ZestyMike's Videos

Cat Reacts To Projector! 1m48s

Cat Reacts To Projector!

We put a projector on the wall for the first time and thought it'd be fun to try some YouTube Cat games and see how our cat reacts. He really enjoyed it to say the least.

Husky Stalks Her Prey 5m24s

Husky Stalks Her Prey

I walked out on my husky sitting perfectly still staring at a squirrel. She sat there for so long. I was recording for such a long time my battery died. I had time to go inside, grab a new battery, come outside and find her still sitting and staring at the squirrel. How is that for patience!?

Giant Cat Box Fort! 5m44s

Giant Cat Box Fort!

I feel like our cat deserves a little more attention. So we decied to make him a giant box fort castle to play in. Cat's love boxes. It's a proven fact. So a 100 boxes should make him really happy.

Day In The Life of a Husky! 9m12s

Day In The Life of a Husky!

We decided to strap a GoPro on the back of our Husky to see what she's up to on a typical day. Spoiler, it's a lot of exploring and not sitting still.

Dogs React to RC Car! 2m58s

Dogs React to RC Car!

Our dogs love to have fun, they love to chase things and work their prey drives. When we brought the RC car out it was no exception. They chased it around the backyard and had a great time!