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Baby Demonstrates How To Do CPR1m03s

Baby Demonstrates How To Do CPR

Babies learn from you every second - both good and bad things. This little one picked up on how to do CPR! Everyone should learn some CPR. CPR is such a useful skill to have, and it can come in handy in some situations. Knowing this useful skill can end up saving some lives in certain situations and you will be glad to learn it. In fact, this video even shows us it is never too early to learn this useful skill. Maybe the young baby will even offer up some lessons to anyone willing to learn, she looks like she’s got all the moves down! She must have been watching her parents or another adult do it and copied the moves because she looks like a veteran out there! Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, more commonly known as CPR, is a lifesaving technique used for when someone has stopped breathing or their heartbeat has stopped. It is meant to keep the flow active, if even for a little, until medical staff or an ambulance can arrive and help out the person. CPR can actually double the chances of survival after cardiac arrest! Definitely a very useful skill, you never know when someone might need some CPR. Most people might know or recognize CPR from either witnessing it first hand or maybe seeing it on television when a lifeguard uses it at a pool or beach. Drowning incidents are actually one of the most common uses for CPR. When someone stays underwater for too long and swallows water, they need CPR to begin breathing again. Another use is for when someone chokes and it blocks their airways off. This piece of food isn’t allowing them to breathe so the chest compressions involved with CPR could help that out a bit. Also, this is useful for someone who had a heart attack and their heart stops. The chest compressions and mouth to mouth breathing can help get their heart going again and continue breathing. These accidents can happen anywhere, the local pool or beach, dinner at a restaurant, a heart attack at home, CPR is a lifesaver! When doing CPR always be sure to call 911 first to have professional medical staff come and help. Many CPR courses are available to become certified and show you proper techniques for dealing with these situations. CPR involves chest compressions, pulse checking, clearing airways, and some mouth to mouth breathing. The chest compressions actually require some bit of force since your heart is protected by the ribcage. The idea is to get the blood flowing again with the compressions. Obviously, the baby in the video probably doesn’t have the strength required but she has the techniques. Classes can actually be taught to kids as well around the age of 10 years old! The young baby girl in the video exhibits some great techniques. She crawls over to the CPR dummy and gives it some great chest compressions. It even looks like she talks to it and opens its mouth a little to open the airways. She is a very attentive young girl! She even gives it some mouth to mouth breathing! I think this girl will be certified in no time! Remember it is never too late to get certified and be ready to save some lives!

Farmer Shocked To Find His Goat Trying To Speak35s

Farmer Shocked To Find His Goat Trying To Speak

A hilarious video has emerged of a chatty goat trying to engage in a long conversation with her owner. The farmer was shocked when he heard the rambunctious goat make human noises! Goats can be extremely active animals, they often jump on top of other animals or flip off of surfaces just for fun. However, this farmer didn’t know that his goat can speak so he was shocked to find his goat trying to impersonate humans, crying her lungs out to produce talk-like noises. Incredible! At first, when we heard the weird sound, we thought it was coming from a nearby screaming child. Moments later, we realized that the noise isn’t human at all and that is coming out of goat’s throat! This goat must have heard people yelling and screaming so she picked up some conversation starters to make her look more human. It is amazing how she learned how to mimic all of them and put it in practice when farmer tried to talk to her! Of course, he couldn’t believe his ears, when he heard the goat trying to make a pep talk, given all the human-speech impersonification she had so far picked up. Have you ever heard a goat make human noises? Footage shows the goat engaging in long conversation with the farmer and we cannot help but wonder what on earth this goat was trying to say! Does anyone have a goat to English dictionary to translate the meaning? . Actually, this noise that goats make is called a “ bleat .” Goats commonly bleat when they’re trying to communicate with one another. Even though it sounds like a cry of distress, that is most often not the case. However, is it coincidental that the noise sounds very human?

Published: January 29, 201850,897 views
Male Nurse Has A Very Hilarious Laugh35s

Male Nurse Has A Very Hilarious Laugh

We all know that one person who has a very interesting sneeze or laugh. Well we bet you've never heard a laugh quite like this before! We're not sure what started all of the laughter, but once this guy gets going, he just can't seem to stop! What an amazing, and utterly unique laugh! Viewers can't help but to laugh as well when hearing this laugh as it is so funny! This is one laugh you won't want to miss out on as you will remember it for a long time, so check it out! That has to be one of the most unique laughs on this planet. The sound the emanates from his laugh is something that hasn't been heard before! How does someone even make produce a sound of that caliber? It is so funny and unique that you just cannot help but to watch and listen more! If you are out in the street and you hear this laugh, you know that it is him right away! Why is this man laughing in the first place? Did he hear a really good joke or something? What we do know is that if you ever want to make him laugh, jokes books are really good to use! Have you heard a laugh like this before? Let us know in the comments!

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Baby Boy Has Playdate With Baby Deer37s

Baby Boy Has Playdate With Baby Deer

When was the last time you had a playdate with a wild animal? In your childhood days, perhaps? Never, maybe? Don’t feel sad, because befriending a wild animal is rather impossible, unless the animal decides you are worthy. This goes extra for timid animals, such as deer. If a deer approaches you to meet you, then you can go ahead and visit the nearest casino, because that is your lucky day! Deer are normally known for being rather shy and skittish but in this video, a fawn develops a unique bond with this adorable tot! Neither the baby nor the baby deer are shy about getting up close and personal during their adorable play date. This little kid might just be a natural deer whisperer! In fact, it is not the kid that is all over the deer; the fawn does all the approaching! It would lick the boy’s ears and sniff his platinum blond hair. In return the boy hugs him by the neck and pet him on the head. Simply marvelous! This isn’t an infantile thing, either. One eight-point buck approached a hunter in the wild of Wisconsin and demanded some scratches! Someone even tied a bright orange scarf around the deer ’s head, to warn other hunters not to shoot him. Who would ever want to hurt someone as friendly as this Bambi?

Published: March 24, 201655,108 views
Small Monkey Tries To Wake Cat, Fails Adorably37s

Small Monkey Tries To Wake Cat, Fails Adorably

Poor little monkey must be feeling so lonely. The cat is sleeping so soundly, but monkey wants to play, so she’s trying with all her might to wake her up. So she’s pulling, poking, biting, jumping on that cat like there’s no tomorrow, but the sleepy feline is having none of it. If we were to ask this cat about what she was feeling at this time, it wouldn’t surprise us if she said that she thought the monkey was giving her a massage. A very pokey, bitey, jumpy massage, but she will take what she gets. As far as we know, the feline might think that this is some new age, experimental type of therapy, where you get a small monkey in an even smaller diaper to squeeze all that negative energy and static off your fur, leaving you rejuvenated and filled with elan to chase more of those shiny red spots that keep appearing all over the house. We can’t decide who do we admire more - the monkey, for its perseverance, or the cat, for her nerves of steel! These little unlikely friendships are always adorable to watch. The ones who are the most precious are pairs of natural enemies that have grown to see each other as siblings. So sweet!

Published: October 25, 2016180,543 views
This Cute Cat Refusing To Go Outside Will Melt Your Heart 30s

This Cute Cat Refusing To Go Outside Will Melt Your Heart

Go outside, they said. It will be good for you, they said. Well, how can they know if it is good for us? Sure, it is brighter and greener outside, especially when the sun is shining, plus breathing some fresh air could lift the spirits a bit. But going out means preparation, a change of clothes, putting on a pair of shoes, opening the door, then closing it behind us and locking it, sometimes it even entails going down at least one flight of stairs. That can be tiresome. This lazy cat really embodies exactly how we feel when we're just not in the mood for going outside. Sometimes the thought of going outside can be as daunting as lifting a hundred pounds, and on those days all we want to do is cozy up to a good book on the couch! We got to say that this is the first time we see a cat rather not go outside ! While Oliver’s young owner hold the big tom in her arms and gently asks him if he wants to go outside, the puss hides himself in her embrace, a sure tell sign that this is where he thinks he belongs. Oliver, wanna go outside? “Jeez, hooman, why do you ask me such trivial questions? Why do you torment me with such difficult decisions?” It must be really hard to tell the hooman that you love most in the world that you don’t like spending time with them out in the open. Why won’t she just lay back and let him purr on her belly?

Published: October 25, 201644,285 views
Hilarious Garbage Truck Has A Bone To Pick With Dumpsters24s

Hilarious Garbage Truck Has A Bone To Pick With Dumpsters

Let’s face it - everyone gets frustrated at their job at some point. The stress that comes with the job, the colleagues that just keep invading your space, the boss that can’t figure out when it is enough for the day, they can all make you very angry! A lot of people have a way of bottling things down inside, then finding a release valve to let the steam out, but when things get too much, some of the inventory at the workstation can become the unsuspecting victim that will take all the blame. It is easier when you take everything out on something that will not complain or rat you out to HR! It would seem like this garbage man has had a lot bottled up on the job. Could be the boss, could be management, or it could be that rotten garbage truck and the smell it carries along with it. The person operating this massive machine had one job and one job only - pick up the trash cans with the automated arm on the side of the truck, tip them in the back to empty them, then put the can back when it was. But frustration is a terrible thing and this man had loads of it, so instead of carefully unloading the trash, he would pick up the cans, tip them over and then spill all the trash out on the street! It might be a terrible thing to do, because instead of keeping the streets clean, he is littering them further, but the entire ordeal is just hilarious! We hope he didn’t get slapped on the hand for it.

Published: November 10, 2017138,434 views
Epic Winter Pool Fail31s

Epic Winter Pool Fail

They say that the best way to break the ice is with comedy. Well if that's the case, this woman has just won the contest for best ice breaker, both literally and figuratively! Let's just say that she might not want to go to the pool anytime soon! Especially not in the winter!

Published: February 9, 2017170,857 views
Baby Flower Girl Makes Unforgettable Wedding Entrance29s

Baby Flower Girl Makes Unforgettable Wedding Entrance

Marriage is a commitment to life, to the best that two people can find and bring out in each other. It offers opportunities for sharing and growth that no other human relationship can equal; a joining that is promised for a lifetime. Within the circle of its love, marriage encompasses all of life’s most important relationships. A wife and a husband are each other’s best friend, confidant, lover, teacher, listener, and critic. As a guest at a wedding, you wouldn’t want to outshine the bride, but one tiny little guest sure has made an entrance no one will forget – the bride included! This little flower girl knows how to make quite an entrance! The adorable baby makes her grand entrance into the wedding chapel on a kiddie car that is being pushed by the tux clad ring bearer! You don't want to miss out on this adorable wedding ceremony or the great reaction that it got from everyone! Her giggles and baby screams got the entire chapel in a fit of laughter. We sure had our daily dose of belly laugh . Wedding guests know not to ever outshine the bride, but that doesn’t stop this flower girl from well and truly stealing the show. All eyes are on her who makes one hell of an entrance at this wedding. She steals the limelight as she breaks away to freestyle her way down the aisle to the delight of the guests. Flower girls have been present at wedding processions centuries ago. Back when marriages were arranged by the parents of the couple for procreation purposes, flower girls were carrying sheaves of wheat and bouquets of herbs, to symbolize fertility. During the Renaissance, flower girls would carry strands of garlic, because it was believed to repel evil spirits (back off, Count Dracula!). Flower girls sprinkle the aisle with petals before the bride makes her entrance. And, in their adorable white dresses, sometimes even steal the show. But, they’re not just a part of traditional weddings to make the guests say ‘aww’ as they walk down the aisle; they actually signify the bride losing her innocence. The main focus of having a little girl walk down the aisle first, though, has always been to represent the transformation of the bride from a child to an adult. That is why they wear white dresses too, so they can look like a mini version of the bride. As the flower girl walks down the aisle she symbolizes the innocence of the bride fading away and her role as a wife and future mother beginning. So, even though the flower girl plays a minimal role in the wedding, she means a lot to the bride. And, come on, how could you not love an adorable little girl in a frilly dress and little white shoes bouncing down the aisle? Also curious about where the tradition of the garter at weddings came from? Here is how it got started. The symbolism of a flower girl is leading the bride forward, from childhood innocence to her adult roles as wife and mother. Today, they may still be tossing flower petals down the aisle, but more often they can be seen carrying wrapped candies, confetti of just a bouquet instead.

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Baby Boy Got Confused By Dad's Lack Of Beard34s

Baby Boy Got Confused By Dad's Lack Of Beard

Babies can have the funniest reaction to the smallest of things! This baby got seriously confused when a stranger walked into the room claiming to be his dad! Little does the baby know that it is his dad, but just without the usual beard! “Come here, Stevie” yells this stranger to the baby, to which he only receives a “huh?” back. The kid looks back and forth between this man and mom with her camera. The man says “come here” to Stevie and the baby lifts his arms up, but the face of astonishment does not leave his adorable features. “He’s fine” says dad. “What’s up?” Baby’s mouth drops wide with realization: “Holy moly, my dad changed faces! How did he do that? Is it like a super power?” Mom and dad are having a field trip with the baby’s reactions and so are we! We have seen a lot of these videos, but we have not seen a kid react like this before! That is priceless! He'll get used to dad's new look in no time! Another handsome dad has been growing his bushy beard for some time and that is the only dad his little girl has ever known. But even dads need a break from their grooming habits, so this one decided to go from a lumberjack beard to a stylish goatee, to let his face breathe for a while. Another funny video has emerged of a baby bursting into tears as she discovers her father has shaved . The footage, shot on july 16 in Hyderabad, India, shows nine-month-old Atharv playing peek-a-boo with her dad. After two goes with a beard, her father Yogesh shaves his beard. When Athrav sees her father's face with no facial hair, she first examines him in silence before breaking into tears. Do you have a similar story to share? However, babies are not the only ones who react weird to a change. Take a look at this other video reflecting on people’s reaction to unexpected beard change . After growing out his beard for a very long time, this father decides to shave it all off - much to the shock of everyone in his life! Their reactions are priceless. Once everyone is sleeping, this father records himself shaving his beard off, he looks so different without a huge beard. When he wakes up his wife in the morning, she is completely shocked, she thinks she is still dreaming, so funny! This transformation will probably take a lot of time to get used to! His wife had never seen him without a beard. What a hilarious moment to get on camera! It is crazy to see how much a beard changes someone's face, you might not even recognize the person! The beard trend has been very popular for these last few years, and almost every guy is rocking it, but sometimes all you need is a clean-shaved baby face. Or at least a stubble, but not a huge beard that covers your whole face. This dad's transformation is truly incredible and he looks like a totally different man in the end. That's 1.5 years of growing a beard gone in just 1.5 minutes of shaving. Awesome! When he slips into bed next to his wife, she is too sleepy to notice something is off about him...he seems lighter! But reality strikes her when she sees something odd in the camera and then turns to face his freshly shaven profile. It is like love at first sight all over again! Have someone you know ever cut off their long beard? Did they look completely different? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Little Boy Receives A Cool 'Giftception' Christmas Surprise You Won't Want To Miss51s

Little Boy Receives A Cool 'Giftception' Christmas Surprise You Won't Want To Miss

Christmas is definitely one of the most joyful periods of the year. Everybody loves Christmas morning, kids especially. That’s when the whole family gathers and presents from under the tree are being unwrapped. That’s when little kids get all their attention on the rustling paper. Unwrapping the presents is their most favourite part. For this cute kid, Christmas just keeps on getting better and better! Just when you think that this kid is about to blow his top, you get an explosion of emotions that will make you laugh out loud! This kid just became the happiest boy in the world through the unwrapping of these series of gifts! First he is supposed to open the biggest box. It’s a white one and as it seems it’s closed pretty good. Some of his family jokes with him that it’s a Macy’s box. But, nope. This young boy can’t be fooled. His mom helps him opening the box, while he turns to his brother and asks him whether it’s clothes. "I didn't give you that" says his brother. Realizing that inside the box is a tracksuit, he turns to his brother and while making the most furious face you have ever seen, he yells. You get a bit surprised because seconds after you see this angry face, when he is asked whether he likes it, he screams "I love it!". Everybody around this kid seem amused by his reaction. But, wait. The fun doesn’t end here… The rest of the family tells him to continue opening the gift and to his biggest surprise the sports wear isn’t the only thing he got. Inside of it is wrapped his favourite video game and his reaction? It’s priceless. Watch how this “ adorable boy ” got all excited about his Christmas present.

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Adorable Boy Makes Friends With Curious Fish45s

Adorable Boy Makes Friends With Curious Fish

This is one video that you do not want to miss! As far as special marine experiences go, this one just might take the cake! While most people have heard of unique ocean experiences like swimming with dolphins or diving with sharks, this kid had an idea to create his own unique adventure! All it took was a little bit of bread and some patience. The bread attracted a school of fish, which the boy ended up making friends with! This was one memory the he will surely never forget! This looks so much fun to do! Who would have thought that all it took was some bread to create a memorable ocean experience like this! The fact that this is so cheap to do makes it all the more better! This was a great idea and hopefully more people will do it rather than spending hundreds of dollars for other ocean experiences. Fish really are a cool animal. They also make pretty cool pets as well! When having a pet such as a fish, you should always make sure it has the best supplies to keep it living for a long time. If you ever run out, you could always purchase some of the best pet fish supplies from Amazon to fill that need! Would you ever try something like this? Let us know down in the comments!

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Doggy Critic Disapproves Of Flute Playing39s

Doggy Critic Disapproves Of Flute Playing

This doggy critic is very picky when it comes to his taste in music. When his human was practicing with her flute, this pup was quick to let her know that he greatly disapproved of her playing. What a tough life it must be to live with such a picky music critic! In this video a girl is practicing her flute skills, and just moments later we can hear a strange noise coming from the distance. It is really a noise of a dog wining to the flute playing. We cannot know for sure whether this dog is disapproving, cheering or wining about her music. Maybe he tries to sing along. I sincerely doubt it! Given that he is lying on the floor facing his back to the girl while she is playing the flute, showing no interest in it whatsoever, I don't think he enjoys her music very much. Every time she starts playing the dog starts wining and grumbling to the music. He is a real music critic, or maybe he just doesn't like the sound of a flute playing and wants to be left alone during nap time. However, not all dogs are the same, some like the sound of a flute playing and sometimes howl in order to tune it up.

Published: February 2, 2017143,936 views
Tiny Piglet Is Super Excited To Go Outside23s

Tiny Piglet Is Super Excited To Go Outside

It is amazing how baby animals can make everything seem ridiculously cute. From when they are just fast asleep to when they do the most adorable things that put a smile on your face. Every baby animal is adorable in its own right, but until now, we firmly believed that it was baby otters who took the crown as the most adorable baby animal in the universe. Now our eyes have been opened to a whole new level of “oh my goodness, I want one!” The camera shows a woman going down a set of stairs towards a box with a lamp shining bright above it. At the camera adjusts to the light, we get to see that the box is full of wood chips and something small, hairy and pink is buried under there. “Hey, Squeak…” says the woman is a gentle soothing voice when a little head pop from under the wood chips. A piglet is sleeping here! “Do you wanna go outside?” she continues and oh, sweet heavens, how the piglet reacts! It would seem that Squeak could barely wait for someone to come and invite his to go outside. The sounds this piglet makes and the epitome of pure joy! That adorable pink muzzle produces tiny squeaks, while he runs around the box, trying to climb out of it. Of course he wants to go! “Nap time is over, let me out!”

Published: December 3, 201523,265 views
Angry Feline Goes After A Musical Birthday Card34s

Angry Feline Goes After A Musical Birthday Card

This kitten is not a fan of singing birthday cards! The video starts with the kitten wrestling the open (singing) birthday card on the bed when she finally closes the card and the music stops she calms down! For all of our entertainment, the human opens the card again! The music starts and so does the cute kitten. Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday? Well if you’re planning to give your feline a present, maybe you should skip on the singing card. Why? Watch the video and see how this cat reacts to the singing birthday card , she simply hates it and wants to destroy every single piece of it! Her humans don’t know why she hates it so much. Maybe she’s annoyed by the sound it makes. The second she hears the famous chicken dance melody she seems annoyed. Some people appreciate music while others not so much, and it seems that the same goes for the animal kingdom. This hilarious footage, shows the ultimate cat-attack! A fluffy cat is sitting on the bed and is desperately trying to figure out where the noises are coming from. She uses her teeth, claws and feet to make the horrible sound stop! Humorously, the angry feline is biting the card and sinks its teeth into the paper. Her owners can be heard laughing out loud, trying to realize why the cat is so frustrated at the card. Maybe she hates music and wants to turn it off!

Published: November 1, 201735,592 views
Jealous Dog Is Green With Envy Watching Owner Pet The Cat30s

Jealous Dog Is Green With Envy Watching Owner Pet The Cat

Why not show the dog some love? That's exactly what this cute little pooch is thinking to himself as his owner ignores his adorable little plea for a pet on the back and gives all of the attention to the cat instead! How could you say no to this adorable little face?Animal behaviour linked to primordial instinct of jealousy similar to that seen in babies when affection is divided Video footage shows owner petting a cat, barking and wagging its tail with jealousy. Watch as this needy dog is eaten by the green-eyed monster and growls at the owner in need of attention. Hilarious! This tiny dog got mad at owner for petting the cat instead of his tiny tummy. The dog snapped at the owner and presented a nasty temper tantrum behavior! Does this dog look a little green to you? This clip is the best proof that dog is obviously bothered by the cat in the room, and suffers an instant touch of jealousy. Apparently, this emotion isn’t reserved for humans, and jealous dogs may feel neglected. Poor pooch, he needs to learn how to tame that green-eyed monster! Possessive behavior in dogs is actually quite common. We often see them guarding their favorite toy or sleeping spot, or making sure other pets in the house stay away from their feeding bowl or treat “cookie jar.” In a way, it’s hard to blame them for protecting what they believe belongs to them, and that includes their human. Jealousy in dogs can occur when you bring in a new pet, start a new relationship, have a baby or when there is any other change in your life which takes your attention away from your dog. Watch as this adorable pooch tries to attract owner’s attention, by whining and wagging his tail. The adorable pooch seems desperate for the human touch and is obviously green with envy!

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Unlikely Animal Friendship Will Set Your Relationship Goals 32s

Unlikely Animal Friendship Will Set Your Relationship Goals

People say that cats and dogs are the worst enemies, and in most cases they really are. But not these buddies! here is a saying that dog is a man’s best friend, and that is so true. However, can a dog be a best friend to a cat? Cats and dogs have a reputation for not getting along very well. Some people even think that these animals are mortal enemies. While some cats and dogs might not get along, and honestly that’s 99 percent of the time, but that 1 percent give us hope that there are plenty of other pairs who actually love each other very much! Growing up with siblings is such a beautiful experience, and these two are probably as close as siblings are! They probably love to spend time together, eat together, sleep together and we guess small fights sometimes! These two lovebirds are setting some serious relationship goals ! While cats and dogs have usually been pitted against each other as mortal enemies, this adorable video shows that it's not always the case! Talk about the sweetest couple in the animal kingdom! Have you ever had a cat and a dog that were the very best of friends? It’s certainly not out of the question, as these sweet creatures usually don’t give a hoot what species their cuddle buddies are! Enjoy these two adorable cuddle buddies! Cuteness overload!

Published: September 27, 201646,709 views
Tiny Puppy Finds New Way Downstairs20s

Tiny Puppy Finds New Way Downstairs

A man puts his tiny puppy at the top of the front door steps before walking down. The puppy is excited to be going on a walk. It looks at the stairs in apprehension. Instead it jumps off the side and into a bush. It swims through the bush and finds its way out.

Published: January 7, 20166,652 views
Baby Doggy Singing Duo21s

Baby Doggy Singing Duo

You've never seen a singing duo quite like this! This adorable little tike is happy as can be and is giggling away when his canine companion decided to sing a song along with the cute baby! The result is the sweetest thing that you'll see all week! Just watch and see!

Published: February 9, 201741,611 views
Cute Baby Discovers New Name For Brown Crayon30s

Cute Baby Discovers New Name For Brown Crayon

This adorable little baby is starting to learn the names of her favorite crayons and is doing a very good job. That is until she gets to the brown crayon. You won't believe what she calls the brown crayon. Once you hear what she names it, you won't be able to stop laughing for the rest of the day!

Published: May 5, 201682,946 views
Guilty Husky Charms His Way Out Of Trouble34s

Guilty Husky Charms His Way Out Of Trouble

We can all describe the infamous guilty look : dogs look away and avert their gaze, some roll onto their back while their ears go back and their tail can't stop thumping. Looks like someone was up to a little mischief while waiting for mom to come home from work! As soon as this mom gets home and sees the mess, she immediately knows who the culprit is, but is charmed by his sweet smile soon enough! This guilty dog sure knows how to act sweet! This Husky is expert in getting out of trouble. When his owner notices he has knocked down the lamp, he looks away and to the ground. Then he slowly starts to wiggle his tail and rolls onto his back, looks at the owner and quickly shakes his head while yawning and licking his mouth. This dog is not exactly innocent, but he certainly knows how to act like he is. We've all come home to a guilty dog once or twice but this dog is expert at trying to get out of trouble. Husky has perfected his cheesy smile that says 'how could this face have done anything wrong'. Who can stay mad at this dog, when he is putting so much charm to get out of trouble?

Published: February 9, 201734,154 views
10 Best Fails of the Week1m22s

10 Best Fails of the Week

Need a little laugh to brighten up your work day? Look no further! These top 10 best fails of the week is guaranteed to instantly lighten up your day with some much needed laughter! From kids to animals, no one is immune from having an epic fail, just you watch!

Published: October 25, 2016107,413 views
Comedic Prodigy Shows Off His Many Hilarious Expressions29s

Comedic Prodigy Shows Off His Many Hilarious Expressions

We love watching videos of kids doing all sorts of hilarious antics. What’s not to like about it? Kids love to be in front of the camera and they will stop at nothing to have the huge black eye pointed right towards them. Cuteness overload! They can talk silly, they can also make a compelling argument ; they dance, frolic around, put on mom’s shoes and act like an adult , anything to keep others’ attention on themselves! Our favorite have to be the kids who can act! There are kids out there who can’t even speak yet, but they do know that if they get on mommy’s good side by making her laugh out loud, then maybe they will finally get something they really want. Like this kid. It would seem we found the next Jim Carrey. Not only does this little dude love the attention he is getting from his family, he knows the perfect way to make them all laugh out loud. The toddler boy is sitting in his chair after dinner while his mom asks him to ‘show us his face’. Each time she asks the little guy to do so, he turns to the camera and give a different funny expression. Try not to laugh while watching this video. Try your hardest! The kid obviously wants something, so he humors everyone present with the face that he makes, so that he can get his toy in the end. Bravo, kiddo! We let you entertain us! Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself to have a true comedian today! The adorable baby boy in this video has found a trick which makes his entire family laugh out loud, and now he can't stop doing it. What's the trick, you may ask? Well, the little one makes funny faces while holding his hands in front of the camera, like a true comedian. His cheeky face says it all! Of course, the entire family found this adorable antic beyond hilarious! Now when he's discovered what makes his family laugh to tears, he's repeating the same trick over and over again, much to our amusement. And the family is still enjoying the trick so much! But then, in one point, the baby boy gets bored of his own trick, and instead of showing them hands in front of his face he puts them on his face, out of boredom and maybe tiredness. How hilarious is that? He's a true little comedian and we are delighted to watch him entertain us! It's not easy trying to think of new ways to entertain your kids on a daily basis, but it looks like parents can take a leaf out of this baby comedian’s book. This little guy here has no problem keeping his family entertained! All it takes is for him to make a silly face and put up his hands, while keeping a cheeky expression, to have his family burst into tears of joy. What a natural comedian! Babies are such adorable, funny creatures who can really surprise everyone with their amazing sense of humor making everyone laughs out loud! Just take a look at this little fellow in this video ! This little baby has just discovered a new facial expression, which amuses his father so much. He somehow learned to transform his innocent baby face with puffy little cheeks into a scary old man face. LOL! We just wonder how he came up with this idea at all! It's well known that babies are very good at imitation, but this kind of face isn't exactly what one would expect from a baby. Maybe he is imitating his granddad or perhaps a blobfish, who knows! But whatever his inspiration may have been, he is doing better than great. We bet this funny baby boy has an excellent comedian career ahead of him. A new Jim Carrey? Well, why not?! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Published: December 8, 201729,921 views
Adorable Little Girl Picks Last Minute Hiding Spot34s

Adorable Little Girl Picks Last Minute Hiding Spot

Just when you think that little kids can’t get even more adorable, these kinds of things happen. They have this canny ability to sense when we need a bit of a pick me up, so they do the best thing that they know how to do - they grace us with their presence and suddenly the whole day is better. Their innocent antics and brutal honesty has been the reason behind our smiles ever since the beginning of time. This footage shows us the cutest little girl which obviously doesn’t quite grasp the whole notion of the game of hide and seek. She has ten seconds to find the perfect hiding spot while her daddy counts the numbers away. Instead of getting out of dodge, this little cutie realizes that the best hiding spot is hiding in plain sight. In the absolute last second, she plonks her body in between the couch and the ottoman, which, amazingly is right next to the spot her father is occupying on the couch. Hilarity ensues when her dad sees her and picks her up in his arms. She just can’t stop giggling. If this footage isn’t a mood booster, we don’t know what is! Little kids are the best! Do you remember any similar anecdotes from the time you were a tiny tot? Were they the talk of every family gathering in the past? Make sure you share them with us in the comments down below!

Published: March 20, 2018113 views