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This is why frozen cakes are bad for birthdays...30s

This is why frozen cakes are bad for birthdays...

There is this odd tradition when it comes to birthdays. Parents have decided to throw their kids an extra surprise for their birthdays; not like something wrapped, or waiting behind the corner. Nope, instead they decide to smash the kid's face into their birthday cake! This isn't a novelty tradition though – it seems it has been here since forever; someone smacking you in the face with a piece or a whole cake. It is sort a sick thrill, to stuff someone's face into frosting. There's even a build up to the exact moment it is supposed to happen, followed by a vloud “Happy Birthday" and a tight crossing of the fingers, hope the birthday boy or girl doesn't get mad for you ruining their party. This boy wanted to celebrate his birthday with a smash! Literally! Derek was so excited and prepared to break the tradition and instead smash his own face into his cake, but when the time came the result wasn't quite what he was expecting! Turns out that it's pretty hard to mash your face into a frozen cake that has not had the proper time to thaw. Good thing he had a solid sense of humor, so instead of falling into disappointment, Derek just laughed it off! That's the spirit!

Published: June 9, 2016131,558 views
Baby Has Hilarious Argument With Dad27s

Baby Has Hilarious Argument With Dad

This little sweetheart just might have what it takes to become a great lawyer someday! Watch as this precious, talkative baby girl makes the cutest argument at the dinner table. She sure has a lot to say! Too bad no one can understand a word of it! We're not a hundred percent sure what she's even saying to us right now, but boy is she compelling. It doesn't take a lot to see that this little girl can be very passionate about her conversations ! Although we can't understand baby babble language, we can pretty much guess what this feisty little girl is saying and she sure knows how to stand up for herself and support her arguments . This future lawyer goes into a full on discussion. This little kid might end up being the best lawyer when she gets older! She's barely able to talk at her young age, but that doesn't stop her from trying to persuade her interlocutor! Even if we cannot understand for sure, we are certain she gives perfectly valid arguments, giving it more value by waving her tiny hands in the air. Listening to her babble, we would love to know what she is actually saying. She has got the hand movements, the gestures, the tone of voice, but nothing she says makes any sense! How could you possibly say no to this adorable little tot?

Published: May 11, 2017131,254 views
Cute Baby Goat Headbangs Its Reflection In The Mirror 25s

Cute Baby Goat Headbangs Its Reflection In The Mirror

There is nothing more adorable than a cute baby goat dressed in a dinosaur print onesie meeting his reflection for the first time. Things escalate when he starts slamming his little white head in the mirror. This little goat is going to be a very tough buck one day. Although he looks very young, his baby horns are already showing. That is why when he saw the reflexion of another buckling in the mirror, he immediately went to get it and took the test of manhood! An adorable baby goat wearing an equally adorable onesie met his reflection for the first time and of course the result is absolutely hysterical. He is obviously annoyed by his reflection in the mirror and he repeatedly starts giving himself nice headbangs! Immediately after noticing a goat staring back at him, the little guy attempts to headbutt his fellow four-legged reflection. Overly confused, the young goat takes a few steps back before diving directly back into attacking his reflection, again. He is hitting that mirror hard, but in his head, he is hitting another goat to prove his state of manhood. This little fellow is determined to win, and is going to give himself one nasty headache when all of this is over!

Published: February 22, 2017129,894 views
Cute Dogs Make Not So Smooth Getaway16s

Cute Dogs Make Not So Smooth Getaway

Older siblings always make things look easier than they are! Just ask these adorable doggy siblings who try to make a great escape out of their play pen area! We can just imagine what that conversation went! “Look, it’s simple - on the box, over the railing and you land on the sofa! Easy peasy” - “You’re right, looks easy enough…” and WHAM! Apparently the poor little pooch wasn’t listening in geometry class! The puppy looks relatively unfazed by his adorable fail, so he got up and ran for his brother! We are glad he didn’t do much of a damage. Hopefully mom will put that box away from the railing after this.

Published: March 16, 2017128,393 views
Sneaky Dolphin Doesn't Want Its Girlfriend To Leave17s

Sneaky Dolphin Doesn't Want Its Girlfriend To Leave

Nobody wants their best friend to say goodbye. This dolphin is no exception. When a group of people swam in their beautiful blue ocean, one girl was going to leave. This dolphin knew that she had to get her attention, so she snuck up behind her friend and poked her repeatedly as a harmless practical joke. We have always known that dolphins are smart creatures but do we really know their potential? There seems to be a lot that we don’t know about them. There was a recent study that shows that dolphins are more human alike than we give them credit for. Apparently, mammals differ from other animals because they are capable of learning how to protect themselves, unlike other species who protect themselves by using the skills encoded in their genes. The advantage for the mammals is that their survival skills can grow and better throughout time, and the human as the top mammal can even use his experiences and teach other humans how to protect themselves. This ability used to be reserved only for us, but the research proved that we actually share this trait with none other than the sweet and extremely smart dolphin. How cool is that?

Published: October 30, 2015128,070 views
 Shopping Makes Baby Happy Enough For A Jiggly Dance33s

Shopping Makes Baby Happy Enough For A Jiggly Dance

Not everyone would agree with what we are about to say, but a shopping spree is always good therapy. First of all, you get to release yourself of the money that has been weighing you heavy for all this time (especially if you have been good and saving for a whole month to get this done). Second, you get to get yourself new stuff, making you feel refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the world as a new person. We understand that this is a principle that mostly women live up to, but there are fellas out there that feel the same way. Hi, guys! But as it turns out, there are also those out there who don’t strike as the shopping type right away, but if you give them their five minutes of glory in a shopping mall or supermarket, they just might surprise you with a little happy dance of their own. Of course, we are talking about babies! This sweet baby can't contain his dance moves no matter where he is! So even while out shopping for groceries with his mom, he can't help but bust out his adorable little dance moves! He calls this signature move, the grocery store jiggle! How cute is that? All this baby needs right now is some classic jive music and he is ready to take on Dancing With The Stars!

Published: March 23, 2017128,037 views
Little Boy Has Hilarious Reaction To V833s

Little Boy Has Hilarious Reaction To V8

One of the many bitter-sweet struggles every parents faces with their little ones is having them to eat their veggies. The struggles is real – if they don't like the taste anything in particular, they will avoid it, spit it out or throw if up; some even might resort to screaming in denial, because that veggie is nasty! To ease some parent's minds, companies have developed veggie juices. They do look appealing and some even have a pleasant flavor of sorts. That is why these parents must have felt relieved that their little toddler son asked for a glass of V8 veggie juice. This little boy's mom was surprised when her toddler asked her for a cup of this veggie juice! At first she thought that he might have mistaken it for chocolate milk, but when he kept asking for the juice, she gave in. This boy gets a taste for V8 and has the funniest reaction to it. Just so there are no misunderstandings, mom repeatedly tells him that this is chocolate milk in the bottle, before finally pouring him half a glass to try. So the little man grabs the glass, takes one curious sip and shoots his mom with a look that could have meant “what in the world is this". He smiles and mom and dad think he likes it, but nope, it is just a funny thing to drink!

Published: June 23, 2016126,204 views
A Baby Being Tickled Gets The Last Laugh On His Parents34s

A Baby Being Tickled Gets The Last Laugh On His Parents

From the time that the internet has been around, viral videos have dominated it. These video range from epic fails, to cute and cuddly animals. However, one of the biggest types of video that dominated the internet was ones involving small kids or babies! There is just something about the adorable, little children that we find it so entertaining to watch! Maybe it is the fact that they are so innocent and do not what is going on half the time, that we really like about them. It seems that one such video was created here in this clip. How ticklish are you? Well this adorable baby boy is very very ticklish! This mom thinks that she's got the last laugh in this tickling match, but little does she know that the baby is about to unleash his secret weapon! Beware of the silent but deadly baby fart! What did you think of this video? Does your baby do anything like this? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this adorable video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile just as much as you. This is one video that no one should miss!

Published: September 29, 2016125,070 views
Dog Tricks Owner To Get More Treats22s

Dog Tricks Owner To Get More Treats

People often credit cats as being the smarter than dogs and even accuse cats of being manipulative towards humans. Well this pup wanted to prove that dogs could be just as clever when they want to be. Especially when it comes to something as important as snacks. Just how often one sees doggies outsmarting their beloved owners? Well, brace yourselves for a laughter of a lifetime with this smart fella! Our pooch here is smarter than most of his peers, and you'll see why in just seconds! Hungry doggies are especially funny to watch, and here we witness a hilarious situation when a smart little fella seems to be waiting patiently in line to get his favorite snack. However, little do the rest of the gang knows that our little hero here has a sneaky, but genius plan! He knows exactly what to do to get a second, and even third round of treats, leaving his crew completely oblivious! Give this doggy a medal! The way he figured this out is just beyond brilliant, and made us laugh out loud! So next time you think cats are the ones that rule the Internet, just take another look at this video, and we're sure you'll change your mind immediately. Even if you don't, we guarantee you'll have a good laugh after all! Share your funniest dog moment in the comment section below!

Published: January 27, 2016124,831 views
Puppy's Happy Screams Are Both Awkward And Hilarious1m01s

Puppy's Happy Screams Are Both Awkward And Hilarious

There are literally no words to describe what you are about to hear. If you ever wanted to scare the buhjeezus out of someone to leave you the heck alone, just play this video with max volume and reap the fruits of your labor. Meet Cody. Cody is one very, very vocal pooch! Whenever his parents call his name, he makes sure that they know he heard them by giving them a hardy reply. Interestingly enough, Cody does not have the typical bark or howl. Nope, Cody likes to shake things up a bit and give a good old scream! Cody looks as happy a puppy as any. He even wags his tail in the process. What we seem to be unable to get is why do his screams sound like a wailing old widow, mourning the loss of her three cats!? Oh, the blood-curdling horror...the hilarity that ensues! As with every good viral video, Cody’s online appearance made YouTubers and the mighty Redditors debate over whether or not Cody is lip syncing. His owners do seem to encourage him in the endeavor. There is also an ongoing debate of whether or not Cody’s screams could be used into a system to dissuade those with the sticky finger syndrome away from your property! Just imagine walking into a house that screams like this in the middle of the night! “If there is a psycho on the loose in there, I’m outta here!” Good boy, Cody!

Published: March 1, 2016121,665 views
Little Girl Finds Hilarious New Way To Iron Clothes42s

Little Girl Finds Hilarious New Way To Iron Clothes

While most kids are not eager to do chores around the house, this little girl not only enjoys it but she's also come up with a new way to iron out clothes! Well, she has discovered her own unique way to treat the clothes, but we're not too sure if it's the best way to get all the wrinkles out.

Published: March 1, 2016121,187 views
Dog Teaches Puppy How To Use The Stairs48s

Dog Teaches Puppy How To Use The Stairs

Dogs are adorable. They’re furry and cuddly and full of so much love, but they’re not perfect. Dogs are capable of doing things out of their character just like humans. The first, and perhaps most important, the result is that overall pet owners tend to laugh more frequently than individuals who are not living with companion animals. And why is that you ask? Because they always find themselves in a funny situation or they make something that makes us laugh! Every puppy has been there. They are tiny and unsure of their surroundings, so they will go out and search and discover every nook and cranny they can poke themselves into. But the one thing that almost every puppy is terrified of are the stairs in the house. No matter if there are 10 or three of them, when they find themselves on the edge of that first one, they will flatten their ears to their tiny little puppy heads and whine until someone comes to their rescue. There is a reason why the proverb says that curiosity killed the cat and it doesn’t say that it killed the dog. Cats are very fond of finding out everything there is to know about the space they live in, while dogs are just happy to have food and a comfortable space to lay their head to sleep at night. This is why it comes as no surprise that this pupper doesn’t know how to use the stairs. The youngun is very focused on pleasing her big brother and her owner, but she just doesn’t understand how the contraption works. She tries to climb down the step, but it seems that it doesn’t go according to plan. Apparently, her feet don’t move like those of her sibling, and ultimately, it confuses her so much, she is ready to give up. At the last minute, she manages to jump and tackle that last step. Oftentimes it is someone closer that gives a little puppy the motivation they desperately need. When this little Frenchie was faced with the daring challenge of going down just one step, the one who came to his rescue was none other that his older adoptive brother! The fluffy pooch goes up and down that step a few times, coercing the pup to play. What happens next is a big leap for puppykind worldwide. Good job! A while ago we spoke about Hobbs, a nervous puppy that had to be taught how to go down the stairs . At first, the Golden Retriever puppy tells his dad he’s nervous and doesn’t want to do it with the sweetest little whimper, but with some gentle coaxing and encouragement he gives it a try. After a few nervous attempts, the adorable pup gained some confidence and managed the last three steps all on his own. We all need a good teacher in our lives! Good thing for this pup that he's got his big brother around to help him out! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Published: February 24, 2017120,489 views
Funniest Compilation Of Animal Underdogs Scaring Humans1m56s

Funniest Compilation Of Animal Underdogs Scaring Humans

Nature is astonishing. There is just so much it can offer, from the most breathtaking scenery to the most vicious predators. Animals are beautiful and wonderful beings, but we often underestimate them. We see them as far more natural than anything else. In addition to their beauty, animals and nature can be scary. Whether at home, at the zoo or in nature, nobody is immune to a good scare by someone below us on the food chain. This compilation should serve us as a good reminder that we shouldn’t take things at face value. There are many dangers lurking in the outside world and they often come in the prettiest packages. This is actually only the first rule of nature. The second and the most important one is to steer clear of these things. We are better off admiring them from afar. In this compilation we can encounter numerous epic fails when it comes to people handling these animals. Some might scare you, some might be the cause of unstoppable laughter but either way they are worth watching, if only for educational purposes. You will see a little girl not quite ready to handle a crab, a repairman hammering out a cockroach, a little boy taking a lot more than a high five from a llama, the tiniest worm scaring off toddlers and many more. We leave it up to you to enjoy the video, as much as you can!

Published: October 29, 2015115,369 views
Curious Toddlers Find The Glass Floor Very Interesting47s

Curious Toddlers Find The Glass Floor Very Interesting

These adorable tots are confused as to how did their dad get across to the other side of the hallway when there is a large aquatic pool between them! Well, it turns out that the pool is actually just a see-through floor covered with thick glass! It takes these cute kids a couple tries to really trust the glass floor and their reactions to it are absolutely precious! It is quite normal for someone to be afraid of heights. But are we born with that fear, or did we learn it? Basically, not seeing a solid floor beneath you gives you the trigger that it is dangerous to go there because you might fall off and get hurt. If it is dangerous, then we should probably be afraid of it. Two psychologists developed an apparatus they called the “visual cliff”, where they would place babies on a fake precipice, to prove that babies learn to fear heights as they learn to crawl. A research reveals that, while babies do learn from their experiences, acrophobia is not something they acquire. These kids show that, even though the floor looks like there is nothing there, curiosity makes them test the surface further because getting to dad is more important. So they stomp on the see-through floor with their chubby little feet and step by step, they manage to get to daddy. If, however, there was no support, they would have stayed on their side because staying pain-free is more important than getting to dad. Don’t you just love when toddlers are curious and they love to explore things? Like this adorable girl! This curious toddler hears own echo for the first time ! In this video, posted on 15 June 2017, the adorable little child strolls around the church with her pacifier in mouth. With lovable puerile interest, she investigates her environment, however, has no clue she's going to master something unbelievable. She expels the pacifier from her mouth and begins making sounds, which make a standout amongst the most astonishing sound reflections done by a man-made build. She is so adorable! The more inquisitive a kid is, the more he learns. Supporting your youngster's interest is a standout amongst the most essential ways you can enable her to wind up a deep-rooted student. Children are conceived students, with a characteristic interest to make sense of how the world functions. Interest is the craving to learn. It is an energy to investigate, find and make sense of things. It ought to be simple for you to cultivate your baby's feeling of interest. Little children are normally curious. All things considered, everything on the planet is different to them. Regardless of whether it's a subterranean insect pulling a piece or a snail smearing its way over a clammy asphalt, they're intrigued. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths!

Published: May 12, 2016115,290 views
Woman Finds Frog In Her Pool That Keeps Calling For Its Mom29s

Woman Finds Frog In Her Pool That Keeps Calling For Its Mom

We all know the story of the frog prince, the one you have to kiss to lift the curse bestowed upon him by an evil sorceress for being vain and selfish? It does have a nice moral, that story and kids love it! But we have yet to see the Brothers Grimm tell a story of the frog that confused a suburban woman as its mom! What would you do if you hear a slimy little critter call you "Mom"? Well, that is not exactly what happened, but this kind lady did save the bullfrog from a nasty fate. When these two ladies went to their backyard, they found the unusual uninvited guest swimming in their pool . Obviously entertained, the woman strokes the frog's head and every time she does, the frog croaks. But does it croak or is it saying something? “Mmmm...Ma….Ma!.....Mom...MOM!” "It sounds like a cat!" says the woman recording, while the frog-whisperer adds "He says 'Mom’,” and surely enough, Mr. Bullfrog keeps croaking "Mom" every time she gives him a gentle nudge on the head.. "I don't want him to get close to me now!" says the woman’s friend, but she keeps laughing and petting the frog. We wouldn’t like him near us too, he's obviously very confused! Show your friends this very awkward situation by sharing this video!

Published: December 19, 2015114,548 views
Fearless Cat Puts Out Candle24s

Fearless Cat Puts Out Candle

This fearless feline takes on a candle and wins the fight! This tough kitty puts out a candle with just a swipe of his mighty paw and then walks away like it was nothing! Meanwhile his friend just sits in awe of what he's done. Whoever came up with the term scaredy cat has never met this tough guy.

Published: April 5, 2016113,963 views
Panting Dog Rocks Baby To Sleep31s

Panting Dog Rocks Baby To Sleep

You don't need a nanny when you have a dog that can rock your baby to sleep. This adorable greyhound is the perfect babysitter and does an amazing job of rocking this cute little baby to sleep. These parents accidentally found a new fun way how to put their baby to sleep . Their hound dog was the best man for the job. Now, they don't need to buy a baby relaxator when they have their dog to help them in the process. The dog was breathing heavily so the parents thought about placing their baby on the dog's belly so that it can help relax the baby relax. The dog is panting and by that it rocks the baby to sleep. It seems like both the dog and the baby are enjoying this process. It is so precious to fall asleep while cuddling on your best friend's tummy. This video will sure put a smile on your face and set you off in a good mood. You can try this creative idea on you as well. Next time you want to take a nap consider your dog's relaxation skills. Here is another way to put your baby to sleep with the help of the hairy friend. While the tiny baby was in its rocker, the family pooch decided it needed a little extra push, so the dog lifted itself on its hind legs and rocked the baby further. We can’t know if the baby was fussy before or not, but in that video, it is the calmest baby ever. Kudos, pooch!

Published: March 30, 2016112,709 views
Cat Gets Swarmed By Adorable Puppies, Reacts In The Cutest Possible Way 46s

Cat Gets Swarmed By Adorable Puppies, Reacts In The Cutest Possible Way

For the time that the internet has been around, animal videos have dominated the internet. There is just something about the cute and cuddly creatures that make us fall in love with them and find them so entertaining. It seems that one such adorable moment was created in this funny clip right here with this cat! This has got to be the most patient cat of all time! This mama cat has all the patience in the world as she is literally hounded by a giant litter of energetic puppies ! This is the purrfect moodboost that you've been looking for all day long! Get ready for some serious cuteness! Doesn't your heart just melt after watching this clip? Looks like the classic stereotype of cats and dogs not liking each other was only a myth as it seems that these animals in this clip like each other a whole lot! What did you think of the video? Have you seen anything this cute before? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile and laugh! This is one video that no one should miss!

Published: September 22, 2016111,838 views
Dog Faces The Ultimate Dilemma And Dad's Making It Rather Difficult35s

Dog Faces The Ultimate Dilemma And Dad's Making It Rather Difficult

Dogs are creatures of few pleasures. They like their toys, going to the doggy park, taking a ride or just soaking under the water in the tub. Of course, all rules have exceptions, so not all dogs like to take a bath or go for a ride in the car. When the dog just doesn't like something, they will do everything they possibly can to avoid it. They learn the vocal cues their owners give and run away like hell fire was chasing them. So humans have to invent some quite ingenious ways to get their dogs in the car or in the shower . Dogs are too smart, even if they are silly. If it seems at times that they know exactly what we’re saying, it’s because they do. Take this dog facing a bath time dilemma, for instance. Dad asks whether she’d rather take a bath or go for a ride, and the pup reacts accordingly. She makes it very clear she wants to go on a ride. As for the bath? Not so much… Butterfly clearly would rather ride in the car for hours on end, just don't make her wet! It is cute to watch how clever she is, but please stop teasing her and take her for a ride!

Published: June 29, 2017110,056 views
Lady accidentally picks up unwanted hitchhiker20s

Lady accidentally picks up unwanted hitchhiker

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the bugs and critters that have hitched a ride on your car when you parked it somewhere outside? Will they ever find their way back home? If not, will they get accepted in their new surroundings? Or did they just really want to move miles and miles away from their habitat? This lady is minding her own business driving her car when she notices that she has picked up an unwanted passenger. That passenger is a frog. The frog had hopped onto the hood of her car in order to hitch a ride with the unsuspecting woman. Her reaction when she comes to the realization is one that you are not going to want to miss. At first, the woman and her passenger think that they might have seen something that wasn't actually there, because the creature ducks it's head down, but when the froggy resurfaces she starts screaming like it is just about to poke her eyes out or kiss her passionately on the lips, while the guys just laughs! Both their reactions have had us in stitches, we just can't stop laughing. Poor froggy must be out of its mind, with the wind gushing through their ear drums and the sight of the frightened woman in front of him. We sure hope it has found its way back, or at least that it found a new loving family to accept him.

Published: January 27, 2016109,644 views
Cute Cats Play Hide And Seek49s

Cute Cats Play Hide And Seek

You'll never guess where this adorable little guy is hiding! This cute kitten is playing a game of hide and seek with his big brother, and although the older cat knows there's something fishy going on with the dust pan, he's not sure what's going on until the end!

Published: August 22, 2017108,932 views
10 Best Fails of the Week1m22s

10 Best Fails of the Week

Need a little laugh to brighten up your work day? Look no further! These top 10 best fails of the week is guaranteed to instantly lighten up your day with some much needed laughter! From kids to animals, no one is immune from having an epic fail, just you watch!

Published: October 25, 2016107,413 views
Dancing Mom Out Does Her Daughter35s

Dancing Mom Out Does Her Daughter

This is one talent competition where I would bet on the mom winning it all! This mother daughter duo both have some excellent dancing skills, but when it comes to the grand finish to the routine, mom put her daughter to shame and out of frame! What talent!

Published: May 3, 2017107,153 views
Apparently Stealing Candy From A Baby Isn't So Easy33s

Apparently Stealing Candy From A Baby Isn't So Easy

Babies are adorable, there’s no denying it. We could watch them all day long and still not have enough of them. There is something about them that makes them so captivating, we hang onto every little goo and every little gaa, and we’re craving to see their antics day after day. They are truly the best. The greatest ones can even exhibit a bit of a mischievous behavior. They would always keep us on our toes with their goofiness . We’ve seen them cry over the last cookie even though it was never meant for them, we’ve seen them laugh in our faces when we’re feeling down but it never stops our spirits from lifting. They are the real miracle workers. There are a lot of misleading facts attributed to babies. No, if you sleep like a baby, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have the best night’s sleep and whoever came up with the expression ‘Easier than stealing candy from a baby’ was most definitely wrong. They have clearly never met this baby! She literally turned the tables on the grownups with her behavior. This adorable baby will not make it easy for anyone to take her lollipop away from her! In true rebel style, she grabs the lolly back from its captor time and time again. This is one adorable candy thief that will have you smiling for the rest of the day!

Published: May 20, 2016106,697 views
Grandparents Have Heartwarming Pregnancy Announcement Reaction 39s

Grandparents Have Heartwarming Pregnancy Announcement Reaction

Having a new baby on the way is always exciting. But the best part of the whole experience has got to be seeing the grandparent's reactions when they announce the pregnancy! This soon to be mom of two captured the best reaction from her parents when she announced her two new buns in the oven! Usually, when you tell your parents that they will soon get to be grandparents, they react a certain way. Grandmothers are usually the louder ones of the couple, capable of reaching insane notes while screaming their lungs out with excitement. Grandfathers are the calmer ones; they remain silent and smile, ear to ear, while their insides roll around with joy. These two grandparents-to-be just got the memo that they will be meeting their twin grandchildren in about six months. Grandpa is already feeding another one of his grandchildren, so grandma had the honor of opening the package. When she laid her eyes on that ultrasound photo, all she could do was let her jaw drop! And twins too? That had to be her luckiest day! For half a minute, all grandma is doing is walking slowly towards her daughter with her mouth wide open. This is the first we have ever seen, a grandmother that won’t scream or jump or yell at the news? Is she broken? Nope, grandma is just in shock, because as soon as she reached the expecting parents, tears of joy start running down her face!

Published: February 10, 2016103,975 views