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Colorblind Dad Gets The Perfect Gift For Father's Day2m04s

Colorblind Dad Gets The Perfect Gift For Father's Day

We are so lucky to have so much in our lives, that we take some things for granted, albeit unknowingly. One of those things is the ability to see and enjoy the colors of the world. But there are people out there who have never seen colors in all of their existence. They can’t see the glory of green spring or the golden beauty that comes in fall. These people have learned to function like this, something that will never compute in our minds. Luckily for them, technology has evolved so much that now it is as simple as wearing a pair of stylish spectacles. This young dad can't recognize the colors around him, so for Father's Day this year his family bought him a pair of <a href=" https://rumble.com/v39zt3-boy-receives-enchroma-glasses-from-father.html " target="_blank">Enchroma</a> sunglasses and gave him the biggest surprise of his life! The moment he puts on those eyeglasses, which look very dashing on him might we add, he realizes that the grass is a gorgeous green and his mom’s shirt is an amazing tie-dye rainbow of bright colors. The bouquet of balloons that <a href=" https://rumble.com/v38mb3-incredible-moment-young-boy-sees-colour-for-the-first-time-thanks-to-miracl.html " target="_blank">Enchroma</a> sent was just the icing on the cake that this dad had the pleasure of tasting on this day and we couldn’t be happier for him!

Published: October 10, 201757,835 views