

Funny Dog Smiles On Demand

All dogs are absolutely amazing and lovely creatures, and there is no doubt about it. They all have something that we love so much about them, from being great with children to guarding our properties as no one else can. But some of them have specific and kind of unexpected talents, just like a pup in this video. He is so funny and cute that you really have to check this video out! This adorable Labrador Retriever dog can smile on demand! LOL! each time his human friend brings his finger close to his mouth he smiles and shows his teeth! OMG, did you see that?! He is such a perfect candidate for the next Dentastix commercial! I have to admit as a dog owner that I am absolutely impressed when I see a dog who does such things and wish my beloved four-legged best friend has the will and patience to learn some cool stuff too!

Dad's Ultimate Poop Prank1m09s

Dad's Ultimate Poop Prank

Dad’s poop pranks are some of the best I have ever seen, but the one in this video really beats most of them! It’s so hilarious that you absolutely have to check it out! It involves a bunch of kids, and their reactions are just priceless! This video shows a brilliant jokester of a dad just who is getting ready to pull the ultimate dad prank during a family get together! He takes a handful of chocolate cake and puts it in a baby diaper. Then he takes the diaper in a living room where all the family with lots of kids are having fun. He asks the kids if they are curious to see a baby’s poo. When they all gather around him, he opens the diaper, takes a chocolate “poop” and puts it in his mouth! OMG! I bet you can guess how this prank ends, but let’s just say that the kids did not appreciate this dad's attempt at a practical joke.

The Hilarious Struggle Of Putting The Kids Down For A Nap43s

The Hilarious Struggle Of Putting The Kids Down For A Nap

If you have ever tried putting a toddler down for a nap, you’ll know how much of a struggle that can be. Trying to convince one kid to go to sleep if tiring enough, let alone two little ones at the same time! This video shows a mom’s perspective on the subject of putting her two sons down for a nap and it’s absolutely hilarious! You just have to check it out! As the clip begins, you can see a woman lying on the bed with her two little boys sleeping next to her. They’ve both fallen asleep at the same time, and she just can’t believe how fortunate is that! How funny is she celebrating her success? So hilarious! But, wait, Mom, not so fast! While she’s celebrating the fact that she’s finally going to have a few minutes to herself, one of the boys wakes up! LOL! So funny!

An Unusual Friendship Between A Cat And A Toddler Boy21s

An Unusual Friendship Between A Cat And A Toddler Boy

We can all agree that cats and little kids are just the cutest! And this two are not an exception! This video is just too cute for words! Prepare to have your heart melted! This clip shows the cutest case of an unusual friendship that you have ever seen. As the video begins, you can see a toddler boy and a kitty cat spending some quality time together, and they are absolutely adorable! It looks like they have invented their own cuddling style. The cat is resting its paws on the little boy’s head. LOL! Oh, how cute are they? As soon as they finish their cuddling session, they start dancing together! So adorable! Who says that cats and toddler boys can’t be best friends? They most certainly can! You just have to check out their happy dance! This video is just brimming with love and positive energy! Totally adorable!